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60 Kill

Ye Wanhua licked his dry lips, the cold light in his eyes almost materializing.

Seeing his gaze, Ye Fan mockingly smiled.

As expected of a Fallen. There was clearly something wrong with his brain. He was no different from a lunatic.

Seemingly sensing the ridicule in Ye Fan’s eyes, Ye Wanhua’s expression became even gloomier.

He looked at the Scorching Fire and the Hunter Fox working together to suppress the Blood Greedy Dark Demon that was about to be defeated. His eyes flickered with evil light as he immediately made a decision.

As he muttered, an ugly and strange figure appeared beside Ye Wanhua.

It was a sticky piece of flesh on the upper half of its body. There were countless dense eyeballs on it. And the lower half was formed by countless tentacles on both sides. It was even more terrifying.

Swagger was a low-level Rank-4 Dark-type Magical Beast.

Identifying dark-element Magical Beasts was one of the theoretical courses that the students had to take.

Ye Fan naturally knew what the monster in front of him was.

Ren Hongchang also recognized this very strange and terrifying Magical Beast at the first moment, and his face revealed a despairing expression.

It was another Rank-4 Dark Demon Beast!

At this moment, the light in the eyes of the Red Maple Hunters disappeared again!

Originally, they had hoped that Ye Wanhua would only have one fourth-rank pet.

As long as they defeated the pet, they would be saved!

This way, everyone had hope of survival!

However, they didn’t expect that this Fallen didn’t just have a fourth-rank pet!

At this moment, the young man’s two pets had already been held back by the Blood Greedy Dark Demon, leaving only a Cute Sparrow beside him.

Under such circumstances, how could they deal with Swagger?

Thinking of this, everyone’s faces gradually turned pale. The situation in front of them was hopeless.

Compared to the shock of the Red Maple Hunters, Ye Fan was very calm.

He was only surprised for a moment before calmly summoning the system interface.

Currently, among Ye Fan’s three pets, the one with the highest growth was the Scorching Fire, followed by the Golden Sparrow, which had a growth rate of 74%, while the Hunter Fox only had a growth rate of 20%.

However, the evolution materials for the Scorching Fire and the Hunter Fox were not gathered yet.

On the other hand, the evolution materials needed by the Golden Sparrow had been gathered. He glanced at the evolution points.

Ye Fan didn’t hesitate at all, directly pouring evolution points into the Golden Sparrow’s growth.

As the Golden Sparrow advanced to Rank 3, every 1% increase in growth required four evolution points.

After consuming 101 evolution points, the Golden Sparrow’s growth instantly soared to 100%.

At the same time, the interface information also changed greatly.

<Name > Cute Sparrow

<Attribute > Wind

<Level > Intermediate Rank 4

<Growth: 100%>

<Talents >: Wings, Gale, Claw Power, Feather Shield

<Skills >: Mid-Level Wind Blade, Wind Phantom, Singing, Wind Shield, Vitality Peck

<Evolution Path: Soaring Eagle>

Just as planned, the Golden Sparrow’s level directly jumped by three small realms and suddenly broke through to the intermediate level of Rank 4.

Intermediate Rank-4. Coupled with its talent and skills, it was probably invincible among his peers.

Joy flashed across Ye Fan’s eyes as he came back to his senses. His gaze became even deeper as he looked at Ye Wanhua and the Swagger next to him.

Facing Ye Fan’s gaze, Ye Wanhua didn’t know why, but he felt very uneasy.

However, he suppressed it again. It was only a Rank-3 Beast Tamer with some talent.

No matter how powerful he is, can he defeat my two Rank 4 pet beasts? Ye Wanhua thought to himself.

He didn’t waste any more time and sinisterly issued an order in Ye Fan’s direction.

“Golden Sparrow, I’ll leave this disgusting thing to you.”

The Golden Sparrow nodded in response. Then it took a step forward in front of Ye Fan, facing the charging Swagger.

This scene stunned everyone. Ren Hongchang and the others could not help but feel ridiculous.

He actually sent a Cute Sparrow to fight a fourth-rank pet. What was going on in his mind? To be able to make such a decision, had he already given up?

Thinking of this, the members of the hunter team began to despair.

Seeing this, Ye Wanhua laughed.

“Hahaha, this is too ridiculous…”

Before he could finish, an ear-piercing explosion interrupted him.

Under everyone’s stunned gazes, the Golden Sparrow raised its wings and flapped them. The wind that was like a sharp sword turned into a cold wind blade that tore through the air.

Wherever the wind blade passed, the tentacles broke. The intense pain made the Swagger open his mouth and howl loudly.

As soon as he let out the howl, the Golden Sparrow’s claws had already pierced through the center of his body.

The Golden Sparrow flew back to its original spot. The Swagger’s body froze in midair. A few seconds later, several red lines appeared on its body, and they quickly expanded.

In the end, its entire body was cut into several pieces and fell to the ground with blood.

An instant kill!


In the dead silence, Ye Wanhua’s smile froze.

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