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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution
Chapter 52 - 52 Great Victory!

52 Great Victory!

“It’s actually a Hunter Fox!”

Someone exclaimed.

Xu Menghan and Xiao Qiuya were also very surprised.

Hunter Foxes were famous pets.

They were extremely rare among third-rank pets.


Moreover, Hunter Foxes could evolve all the way to the peak of Rank 9. They were very precious.

To date, the number of times the Hunter Foxes had appeared in the entire continent was single digit.

“I didn’t expect Junior Brother Ye Fan’s second pet beast to be a Hunter Fox!”

Xu Menghan was very envious and surprised.

Chen Xin was not too surprised.

She knew that Ye Fan’s second pet wasn’t the Hunter Fox. Presumably, this should be Ye Fan’s third pet.

However, she was also surprised that Ye Fan could contract a Hunter Fox.

Her thoughts went deeper.

She thought for a moment and understood.

This Hunter Fox was most likely the spoils of war Ye Fan had obtained in the Fate Arena.

Hunter Foxes were extremely rare pets after all.

Not many people present could recognize its breed at first glance.

However, the Hunter Fox was too cute. Many girls were attracted by its appearance and screamed loudly.

Moreover, under its unique charm talent, even many boys looked at it with infatuation.

The only one with an ugly expression was Guo Qi, who was in the arena.

The Hunter Fox in front of him was at least a high-level Rank-3 pet. It might even be a pet at the peak of the third rank.

As long as it was by Ye Fan’s side, the Desert Cactus wouldn’t be able to touch him.

The only way he could win this competition was gone.

Guo Qi’s heart turned cold.


An ear-piercing voice pulled Guo Qi out of his regret.

He looked up and saw countless white balls of light appear around the Hunter Fox, flashing with lightning.

As the Hunter Fox let out a cry.

Dense lightning swept through the entire body of the Desert Cactus.

Thunder God’s Blade!

Under intense fear, the Desert Cactus quickly dodged, but when it met the Hunter Fox’s pupils, it was in a daze for a moment.

Purple Eye Illusion!

The trance lasted for a moment.

However, when it came back to its senses, it was unable to dodge in time and was instantly drowned by countless lightning balls.


The pet’s blood sizzled under the burning of the lightning.

In the blink of an eye, the Desert Cactus was severely injured.

Under the continuous fierce attacks of the Hunter Fox, it only lasted for a minute before it was completely charred by the lightning.

On the other side, the Plum Blossom Leopard had lost the cooperation of the Desert Cactus.

At this moment, it had already been surrounded and killed by the Golden Sparrow’s clones.

The Skeleton had lived a little longer, but it was still pierced by the Golden Sparrow’s feathers. Soon, it followed in the footsteps of its companions.

All three pets died.

The Hunter Fox did not stop there.

It quickly rushed to Guo Qi’s side and swung its tail fiercely.

Guo Qi did not have the ability to fight back at all. He was sent flying a few meters out of the arena by a tail.


A sharp howl instantly resounded throughout the square.

Guo Qi held his arms in pain. His face was distorted as he rolled on the ground and howled.

Seeing him like this, the referee’s eyelids twitched, but he did not say anything.

Guo Qi was the first to break the rules. Since that was the case, there was nothing wrong with Ye Fan returning the favor.

The students in the audience did not have any sympathy for him. Instead, they felt that he had brought this upon himself.

“Ye Fan of the Rose Society wins!”

“Rose Society wins this society competition!”

The referee announced the final result.

Earth-shattering cheers instantly exploded in the audience.

“Oh my god, he really won!”

“It’s really one crushing five!”

“Ye Fan really is a dark horse!”

“A 20-year-old Rank-3 Beast Tamer. He’s simply a genius.”

“Comparisons are really infuriating. I’m already in the third grade, and I’m still a Rank-2 Beast Tamer!”

“Then you’re pure trash…”

The Rose Society was also filled with joy.

A bright and happy smile appeared on Xu Menghan’s exquisite face.

Not only did the victory of this society competition resolve the difficulties that Heart Society had made for them, but they could also obtain an additional large amount of resources.

This would be extremely beneficial to the society’s future development.

More importantly, this was also a warning to the other societies.

After today’s battle, the other societies would probably not dare to have any designs on the Rose Society.

All of this was thanks to Ye Fan.

Looking at the handsome young man in the arena, Xu Menghan’s eyes were shining.

She was very glad that she had listened to Xiao Qiuya’s advice in the beginning.

If she hadn’t listened to Xiao Qiuya and recruited Ye Fan into Rose Society, how could they have won today?

Chen Xin was overjoyed, and her smile was about to bloom.

Even the usually calm Su Wan’er had a faint smile on her face.

In the joyous atmosphere, the person in question was calmly checking his gains.

[Quest completed: 400 evolution points.]

“400 evolution points can unlock two to three skills and talents.”

Ye Fan thought to himself.

The Hunter Fox had yet to unlock its skills and talents.

There were two types that the Golden Sparrow could unlock.

They were low-level Elemental Resistance and low-level Debuff Resistance.

However, they were useless in increasing combat strength. He decided not to unlock them for the time being.

Thinking of this, he could only use it on the Scorching Fire.

“When the Scorching Fire revives, I’ll unlock its talent and skills.”

Ye Fan made his decision.

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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution Chapter 52 - 52 Great Victory!