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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution
Chapter 57 - 57 The Second One!

57 The Second One!


A deafening roar suddenly sounded.

This voice was mixed with hatred. The Blood Greedy Dark Demon, whose ferocity had been aroused, squirmed and pounced desperately at the Scorching Fire.

Its ugly appearance and the ferocious aura around it made one shiver.

The Scorching Fire was calm and did not show any panic. The flames on its body suddenly increased by a few times.

In the next second, the flames on its body endlessly headed in the direction of the Blood Greedy Dark Demon, forming a huge domain.

The air was engulfed in heat waves. The scorching waves of fire surrounded the entire Blood Greedy Dark Demon, and flames soared into the sky.

The Blood Greedy Dark Demon let out a low roar of pain in the flames. It kept struggling, but the fire grew stronger. Fire was everywhere whether it ran to the left or the right. Fire surrounded it in all directions.

The flames soared into the sky, and there was almost no place that wasn’t fire.

Not far away, the hunters who were watching the sea of fire revealed shocked expressions again.

“This is too unbelievable. How can he have such terrifying strength?!”

“That seems to be the Burning Domain!”

“Ah, another skill of the fifth rank?”

“How did he nurture it? A third-rank pet actually knows so many skills that only fifth-rank pets can have?”

“Is it really only Rank 3?”

Exclamations kept coming out of everyone’s mouths.

The scene in front of them was too shocking.

No wonder he could tell them to remove their pets.

It was obvious that he had the ability.

For people with mediocre strength like them, if they continued to keep their pets on the battlefield, they would only cause trouble for him. The pets might even become supplements for the Blood Greedy Dark Demon to recover from its injuries.

Of course, the other party did not want to take care of so many burdens.

“What’s the background of such a young and powerful Beast Tamer?”

Such a thought appeared in everyone’s minds.

Now, they couldn’t help but look at Ye Fan with reverence.

In the world of Beast Tamers, the strong were respected.

It had nothing to do with anything else. As long as one was strong enough, one could win everyone’s respect, and this young man in front of them was strong enough.

Gradually, the flames disappeared and dust rose. The scene in the open space appeared again.

The originally flat ground had already disappeared, replaced by a very huge black pit.

The black pit was filled with charred burn marks. The Blood Greedy Dark Demon was currently in the middle of the pit.

Its body had already shrunk to half its original size. Its entire body was swaying. Clearly, it was at the end of its rope.

Ye Fan nodded in satisfaction.

He had expected this. Although his pet was only at the third rank, with the enhancement of many talents and skills, its actual combat strength had already reached the fourth rank. The Scorching Fire was even more so.

In addition, its innate fire attribute could restrain dark-type Magical Beasts. It would not take him much effort to deal with such a Magical Beast.

“Get rid of it,” Ye Fan said to the Scorching Fire.

The Scorching Fire moved and was about to attack again when a muffled roar came from the forest beside it.

This commotion interrupted its next action. Everyone in the hunter team was stunned and looked over.

A pale middle-aged man in a black cloak slowly walked out of the forest.

Behind him was an extremely huge mountain of flesh.

Everyone exclaimed, “It’s actually a Blood Greedy Dark Demon?”

A second Blood Greedy Dark Demon?!

Clap, clap, clap!

The middle-aged man had a strange smile on his face and kept clapping his hands.

“You can actually beat my pet to this state. Looks like I underestimated you.”

His voice was hoarse, and his words were as rough and unpleasant as a stone grinding sandpaper.

As soon as he finished speaking, the expressions of the Red Maple Hunters instantly changed.

Ren Hongchang’s eyes instantly shot out a terrifying light as he exclaimed.

“The Fallen.”

In an instant, the scene fell silent, and the air became very heavy.

Ye Fan involuntarily raised his eyebrows.

The Fallen was a taboo word in the circle of Beast Tamers.

The Fallen referred to those who contracted dark-type pets.

In order to obtain powerful strength, these people did not hesitate to contract dark-type pets.

Most of the Beast Tamers who had contracted these pets had become twisted and strange.

These people were hated by everyone in society.

As long as they appeared in front of people, they would be attacked by the Adventurer’s Association and the military. They were the villains in the hearts of all the righteous Beast Tamers.

At the same time, the Fallen made many people afraid.

Their strength increased very quickly, even surpassing most geniuses. Therefore, the Fallen were often very powerful.

Obviously, the middle-aged man in front of them was not weak.

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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution Chapter 57 - 57 The Second One!