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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution
Chapter 53 - 53 Bounty Mission

53 Bounty Mission

Everyone was very excited to see Ye Fan come down from the arena.

“Ye Fan, you’re so awesome!”

Chen Xin looked at him with admiration, her eyes sparkling.

Su Wan’er looked at the depressed atmosphere of the Heart Society opposite her with a smug expression.

“He was so arrogant before.”


As soon as she said this, everyone could not help but snicker.

Xu Menghan continued.

“Junior Brother Ye Fan, this matter is all thanks to you.”

Ye Fan nodded.

“We’re just taking what we need.”

“Even so, we’re still very grateful to you. If you need our help in the future, feel free to ask.”

Ye Fan didn’t stand on ceremony with her. He smiled and nodded.

The four girls of the Rose Society were all from Beast Tamer families and had very good connections.

As his pets’ level increased, the purification materials needed in the future would become more and more rare. The difficulty of finding them would increase exponentially. At that time, he might really have to trouble them to help.

“Let’s find a place to celebrate for Ye Fan!”

Su Wan’er suggested.

As she spoke, she directly grabbed Ye Fan’s arm.

Seeing her like this, the smile on Chen Xin’s face suddenly stiffened. She quickly grabbed Ye Fan’s other arm.

“Sure. I know a good restaurant around here.”

Seeing them like this, Ye Fan was speechless.

In public, men and women should not touch each other.

But Su Wan’er and Chen Xin didn’t care what Ye Fan wanted to say at all. They pulled him out of the school.

Xu Menghan and Xiao Qiuya looked at each other and smiled. They did not say anything and followed.

This scene fell into the eyes of many students nearby.

Envy more or less appeared in their eyes, but no one showed jealousy, at least not on their faces.

Anyone with a brain knew that as long as today passed, Ye Fan would definitely be a rising star of the academy.

His future was bright.

It was normal for such a person to be surrounded by beauties.

The club battle continued, but Ye Fan had never paid attention to it. To him, constantly increasing his strength was the most important thing.

Currently, the evolution materials of the Golden Sparrow had been gathered. When its growth reached 100%, it could evolve again.

The Scorching Fire was short of the low-level Fire Crystal.

But this was not a big problem.

Low-level Fire Crystals could be bought in the pet material mall, but this required an expensive amount of credit points.

“One low-level Fire Crystal’s market price is 2,000 credit points, and 10 of them are 20,000 credit points.”

Ye Fan roughly calculated his current savings.

Although Beast Tamers made a lot of money, the expenses were also high. Some time ago, he had already spent a large sum of credit points to buy low-level dark crystals.

He did not even have 10,000 credit points left.

“Looks like I have to think of a way to earn some money.”

After thinking for a while, Ye Fan took out his phone and logged into the Adventurer’s Association’s website. Only Beast Tamers could register as explorers of the Adventurer’s Association.

The Adventurer’s Association was mainly a medium for posting and accepting missions. The latter was more important to Ye Fan.

Accepting missions and completing them was the main source of income for Beast Tamers?

Currently, Ye Fan had never accepted any bounty missions.

He spent all his time searching for evolution materials.


Ye Fan successfully registered on the website and officially became an explorer.

There were different levels of explorers.

From high to low, there were Champion, Diamonds, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

It was said that there was a Grandmaster at the top. But so far, there were very few explorers who had reached the Grandmaster level.

Newbie Explorers were naturally at the Bronze level.

After carefully understanding the rules and regulations of the Adventurer’s Association, he directly opened the mission list and carefully picked his mission. A Bronze-rank explorer like him could only accept Bronze-rank missions.

However, if he wanted to accept a higher-level bounty mission, he had to pay a certain deposit. This kind of mission was called a Yellow-Silver mission.

Thus, Ye Fan’s current goal was these two kinds of missions.

There were many types of missions with rewards: Protection, Investigation, Collection of Materials, Cleaning Magical Beasts, and Exploration.


Ye Fan’s gaze locked onto his target.

“Mission Details: Kill the Blood Greedy Dark Demon in the Endless Forest!”

“Mission Level: Yellow Silver!”

“Bounty: 40,000 credit points!”

“Mission duration: 4 days!”

“Note: The Blood Greedy Dark Demon is a Peak Rank-3 dark-type Magical Beast. Explorer, please pay attention to your safety.”

The Endless Forest was located in a Magical Beast gathering area about 20 kilometers west of the sea.

Coincidentally, the Green Divine Wood grew there. Not only could he carry out missions there, but he could also collect purification materials. It was simply killing two birds with one stone.

Scrolling through the mission list, Ye Fan’s heart slightly shook.

“Dark-type Magical Beast? I’ve never seen such a Magical Beast before.”

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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution Chapter 53 - 53 Bounty Mission