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56 Shock!

“Friend, this Blood Greedy Dark Demon is at the peak of Rank 3, but its actual combat strength is almost comparable to Rank 4. It’s very difficult to deal with it alone. Let’s deal with it together.”

“I know the situation.”

Ye Fan looked at the hunters and immediately understood what they were thinking.

He explained to them.

“You don’t have to worry. In fact, I’m here because of him. I accepted a mission to kill the Blood Greedy Dark Demon at the Adventurer’s Association.”

Only then did everyone come to a realization. However, they were deeply speechless.

Was he a newborn calf that wasn’t afraid of tigers? Or was he stupid? He actually dared to accept a mission of this level alone.

Just by looking at them, they knew that if they wanted to accept such a mission, they had to be at least a second-tier hunter team.

A Rank-3 Beast Tamer actually dared to come alone to hunt the Blood Greedy Dark Demon?

Did he think that the Blood Greedy Dark Demon was only an ordinary peak Rank 3?

Ren Hongchang was still organizing his words to persuade Ye Fan.

Ye Fan shook his head and didn’t say anything else. He directly summoned the Scorching Fire.

Fire could dispel all monsters. It was most effective to let the Scorching Fire deal with it.

At the same time, Ye Fan summoned the interface and looked at the talents and skills waiting to be unlocked by the Scorching Fire.

Talents to be unlocked

Flame Scorch: Increases itself by absorbing fire elements to recover the injuries, including but not limited to any fire element attacks, ordinary high-temperature environments, and so on. Unlocking requires 100 evolution points.

Burning Domain: Uses flames to create a domain of hundreds of meters. Targets in this domain will suffer damage. Unlocking requires 100 evolution points.

Fire Assault: Huge pillars of fire will directly attack the target, causing serious fire damage and impact damage.

Ye Fan had 411 evolution points. After thinking for a while, he decided to first unlock the Burning Domain and Fire Assault.

After all, these two skills could immediately increase the combat power of the Scorching Fire.

On the other side, seeing the pet beast suddenly appear beside Ye Fan, Ren Hongchang’s eyes instantly widened, and he couldn’t help but cry out.

“Scorching Fire!”

The members of the hunter team recognized this extremely rare and powerful pet and were shocked.

This was a legendary powerful pet that could evolve to the ninth rank.

Such a pet was ranked at the top of its peers and its combat strength was very powerful.

No wonder this person dared to enter the Endless Forest alone. It turned out that he had such a powerful pet by his side.

“Who exactly is he?” Ren Hongchang could not help but mutter to himself.

While everyone was shocked, Ye Fan had already taken the initiative to attack the Blood Greedy Dark Demon.

Scorching Fire’s face revealed a strange smile.

The ground under the Blood Greedy Dark Demon, who was feeling smug, suddenly stirred up a large amount of hot flames.

In the next moment, the surging flames soared into the sky and scattered, drowning the Blood Greedy Dark Demon’s figure.

The Blood Greedy Dark Demon was quickly knocked back a few meters by the sudden attack.

Fire Assault!

The temperature in the air quickly rose. The sudden commotion made Ren Hongchang and the others subconsciously take a few steps back.

However, they were not in a hurry to cover themselves. Instead, they widened their eyes and stared at everything that was happening in front of them.

The flames soared into the sky, forming a pillar of fire in the sky.

Even though they were more than 30 meters away, they could still feel the soaring heat wave and the oppressive aura.

“What kind of skill is this?” Ren Hongchang looked confused.

From what he knew, Scorching Fire did not seem to have such a skill.

“It seems to be the Fire Assault,” someone said softly.

His words caused a thousand ripples. Once these words were spoken, everyone was incomparably shocked.

“Isn’t that a skill that only Rank 5 fire-type pets can master?”

Rank 5?

Hearing this, everyone could not help but tremble.

No wonder the power of this pillar of fire was so terrifying. It was actually a high-level fire attribute skill.

However, this Scorching Fire was too shocking.

It was clearly only at Rank 3, so how could it learn a Rank 5 skill?

Just as they were shocked, Ye Fan’s calm voice rang out again.

“Put away all your pets.”

Ren Hongchang looked at Ye Fan, then at the shocking pillar of fire. After hesitating for a moment, he waved his hand.

“Call them all back.”

Everyone looked at each other and finally did as they were told.

They still did not believe that the young man in front of them could kill the Blood Greedy Dark Demon alone.

However, their pets were already covered in wounds and it was very difficult for them to continue fighting.

In the end, they watched and waited at the side. When the young man could not hold on anymore, they would attack.

As the pets retreated from the center of the open space, only the Scorching Fire was left.

The flames gradually dissipated at this moment, revealing the Blood Greedy Dark Demon’s charred body.

Its skin was emitting black smoke. Clearly, its injuries were not light this time.

“As expected, my guess was right. Elemental attacks are the most effective against it!”

Ye Fan thought to himself.

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