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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!
Chapter 41: Which Part Have I Not Seen?

Chapter 41: Which Part Have I Not Seen?

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Just then, the door of the master bedroom swung opened.

Zuo Weiyi raised her head. The man’s perfect face immediately came into sight.

As if sensing her struggles, he walked over and offered, “Let me help you!”

He took the medicine from Zuo Weiyi’s hand and applied it for her without delay.

“Ouch!” His gesture was a little inexperienced and just a slight touch brought pain, causing Zuo Weiyi to frown!

Shi Yuting paused. He had been living comfortably from a young age and was not good at tasks that required meticulous care like this.

He glanced at Zuo Weiyi’s knitted brows and then looked at her injured hand.

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This time, he was extra careful. He even lowered his head and as he applied the medicine, blew on her injured hand.

Zuo Weiyi stared blankly as she saw his serious look.

Such an elegant man like him was treating her so gently?

Until now, Zuo Weiyi didn’t understand why this man was interested in her.

After changing the dressing, Shi Yuting kept the first aid kit aside and looked at the person in front of him.

“It’s bath time, isn’t it?”

Zuo Weiyi raised her head and looked at the man in surprise.

The man’s lips curled into a perfect arc. Before she could react, he carried her and walked toward the bathroom. 𝘪𝗻n𝑟e𝑎𝒅. 𝘤𝒐m

“Wh...What are you doing?” She looked at the man in shock, unsure of what he was about to do.

He carried her into the bathroom and with a calm voice, said, “Bathe!”


He wanted to bathe, but why did he carry her?

Although they had an intimate relationship, the thought of them bathing together made Zuo Weiyi feel uncomfortable.

“You’re bathing, so why did you carry me in here?”

“We’re bathing together!”

“No!” Zuo Weiyi declined!

The man smirked, “Then, I’ll bathe you first and have a bath myself later.”

Zuo Weiyi paused for a while and then replied, “That’s not necessary, I’ll bathe myself.”

“Have you forgotten what the doctor said? You can’t touch water.” He placed her beside the bath tub and reminded her.

His words made Zuo Weiyi pause to think.

Indeed, her hand could not touch water but she should be able to manage with one hand, right?

It seemed inconvenient.

However, she would rather not bathe than to have a man bathe her!

“I...I can bathe myself. I don’t need your help.” She lowered her head shyly.

When she thought of standing in front of him naked, she wished she could hide in a hole.

Looking at the blush on her cheeks, his smile deepened.

The shyer she was, the naughtier he was. He whispered in her ear, “Which part of your body have I not seen?”

His warm breath brushed her ears. Zuo Weiyi’s face grew redder and the redness extended from her face to her neck!

Looking at her flushed crimson cheeks, he smiled faintly and lowered his head. He couldn’t help but kiss her tender lips.

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The next second, Shi Yuting raised his hand and took off her thin chiffon blouse.

When she noticed his hands, Zuo Weiyi regained her senses. She tried to struggle but he tyrannically locked her in his embrace and both stood under the shower.

His hands were moving across her body. Zuo Weiyi did not feel comfortable. It was fortunate that he was behind her or she felt she would suffocate.

However, to Shi Yuting, despite her back facing him, touching her delicate and smooth skin aroused him.

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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO! Chapter 41: Which Part Have I Not Seen?