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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!
Chapter 34: You Mother Is A Mistress

Chapter 34: You Mother Is A Mistress

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“What do you mean? Since when have I fooled around with men?” Shu Yuner was most afraid that Ye Fan would dislike and avoid her. It had been difficult for her to finally win over his heart and she would not allow Zuo Weiyi to spoil it!

“One night, I saw you coming out from a hotel in the middle of the night...” Zuo Weiyi sneered at her and dragged the last word on purpose.

“Zuo Weiyi! Stop making malicious remarks!” Shu Yuner was anxious. She looked at Ye Fan, afraid that he would believe what Zuo Weiyi was saying.

“Then, stop pretending that you don’t know. You know best what you did during our previous gathering!” Zuo Weiyi retorted.

Her keeping quiet didn’t mean she was stupid and could be bullied.

“Hah! That’s right. I definitely hate you but I didn’t do anything to you that night. It was you who stayed at Charm of Night until the next morning!”

“You didn’t do anything? You dare say you didn’t spike my drink?”

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She couldn’t believe. If she had entered another person’s room that night and if the person had bad intentions, wasn’t her entire life going to be doomed?

Although she didn’t know Shi Yuting’s thoughts about her, her instinct told her that Shi Yuting was not a bad man.

At least for now, she didn’t think he was.

Shu Yuner was stunned.

Suddenly, she remembered something.

That’s right. That night, she saw Zuo Weiyi drinking the glass of wine with her own eyes.

Her friend told her that once that drug entered one’s body, only a man could alleviate its effect. There was no other antidote.

So, that night, if Zuo Weiyi did not go to Mr. Ong’s room, how did the effect of the drug within her disappear?

Suddenly, Shu Yuner had a strange smile.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying. Zuo Weiyi, you’re the one who can’t withstand loneliness and wishes to look for a man. Don’t you dare blame me!” she sneered. Suddenly, she was feeling confident.

That night, Zuo Weiyi drank that glass of wine and left Charm of Night the next day. That meant if the effect of the drug within her had been soothed, she must have had sex with a man!

The thought of this made Shu Yuner smile. She was very pleased with herself.

Zuo Weiyi clenched her fists!

Since she had deliberately planned to destroy her, why should she be nice to her?

“I can’t withstand loneliness? That night, weren’t you fooling around with men when you walked out of the hotel?” Zuo Weiyi accused Shu Yuner.

She had never seen Shu Yuner walking out of a hotel. She said that deliberately in front of Ye Fan.

Wasn’t Shu Yuner trying to destroy her? Then, she should strike first to gain the upper hand.

“Zuo Weiyi! That’s enough!” Shu Yuner was completely mad. She hit the table and stood up!

Zuo Weiyi was calm. She looked at her. “Enough? I’m not done yet. The man who walked out with you from the hotel looked familiar...”

That moment, Zuo Weiyi was pleased with herself for lying smoothly without a script and with every sentence making sense.

However, before she could finish her sentence, Shu Yuner, who was sitting across from her, picked up a glass of water in front of her. Without hesitating, she splashed the water onto Zuo Weiyi’s face.

“Yuner!” Ye Fan, who was taken aback, screamed to stop Shu Yuner.

Shu Yuner ignored him completely. She was too angry and lost all rationality.

“Zuo Weiyi! Why are you so pleased with yourself? Don’t you think I don’t know that your mother is a mistress. You’re the illegitimate daughter of Jiang Huaiyuan, the chairperson of the Jiang Group, aren’t you?”

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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO! Chapter 34: You Mother Is A Mistress