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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution
Chapter 58 - 58 The Hunter Fox Joins the Battlefield

58 The Hunter Fox Joins the Battlefield

Just by looking at the Blood Greedy Dark Demon beside him, one could tell.

This creature was several times larger than the Blood Greedy Dark Demon they had dealt with previously. It was clearly a Dark Demon Beast that had surpassed Rank-4.

Ren Hongchang and the others had ugly expressions, their eyes filled with shock.

They were already unable to deal with a peak Rank-3 Blood Greedy Dark Demon, but now, a Rank-4 one had appeared.

For a time, everyone’s hearts felt heavy, as if a huge rock was pressing down on them. Among them, only Ye Fan’s expression had been calm from beginning to end.

“How sad. You actually injured my Blood Greed Demon to such a miserable state.”

The middle-aged man spoke to himself. His sinister gaze was like a poisonous snake as it shot at everyone present. There was madness and violence hidden in his eyes.

“Since it has already suffered such serious injuries, I’m afraid it will have to devour a large amount of flesh to recover.”

“Sigh, what should we do? I’m very troubled!”

By the time he finished the last word, the middle-aged man’s tone was already bone-chilling, revealing an undisguised murderous aura.

Everyone in the Red Maple Hunters subconsciously took a few steps back and looked at him in fear, unable to say a word.

Seeing them like this, the middle-aged man’s lips curled up, and his face revealed disdain.

But at this time, a calm voice suddenly sounded.

“What should we do? It’s very simple.”

Everyone looked over and saw Ye Fan. With a gesture, the Scorching Fire beside him opened its mouth and spat out an even larger fireball that smashed towards the Blood Greedy Dark Demon in the pit like a meteor hammer.

The fireball quickly exploded. With a bang, the scorching fire wave erupted again, instantly killing the Blood Greedy Dark Demon.

When the flames and dust dissipated, there was no sign of the Blood Greedy Dark Demon in the deep pit, only a tuft of charcoal.

Ye Fan spread his hands and looked at the middle-aged man.

“Alright, you don’t have to worry about that now.”

Everyone in the Red Maple Hunter Team was speechless.

For a moment, everybody was dead silent. Then, suppressed low laughter suddenly sounded from the middle-aged man.

He abandoned his pretentious appearance and stared at Ye Fan with a twisted, venomous snake-like gaze, his eyes filled with bone-chilling killing intent.

“Good, very good.”

“I didn’t expect you to be so bold as to provoke me under such circumstances.”

“In return, I’ll let the Blood Greedy Dark Demon devour your flesh bit by bit later. Bit by bit… I’ll make you wish you were dead!”

His extremely cold tone made Ren Hongchang and the others break out in cold sweat.

Ye Fan just shrugged indifferently.

“If you can.”

“You’re courting death!”

The middle-aged man couldn’t take it anymore. A ferocious glint appeared in his eyes.

Its master’s anger made the Blood Greedy Dark Demon beside it very irritable.

It brazenly pounced forward, charging at Ye Fan like a cannon carriage.

“Mission issued, Purify Evils: Kill the Fallen Ye Wanhua. Complete the mission and you will receive 300 evolution points.”

Tsk tsk, 300 evolution points! It seemed that this Fallen was quite valuable.

Ye Fan’s eyes flashed, and when he raised his head to look at Ye Wanhua, he felt that there was a pile of gold constantly moving in front of him.

There was no need for Ye Fan to give the order. The Scorching Fire had already fearlessly charged forward.

Halfway through, the flames on its body intensified, and it used the Fire Assault again.

As for the Blood Greedy Dark Demon, it wriggled and rushed towards him. Countless pieces of flesh protruded, condensing into an unpleasant-smelling meat shield to block the fire.

In a few breaths, the two sides were like meteors. They collided with a huge sound, and the soaring shock wave instantly exploded.

Ren Hongchang and the others retreated and dodged the shock wave in a sorry state. Their expressions were filled with panic and helplessness.

“What should we do, Captain?”

“Why would we encounter a Fallen at a time like this? We’re so unlucky.”

“Ah, can he beat him?”

“How is that possible? That Fallen is at least at the fourth rank. It’s impossible for a Rank-3 Beast Tamer to defeat it.”

“What should we do? Captain, are we going to escape now?”

The last sentence made everyone wonder the same.

However, Ren Hongchang directly rejected their suggestion.

Although this Fallen only seemed to be fighting Ye Fan, he was definitely paying attention to their movements at all times.

If they showed any signs of escaping now, they would most likely be killed.

Besides, the young man had saved the Red Maple Hunters. How could they abandon him and escape at this moment?

The adventures were basically living on the edge of a knife, so they definitely could not abandon their companions. Loyalty and kindness were valued extremely.

However, Ren Hongchang looked at the intense battle in the distance and felt a deep sense of powerlessness.

Both sides were countless times stronger than him. He could not help at all.

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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution Chapter 58 - 58 The Hunter Fox Joins the Battlefield