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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!
Chapter 42: A Different Shi Yuting

Chapter 42: A Different Shi Yuting

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Zuo Weiyi stood beneath the showerhead and suddenly, she felt something hard pressing against her.

Having had several experiences, she understood clearly what that hard thing was. She immediately blushed.

“I...I’ll do it myself...”

She raised her hand to try to snatch the showerhead from his hand.

When she raised her hand, her injured hand had gotten wet from the shower!

Shi Yiting saw what happened and snatched the showerhead back from her, flaring with rage. “Stupid woman! Use your brain!”

Zuo Weiyi paused. She had initially wanted to snatch the showerhead but had neglected her injured hand.

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The man took her hand and examined it carefully.

Luckily, his reaction was fast. The water did not soak through the dressing into the wound.

He took a look at Zuo Weiyi. He knew very well that it was because of his gesture that she was at a loss.

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He thought he would have done it to her but now that her hand was injured, it was obviously inconvenient.

While he was in a dilemma, Shi Yuting chose to bathe her quickly and carry her out of the bathroom. He placed her on the soft, comfortable bed and went back into the bathroom.

The flame of desire in him had long been ignited. He showered himself with no delay. After seventeen minutes, he walked out from the bathroom and went straight to the bed.

He wanted to press against Zuo Weiyi with the lower half of his body but when he climbed into bed, he found her sound asleep.

Looking at her clear, pretty face sleeping like a child, Shi Yuting didn’t want to disturb her sleep.

However, his body would go through torture!

He walked back into the bathroom and took another twenty-minute cool shower to put out the flame of desire within him.


The next morning, Zuo Weiyi woke up and discovered that the man beside her was not there.

She looked at the time and it was 7.30 am.

For a person who had lost her job, mornings were not busy.

She got down from the bed, cleaned herself, and changed into a set of light and comfortable clothing. Then, she went downstairs.

Shi Yuting was sitting on the sofa downstairs with a magazine in hand.

Coincidentally, Shi Nuannuan went downstairs at the same time too.

From her memory, her brother would not pay attention to entertainment news.

Being curious, she couldn’t help but go over to her brother. “Brother, what are you reading?” i𝐧𝓃𝒓𝒆𝑎𝙙. 𝘤𝘰𝚖

However, when she went near, Shi Yuting quickly closed the entertainment magazine.

“Nothing. Let’s have breakfast!”

Shi Yuting placed the magazine casually on the coffee table, stood up, and walk toward the dining hall.

When he saw Zuo Weiyi walking down the stairs, he smiled and went over, slid his hands around her waist, and walked toward the dining hall.

Shi Nuannuan took a glance at his back and pouted. Her gaze dropped to the magazine he was reading once again.

She picked up the magazine curiously and flipped through.

When she flipped to the second page and saw the familiar photograph and name, Shi Nuannuan was stunned and her expression changed all of a sudden.

At the dining table, Zuo Weiyi looked at the man sitting opposite her once in a while.

Today, he seemed to be scant of words.

His handsome face contained less tyranny.

While Zuo Weiyi was looking at him, the man looked up and their eyes met.

She quickly lowered her head with a guilty conscience, as if to avoid his gaze.

She thought that he would say something but all she got was silence.

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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO! Chapter 42: A Different Shi Yuting