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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution
Chapter 51 - 51 Breaking the Rules

51 Breaking the Rules

The moment Ye Fan stepped onto the arena, the system had already issued a mission.

Ye Fan mockingly looked at Guo Qi.

Guo Qi did not hide the hatred on his face, and the resentment in his eyes was about to overflow.

“He was the one who caused trouble first. Now that he’s about to lose, he’s acting like someone else killed his parents?”

Ye Fan helplessly sighed, not understanding.

The referee gestured that the competition was about to begin.

Only then did Ye Fan’s attention turn away from Guo Qi.

The spectators in the audience were in an uproar again.


In front of Guo Qi, a shadow flashed and three pets immediately appeared on the arena.

An intermediate Rank 3 Plum Blossom Leopard.

A high-level Rank-3 Desert Cactus.

A Peak Rank-3 Skeleton.

The aura of the third-rank pets quickly slowed down.

The Desert Cactus looked like an ordinary cactus, but the yellow flower on its head was strangely yellowish-brown.

Under the sunlight, everyone could clearly see a small person sitting inside with a hateful expression and an evil smile on his face.

As its name suggested, the Plum Blossom Leopard was covered in plum blossom patterns.

The moment it flew forward, more than a hundred stone spikes suddenly stabbed at the Golden Sparrow’s clones.

The stone spikes blocked the Golden Sparrow’s clones’ path.

At this moment, the Desert Cactus had unknowingly produced green vines that swept past the Golden Sparrow’s clones and pointed at it.

The Golden Sparrow’s clones did not have the powerful physique of the Golden Sparrow. At this moment, the few clones had already disintegrated.

The battle became more and more intense.

The Desert Cactus attacked remotely and the Skeleton attacked at close range.

The two sides fought fiercely.

The scene was very splendid.

It was obvious that the Desert Cactus and the Skeleton often worked together.

Under their skilled cooperation, although the Golden Sparrow was not at a disadvantage, it was a little strained.

At this moment, the Golden Sparrow’s clones were completely destroyed.

Guo Qi was a little excited.

Finally, he saw a turning point.

However, to his surprise, the Golden Sparrow opened its mouth again, and several clones appeared again.

Previously, there were three clones, but now there were six.

Seeing this scene, the smug expression on Guo Qi’s face instantly disappeared.

Just now, he had only managed to destroy all its clones because he had seized the initiative.

These clones were really endless!

“No, I can’t continue like this. If this continues, I won’t be Ye Fan’s match at all.”

Guo Qi’s expression changed again and again.

After a moment, he spat out a mouthful of saliva and made a decision.


The Desert Cactus, which had been releasing vines non-stop, quickly put them away.

It turned to Ye Fan.

The clones were clones after all. Their reactions were a step too slow. It was too late for them to stop it.

The Plum Blossom Leopard and Skeleton also clung to the Golden Sparrow’s main body like crazy.

Obviously, at this moment.

Ye Fan’s pets were simply unable to escape.

He could only watch as the Desert Cactus flew towards him.

“Damn it!”

Chen Xin and Xiao Qiuya’s expressions changed.

Suddenly, they stood up and glared at Guo Qi.

This Guo Qi was actually so despicable. In order to win, he actually planned to attack Ye Fan!

The audience was also discussing.

Although there were no obvious rules and regulations stipulating that the Beast Tamer shouldn’t be attacked in the competition, this was a competition organized by the academy after all. It was not a life and death battle. There was no need to make it so bloody.

This had always been a tacit rule.

They hadn’t expected Guo Qi to go against everyone’s tacit agreement today and attack Ye Fan himself.

“Despicable person!”

“Guo Qi is too much. He’s even doing anything to win!”

“Stop him!”

“It’s over. Ye Fan is finished this time. There’s no time to stop him!”

Ye Fan hadn’t expected Guo Qi to actually attack him, so he didn’t take any protective measures.

It was clearly too late to prepare now.

However, even so, his expression was calm and there was no panic on his face.

Just as the Desert Cactus rushed in front of him, light shot out in all directions in front of Ye Fan. A petite figure suddenly rushed out to block him.

Fox Light!

The Desert Cactus could not control its body’s inertia at all and rushed straight into the fox light.

A huge ball of white light quickly exploded, completely drowning the Desert Cactus.

“Second pet!”

The onlookers were shocked.

Only then did they realize that Ye Fan was a Rank-3 Beast Tamer.

Naturally, he had more than one pet.

But because Ye Fan had only used the Golden Sparrow before, everyone had forgotten about this matter.

When the light dissipated, there were many electric scars on the Desert Cactus’s body. It was obvious that it had suffered serious injuries.

Above his head, a snow-white fox stood, its huge tail fluffy and cute.

It was a Hunter Fox.

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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution Chapter 51 - 51 Breaking the Rules