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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution
Chapter 54 - 54 Withering Forest

54 Withering Forest

Dark-type Magical Beasts were very special among Magical Beasts. There were very few Magical Beasts that were excluded from pets, and dark-type Magical Beasts were among them.

The reason was that if Beast Tamers contracted a dark-type Magical Beast, Beast Tamers with weak minds would be contaminated by the dark attribute of the Magical Beast, causing their emotions to become chaotic and depraved. Because of this, Dark-type Magical Beasts were also known as the symbol of evil.

However, at the same time, dark-type Magical Beasts grew quickly and their strength increased very quickly.

Beast Tamers who contracted dark-type Magical Beasts were stronger than ordinary Beast Tamers.

It was precisely because of this that even though many Beast Tamers clearly knew the danger of dark-type Magical Beasts, they still chose to contract them.

“Peak Rank-3. This strength isn’t too difficult to deal with.”

Ye Fan looked at the bounty mission and muttered to himself.

With such a high reward of 40,000 credit points, it was enough for him to buy 10 low-grade Fire Crystals.

Ye Fan directly accepted this mission without any hesitation.

He put away his phone, packed up a little, and walked out of the city.

More than an hour later.

In a forest ten kilometers west of the sea, a car slowly stopped.

Ye Fan paid the taxi fare and got out of the car. The car quickly left.

Ye Fan didn’t look back as he walked into the forest.

The sun had just risen, and the sky was suffused with a faint white light.

There were already many explorers gathered in front of the entrance of the Endless Forest. There were even two or three hunter teams.

Seeing Ye Fan’s young face, they were all a bit surprised.

“Who is he? Why does he look so young?”

“I don’t know. He’s probably a student from some academy. He looks like a new student who just entered.”

“Are you kidding me? What are new students doing here? The Land of Demonic Souls is suitable for new students to train, right?”

“Who knows? Perhaps he’s bold.”

The Magical Beasts in the Endless Forest were generally between the third and fourth rank. It was said that even fifth-rank Magical Beasts were very common in the depths of the forest.

This place had always been the training ground for senior Beast Tamers. New Beast Tamers would not come to this place at all.

Coming to this place was no different from courting death. Any Magical Beast was like a big boss to new Beast Tamers.

Ye Fan ignored the gazes around him. His feet didn’t stop as he directly stepped into the Endless Forest.

After entering the forest, his vision was blocked by the tall trees, and the environment gradually darkened.

Withered leaves and mud covered the ground. Walking on them made cracking sounds, making people feel uncomfortable from the bottom of their hearts.

The yellowish darkness enveloped the entire forest. The wind was especially cold. It whistled through the branches, making creaking sounds.

The darkness in the distance seemed endless. This was why it was called the Endless Forest.

“This is a good place to make a horror movie.”

Ye Fan sighed and thought for a moment before summoning the Scorching Fire and the Golden Sparrow. The Scorching Fire had already been revived last night.

Most of the Magical Beasts in the Endless Forest were of the wood attribute, and the fire attribute countered the wood attribute.

Ye Fan specially summoned the scorching flames.

If he encountered a monster, the Scorching Fire would definitely be able to play its greatest role.

“According to the mission introduction, that Blood Greedy Dark Demon is active in the periphery of the Endless Forest.”

Just as Ye Fan was thinking this, a soft voice interrupted his thoughts.

He quickly turned around and saw a human-like shrub creature covered in thorny branches slowly walking out from behind a tree.

There was a pile of green flames on its head, and its two arms were like withered tree branches. Its two eyes were tightly staring at Ye Fan.

The Black Wood Demon was the most common Magical Beast in the Endless Forest. It was a high-level Rank-3 creature. Moreover, the Green Divine Wood Ye Fan was looking for was produced by the Black Wood Demon’s leader, a Rank-4 Commander-level Magical Beast.

“Kill it!”

Ye Fan pointed in the direction of the Black Wood Demon and excitedly shook his body. A strange smile appeared on his face as he quickly pounced over.

The Golden Sparrow stood beside Ye Fan, vigilantly watching its surroundings.

The battle was about to begin.

The Scorching Fire instantly illuminated the darkness of the Endless Forest, launching a fireball fiercely at the Black Wood Demon.

When the fireball touched the Black Wood Demon’s body, it quickly exploded, directly tearing apart half of its body. The flames quickly burned and spread from the parts that were hit.

This sudden change caught the Black Wood Demon off guard.

It subconsciously slapped the flames on its body.

But in the next second, the flames burned even more fiercely, exactly the same as what Ye Fan had expected.

Although the high-level Rank-3 Black Wood Demon was a level higher than the Scorching Fire, it was still beaten until it could not fight back.

It was both because the strength of the Scorching Fire far exceeded those of the same level, and because fire countered wood.

In a moment, the Black Wood Demon had already been burned into a black ball of gas.

Ye Fan looked at the interface. The growth of the Scorching Flame had increased by 1.5%.

He nodded in satisfaction and left.

Not long after Ye Fan left, another group also arrived.

Looking at the Black Wood Demon’s corpse on the ground, an explorer exclaimed.

“Someone just passed by here.”

Someone checked the surrounding traces and praised.

“There are almost no traces of battle around. This means that the Black Wood Demon died without much resistance. That person must be very strong.”

“Could it be the young man who walked in front of us?”

“Probably, because he’s the only one walking in this direction.”

“No wonder he dared to come to the Endless Forest alone. So his strength is not bad.”

“He’s already a Rank 3 Beast Tamer at such a young age. His future is limitless.”

As everyone walked forward, they sighed and chatted.

But as they walked deeper and deeper, the smiles on their faces disappeared.

On the way, they saw many charred Black Wood Demon corpses.

There were more than 40 of them.

There was a place where six Black Wood Demon corpses were neatly piled up.

“They’re still warm up here,” someone said with a dark expression. “He just left.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone looked at each other, speechless.

After an unknown period of time, the leader squeezed out a dry voice from his throat.

“Did you hear any fighting?”

Everyone shook their heads at the same time. They could see the surprise in each other’s eyes.

There was no sound, which meant that that person had quickly dealt with the five Black Wood Demons in an instant.

This strength was truly so powerful that it made them click their tongues.

Even a team like theirs would have to spend a lot of time and effort to deal with five Black Wood Demons at once.

This was simply impossible for them.

“There’s really someone better.” The captain couldn’t help but sigh.

No one would have thought that such a young person was actually stronger than everyone in their team combined.

Ye Fan continued to farm monsters as he advanced.

He did not know that there was a team behind him that was constantly exclaiming about his achievements.

Soon, he arrived at the core of the Endless Forest.

“That Blood Greedy Dark Demon should be in this area.”

Ye Fan thought for a moment and directly summoned the Hunter Fox.

After the Hunter Fox appeared, it jumped onto Ye Fan’s left shoulder and affectionately rubbed against his cheek.

“Go around and see if there are any Dark Magical Beasts nearby.”

The Hunter Fox nodded obediently and quickly disappeared.

Ye Fan watched its back disappear from his sight and patiently waited.

The reason why he handed this search mission to the Hunter Fox was not only because it was very fast, but also because it had a very unique talent.

“Thousand-meter Detection: Within a thousand meters, it can sense the existence of all the nearby creatures. The closer it is, the more accurate its perception will be.”

Thus, if any creature appeared, Ye Fan would definitely know. This was best for searching for Magical Beasts.

About five minutes later, the Hunter Fox returned. It called out at Ye Fan, its cries filled with pride.

“You’ve found it?”

Ye Fan smiled and dotingly patted the Hunter Fox’s head.

“Good for you.”

“Qiu!” The Hunter Fox revealed a happy expression.

Ye Fan didn’t waste any time and directly walked in the direction the Hunter Fox had pointed.

Before he reached his destination, he heard the commotion of a battle.

In order to avoid alerting the other party, he put away the Scorching Fire and the Hunter Fox, leaving only the Golden Sparrow.

He carefully moved in that direction.

Soon, he arrived near an open space. He hid behind a tree and looked forward.

He saw that an intense battle was being carried out in the open space.

On one side, there seemed to be a hunter team. There were about ten people in the team, and there were at least 30 pets under their command.

On the other side was an ugly and huge Magical Beast.

Its entire body seemed to be made of flesh and blood. Its limbs were blurry, making it impossible to tell where its facial features and limbs were.

From afar, it looked like a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood piled up with rotten meat.

The sticky liquid on its body sometimes protruded and sometimes turned into black tentacles. It broke through the air and whipped fiercely at the pets around it.

Even though it was alone, it still firmly had the upper hand.

“Is this the Blood Greedy Dark Demon?”

Ye Fan carefully observed the monster in front of him. It was 99% similar to the photo of the target that he was holding.

He quietly observed from the side.

He discovered that the Blood Greedy Dark Demon’s vitality and defense were very remarkable.

The pets’ attacks only landed on the squirming flesh on his skin, as if they had hit cotton. They did not cause any damage to it.

Most of them were either bounced off or landed on the ground.

Only very few energy and elemental attacks could cause a certain amount of damage to it.

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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution Chapter 54 - 54 Withering Forest