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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution
Chapter 43 - 43 Competition with Heart Society

43 Competition with Heart Society

Chen Xin’s face was filled with joy and excitement as Xu Menghan looked at her. She turned to look at the smiling Ye Fan and curled her lips, not saying anything else.

On the other side, Ye Fan finally remembered that Chen Xin had said that the Rose Society had a senior who was proficient in dragon-type Battle Pets.

She must be talking about Su Wan’er.

He remembered that Su Wan’er’s pets were Sharp Thorn Dragon and Rock Dragon.

In the following conversation, Ye Fan also learned that Xu Menghan and Xiao Qiuya had already become the president and vice president of the Rose Society three years ago. As for Su Wan’er, she was already a second-year student. Including Chen Xin, there were only four people in the Rose Society.

“It was fine at first, but the fourth-year students had all quit the society. That’s why this awkward situation happened.”

Xu Menghan said.

Most of the fourth-year students had joined the official organizations such as hunting teams.

They had to complete their work and missions. They wouldn’t come unless it was a big game or a big event.

Of course, society business was no exception.

“When do we start?”

“In three days. I’ll go to the academy’s teacher to apply for a venue for the competition.”

Ye Fan nodded, finally understanding.

The two of them chatted for a while before Ye Fan left.

Chen Xin watched Ye Fan leave with a smile on her face.

After Ye Fan left, her gaze finally moved away from him. However, when she turned around and saw Xu Menghan and Xiao Qiuya looking at her strangely, Chen Xin’s face immediately blushed and she turned away.

Xu Menghan and Xiao Qiuya looked at each other and smiled. Su Wan’er stood at the side and stared at Chen Xin with a burning gaze.

During this period of time, Ye Fan had been training in the Land of Demonic Souls. He was constantly killing monsters, constantly strengthening his Battle Pets, and also searching for low-grade Dark Crystals. Only Rank-3 monsters could drop low-grade Dark Crystals. As a result, Ye Fan explored the deepest parts of this area.

After three days, he finally collected 20 low-grade Dark Crystal Stones. Afterwards, Ye Fan went to the Battle Pet Shop and sold the materials he had accumulated in exchange for credits. He then rushed to the large field in the center of the academy.

Chen Xin’s message said that the society battle would be held in the academy’s sports field, so she asked Chen Fan to come quickly. The competition with the Heart Society would be held in the sports field. When Ye Fan arrived, it was already packed with people. The huge stands were filled with spectators, at least thousands of them.

Laughter rose and fell.

“The people from Heart Society secretly spread the news of this competition.” Su Wan’er ran over angrily. It was obvious that they wanted to defeat the Rose Society in front of all the students and severely humiliate them. Such an action was simply disgusting.

“Oh, you really dare to come?” Just as they were talking, an annoying voice came from behind. The president of the Heart Society, Guo Qi, slowly walked over with a group of people.

“Su Wan’er, have you found anyone? Don’t lose the competition just because you don’t have enough people.”

Cao Zhengji looked at the girls from the Rose Society and smiled mockingly.

Glancing at Ye Fan, suspicion flashed in his eyes.

Why would a man appear with the Rose Society?

Su Wan’er said with disdain, “You don’t have to worry. We already have enough people.”

Hearing this, the members of Heart Society were all startled, all of them looking at Ye Fan.

One had to know that on the Rose Society’s side, other than Su Wan’er and the others, it was him. “A man joined your society?”

“Yeah, can’t our society accept guys?”

Cao Zhengji didn’t know how to reply for a moment. He looked at Ye Fan with hatred. Although he was enemies with the Rose Society, he was still quite jealous that Ye Fan could enter a famous society of goddesses like the Rose Society. This was also what many boys were thinking.

In an instant, Ye Fan felt hostile gazes from all directions.

“What class is this guy in? Why haven’t I heard of him before?” Cao Zhengji frowned slightly.

Originally, he had thought of Ye Fan as a second-year student. At this moment, a new student walked out and whispered something.

A trace of disdain appeared on Guo Qi and Cao Zhengji’s faces. “I thought he was a second-year student. So he’s a first-year student.”

“Looks like your society had no choice. You actually let a first-year student join.” Cao Zhengji had a look of disdain.

The other members of Heart Society also laughed out loud, their faces filled with disdain. So what if he was the King of Freshmen?

In the end, he was still a first-year student. Even if he was talented, it would take him some time to become a true expert.

Perhaps in a few years, Ye Fan would be able to surpass them. But right now, he was still a rookie. Participating in such a society competition held by seniors was equivalent to courting death. The conflict between the two societies had long since attracted the attention of many people.

Hearing that the boy in the Rose Society was actually a new student, everyone couldn’t help but look at Ye Fan with sympathy.

“A first grader has joined too. What the hell is the Rose Society doing? Why aren’t they looking for the second graders?”

“Most of the second-year students should have joined a society.”

“I just hope that the new student won’t be seriously injured.” Hearing everyone’s discussion, Cao Zhengji sneered in his heart. Not be seriously injured? I’ll beat him to death!

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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution Chapter 43 - 43 Competition with Heart Society