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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!
Chapter 46: Why, Too Little?

Chapter 46: Why, Too Little?

Shi Yuting frowned and took a glance at his little sister. “A job?”

“Yes, Weiyi is looking for a job but not a single company wants her!” Shi Nuannuan pouted. When she recalled the rejections from the previous few companies, she was not happy.

However, her words were so direct that Zuo Weiyi lips quirked a little.

Why was it so direct...?

Shi Yuting raised his eyebrows and looked at Zuo Weiyi.

He walked over to her and looked at her pretty face. “Are you looking for a job?”

She raised her head too look at him and then looked down again, “Yes, but I can look for a job by myself, I don’t need you...”

“I’ll give you a job.”

Before she could finish her sentence, Shi Yuting agreed to give her a job.

Zuo Weiyi gawked at him.

Shi Nuannuan seemed more excited than Zuo Weiyi, “See, I told you my brother could give you a job, didn’t I?”

Zuo Weiyi turned but she couldn’t get herself to feel happy.

To outsiders, she lived off Shi Yuting and now that he gave her a job, she felt that it was similar to giving her money...

“Since you wish to work, let’s start now,” the man looked at her and exclaimed.

Zuo Weiyi was puzzled.

“I will be going to Vine Hill Villa for a business negotiation. Come with me.” Shi Yuting walked over to his desk to get a few documents and then to the internal lounge to get his overcoat. He then dragged Zuo Weiyi out of the CEO’s office.

Looking at the two from behind, Shi Nuannuan frowned and chased up with her bag in hand. “Brother, bring me along!”

She was a people person and Vine Hill Villa sounded fun.

However, Shi Yuting’s voice of decline came from the front. “You’ll go home!”

Shi Nuannuan saw Xiangyi trailing behind and the three of them entered the lift and were out of sight.

During the journey to Vine Hill Villa, Zuo Weiyi was flurried and helpless.

Although he had given her a job, she didn’t know her position and had rashly followed him out. She didn’t even know what she had to do.

In the back seat of the black Bentley, Zuo Weiyi turned to look at the man and asked, “Err...what’s my job?”

Shi Yuting turned to her. He lowered his face and got very close to her. “Personal secretary with a monthly salary of ten thousand dollars.”

Zuo Weiyi widened her eyes. This amount was beyond her expectations.

She had worked in big companies before but the salary plus bonus for a position such as secretary was at most a few thousand dollars. She had never seen or heard of one with a monthly salary of ten thousand dollars.

She was pleasantly surprised but she wasn’t happy.

No matter how much Shi Yuting gave her, she felt that the money came from him and not through her own efforts.

“Why, is it too little?” the man asked, looking at her dreary face.

Zuo Weiyi looked up and shook her head slightly, “No, it’s good.”

Then, she lowered her head again and suddenly thought of something. She raised her head again and looked at the man in front of her. “With regards to Shu Group’s bankruptcy, was it you...”

“Yes.” Shi Yuting admitted.

Zuo Weiyi was shocked.

Did he do this solely for her?

She looked down. She couldn’t bring herself to say thank you.

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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO! Chapter 46: Why, Too Little?