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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution
Chapter 50 - 50 The Final Battle!

50 The Final Battle!

The soaring flames swept up a thick murderous aura.

The three pets stopped in unison.

Upon closer inspection, one could see that their bodies were trembling slightly, and fear appeared in their eyes.

Their bodies froze on the spot. At this moment, they were like wooden stakes, unable to fight back.

Seeing this, the Golden Sparrow quickly swooped down and attacked them.


The Golden Sparrow bent down and rushed over, its sharp claws grabbing the Fire God Bird.

This was the first time the Golden Sparrow had taken the initiative to attack since coming on stage.

Its huge wings made a whooshing sound along with the airflow.

The Fire God Bird, who also had wings but was in a daze, was grabbed by the Cute Sparrow that was like an eagle catching a chick. Its entire body curled up into a ball, and its eyes were filled with shock and fear.

After flying a few meters high, it let go of the Fire God Bird.

Only then did the Fire God Bird react. It spread its wings and planned to escape.

In the next moment.

The feathers of the Golden Sparrow turned into sharp swords that slid through the sky and pierced through the Fire God Bird’s body.

Accompanied by painful bird cries, the Fire God Bird lost its life in the sky it was so proud of.

At the same time, the Golden Sparrow released three clones.

The clone charged straight at the Stone Golem.

The flames burned, and the Stone Golem struggled in pain, unable to resist at all.

Before it could play any role, it had already left with the Fire God Bird.

At this moment, the Petrifying Turtle reacted in a daze.

However, it was the only one left on the field.

The scene fell into a strange silence.

The Petrifying Turtle stood rooted to the ground, at a loss.

Everyone in the audience and waiting area was stunned.

They opened their mouths wide and looked at the situation on the arena in shock.

They had originally thought that it would be an abnormally intense and evenly matched battle.

But now, the situation had changed.

The two third-rank pets didn’t even resist.

They had been instantly killed?

This was simply unprecedented.

After a long while.

Someone in the audience reacted.

“F*ck, is this for real?”

“What was the fire it released at the beginning? Why were the three pets so stupid? Were they all stunned on the spot?”

“The feathers of this Cute Sparrow can actually be used as sharp swords?”

“Is this a Cute Sparrow or not? This is too awesome. Why did I smell a Domain on that fire just now?”

“It’s too strong. It instantly killed Lin Weiping’s pets. Lin Weiping is probably going to lose this time.”

Everyone was so surprised, let alone the person involved.

Lin Weiping’s heart ached.

At the moment, there was only the Petrifying Turtle left on the field. His defeat was destined.

He was an elite third-year student after all, but he had actually lost to a new student just like that.

Not to mention being instantly killed.

He felt like vomiting blood.

If someone had said the day before that he would lose to a new student today, he would definitely beat him up so badly that his mother wouldn’t recognize him.

Xu Menghan and Xiao Qiuya were also a little stunned.

The two of them opened their mouths in an O shape, not knowing what to say.

“Too, too awesome!”

Xu Menghan came back to her senses and sighed.

This Ye Fan was too awesome.

The other party was an elite third-year student, but he was instantly killed.

If it were her, she would not have won so easily.

“Genius, he’s simply a genius!”

Xu Menghan sighed again and again.

Although Su Wan’er looked very calm, if one observed carefully, it was not difficult to see the change in the corners of her lips. Clearly, she was not calm either.

Everyone’s gazes fell on Ye Fan.

They were shocked, worshipful, or curious.

Under everyone’s gaze, Ye Fan easily dealt with the Petrifying Turtle.

The referee announced Ye Fan’s victory.

Currently, there was only one person left in Heart Society.

Lin Weiping returned to the preparation area in shock. The audience looked at Guo Qi.

“How unexpected!”

“Heart Society is left with only one person.”

“At first, I thought that the winner would definitely be Heart Society.”

“I didn’t expect that someone would come out of nowhere. This Ye Fan is really awesome.”

“Wait, if Ye Fan wins Guo Qi in the next round, won’t he be defeating all his opponents on his own?”

“In that case, that would be funny. Hahaha!”

Guo Qi heard everyone’s discussion clearly.

In the current situation, the failure of Heart Society was already a certainty.

Even if he defeated Ye Fan, there were still Su Wan’er, Xiao Qiuya, and Xu Menghan behind him.

Whether it was Xiao Qiuya or Xu Menghan, they were both very strong opponents.

It was fine to deal with one, but he was not confident that he could defeat two people in a row.

Thinking of the consequences of losing the society battle, he felt his heart bleed.

Looking at Ye Fan on the arena, he found him even more unpleasant to the eye.

If Ye Fan hadn’t interfered, how could they have been so passive?

“One defeating five? Dream on!”

When he saw Guo Qi, his eyes revealed hatred.

Ye Fan’s lips curled up.


He did not take the initiative to admit defeat, saving Ye Fan the trouble of provoking him.

If Guo Qi admitted defeat like this, his mission would be difficult to complete.

[One Crushing Five: Defeat 5 members of Heart Society. You will receive 400 evolution points after completing the mission.]

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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution Chapter 50 - 50 The Final Battle!