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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!
Chapter 24: Bystanders Who Looked On Coldly

Chapter 24: Bystanders Who Looked On Coldly

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The sight of her mother lying in the pool of blood sent shivers down Zuo Weiyi’s spine. She stretched out her hands and tried to carry her mother but she didn’t know what to do.


She felt an ache in her heart as if being pierced through by thousands of arrows, so painful that she couldn’t breathe!

Bei Xingchen dashed toward her good friend, Zuo Weiyi, who was kneeling by the road. When she saw Zuo Qing covered in blood, she turned pale.


“Mom...don’t scare me...ambulance, quickly call for an ambulance!” Zuo Weiyi’s tears dropped like rain fall. She could sense her mother’s breath becoming weaker.

Bei Xingchen regained her senses when she heard Zuo Weiyi. She tried to search for her mobile phone but discovered that her mobile phone was not with her.

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She squatted down and tried to find Zuo Weiyi’s phone but after searching up and down, she couldn’t find her phone as well!

Zuo Weiyi’s phone had been thrown out of her pocket following all the pushing and falling and had been crushed to pieces by the moving vehicles.

“Weiyi, where’s your mobile phone?” Bei Xingchen cried too and didn’t know what to do!

Zuo Weiyi shook her head. She didn’t know where her mobile phone had gone. “I don’t know...I don’t know...please call for an ambulance quickly!”

She cried sadly and was at a loss!

Feeling helpless, Bei Xingchen stood up and asked the surrounding crowd for help.

“Can someone call for an ambulance, please!” She looked at the surrounding crowd anxiously. She thought they would help but unexpectedly, each of them just looked on coldly as a bystander.

Looking at Zuo Qing in the pool of blood, some sighed but were not willing to take out their phones to call for an ambulance. They felt women like Zuo Qing who ruined the families of others and seduced someone else’s husband deserved her punishment.

Women like this should get their retribution!

Looking at the bystanders, Bei Xingchen clenched her fists angrily!

Where were the conscience of these people?

Just then, Jiang Huaiyuan ran over and upon seeing Zuo Qing in the pool of blood, he was so stunned he couldn’t say a single word.

More than twenty years ago, Zuo Qing was a beautiful lady who had stolen many men’s hearts. He was attracted to her too, although he had a wife. One day after working overtime, he couldn’t control the possessive instinct in him and so, he forced her into having sex in the office.

Never had he expected her to be pregnant with Weiyi after that incident.

She had planned to leave the city but had one day met him by chance.

Jiang Huaiyuan couldn’t forget her scent and when he knew that she was pregnant, he sweet-talked her into being his secret lover.

At that moment, Jiang Huaiyuan’s heart thumped when he saw her covered in blood.

Unconsciously, he took out his phone but was stopped by Jiang Tingmei.

“Dad, are you kidding? Are you thinking of saving your mistress in front of everyone?”

Jiang Huaiyuan was taken aback. He turned to look at his daughter.

“Mom is injured too. We have to send her to the hospital!” Without waiting for Jiang Huaiyuan to regain his senses, Jiang Tingmei dragged him toward Qiu Yun.

Zuo Weiyi clenched her fists tightly when she saw her indifferent father leaving the scene. A great tremor overtook her and her black eyes turned red with anger!

Streams of painful tears ran down her face. Among the passersby, not a single person was willing to offer help.

She held her mother in her embrace. With her head lowered, she allowed her tears to wet her face. Was there no place in this world for her mother and her?

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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO! Chapter 24: Bystanders Who Looked On Coldly