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46 Instant Kill!

Ye Fan’s calm voice was extremely loud in the quiet plaza.

It was as if he had thrown a stone on a quiet lake.

The audience instantly could not remain calm.

“An instant kill? It was an instant kill?”

“Am I wrong? That’s a low-level pet of the second rank!”

“This is too heaven-defying.”

“Look, remember what I said? The King of Freshmen must have his own outstanding points.”

“However, what we can confirm now is that his pet is definitely not a Cute Sparrow. The Cute Sparrow definitely doesn’t have such a powerful ability!”

Shocked voices came from all directions.

No one had expected Ye Fan to be so powerful.

A low-level pet of the second rank was instantly killed by his pet.

That terrifying sharp beak really made one’s scalp tingle.

The low-level Rank-2 black python was actually pecked to death by its mouth!

At this moment, the expressions of the people from Heart Society were ugly.

Only now did they realize that they had all misjudged.

Ye Fan wasn’t a Rank-1 Beast Tamer at all. He had clearly advanced to Rank-2.

Moreover, he was not low-level or intermediate.

At the very least, he was at the high level.

Otherwise, it was absolutely impossible for him to instantly kill Lin Bin’s Black Python.

“Looks like the Rose Society already knew Ye Fan’s strength. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have made an exception and let him join.”

Guo Qi said with a dark expression.

Lin Weiping comforted him in a low voice.

“It doesn’t matter. Even if Lin Bin loses, our overall strength is still advantageous. It’s only a 1:1 draw.”

Hearing this, Guo Qi’s expression softened.

Xu Menghan, Xiao Qiuya, and the others were also very shocked.

Although they had long known from Chen Xin that Ye Fan was a Rank-2 Beast Tamer, they only thought that he had reached the low-level of Rank 2.

They did not expect him to be so strong.

“As expected of the most outstanding King of Freshmen in recent years.”

Xu Menghan’s eyes lit up as she looked at Ye Fan, her eyes filled with amazement.

Chen Xin was overjoyed, as if she wasn’t praising Ye Fan, but her.

Su Wan’er stared at the Golden Sparrow’s sharp beak and fell into deep thought.

On the arena.

Lin Bin’s face turned from green to red and then white.

When he heard Ye Fan ask him to summon his second pet beast, his face immediately turned purple.

After all, he had said a few minutes ago that he didn’t need to summon his second pet beast to defeat Ye Fan.

However, the slap in the face came so quickly.

Regardless of whether he lost or won today’s battle, Lin Bin had lost a lot of face this time.

In his anger, he did not care about anything else.

Light flickered.

A huge orange-yellow lizard instantly appeared in the arena.

Bengal Lizard.

An intermediate pet of the second rank.

The giant lizard widened its yellow eyes and locked onto the Golden Sparrow.

Its swift and fierce footsteps made the surrounding people tremble.

However, the Golden Sparrow was still standing there in a daze. It was not flustered at all.

It was not until the giant lizard rushed in front of it that the Golden Sparrow took the initiative to spit out flames.


A huge flame enveloped the entire arena.

The giant lizard was not scared at all. It faced the intense heat wave and attacked the Golden Sparrow with irresistible force.

Everyone should be able to predict the outcome of the battle.

However, the outcome was different from their original thoughts.

The giant lizard rushed into the huge flames. At first, it was fine.

Suddenly, its entire body was on fire. It wriggled its body angrily and bared its teeth, looking extremely fierce.

However, its speed was much slower than before.

The Golden Sparrow stood on the spot and did not move. It only kept spitting out thick flames from its mouth.

A burnt smell swept through the entire arena.

The giant lizard slowly stopped struggling in the raging fire and lost its life.

The fire kept burning.

It illuminated Lin Bin’s face.

Lin Bin was completely stunned at this moment, his eyes filled with disbelief.

The audience was silent for a moment before they suddenly heard someone shout.

“This is too f*cking awesome!”

“It can instantly kill an intermediate Rank-2 pet?”

“What kind of pet is this? It’s actually so powerful?”

“This power is too terrifying!”

Everyone looked at Ye Fan with incomparable shock.

No one doubted Ye Fan’s strength now.

With just one skill, it could instantly kill an intermediate Rank-2 pet that was best at defense!

There was no one like him in the entire second grade.

How terrifying!

In the Rose Society’s waiting area.

Xu Menghan and Su Wan’er looked at each other. They could see the shock in each other’s eyes.

Ye Fan’s performance had exceeded everyone’s expectations.

However, Chen Xin was the least surprised.

Chen Xin had seen the true strength of the Golden Sparrow.

Even a Rank-3 monster was not a match for the Golden Sparrow, let alone a Rank-2 pet.

The surrounding shocked gazes all looked at Ye Fan.

There was no change in the expression of the person involved.


He looked past the pale Lin Bin and into the waiting area of the Heart Society.

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