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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution
Chapter 41 - 41 Guys Can Also Be Recruited

41 Guys Can Also Be Recruited

In the end, they were all a little disappointed.

Ye Fan said that he didn’t have such thoughts at all, causing them to have no choice but to give up on this idea.

Finally shaking off these two fellows, Ye Fan was just about to turn around and leave when he suddenly heard a commotion.

There was a familiar voice. Ye Fan’s eyes narrowed. He saw two groups of people standing there, seemingly arguing about something.


One of the two groups were tall men. There were more than ten of them standing together, exuding a powerful aura.

On the other side were three girls. Ye Fan happened to have seen one before. This girl was Su Wan’er, whom he had met in the Land of Demonic Souls.

“Cao Zhengji, don’t slander us here. We’ve already informed the dean that we’re going to use this place as our society’s recruitment venue. How dare you snatch it? Alright, give me the academy’s approval paper!”

“Hehe, how dare you sit here with just a few people from the Rose Society?”

“So what if you have more people? The people from your Heart Society don’t have much strength. They’re even inferior to us girls.”

“What? Try talking nonsense again!”

“Why? Do you want me to say it again?”

The veins on Cao Zhengji’s forehead bulged. Just as he was about to take a step forward, he was pulled back by the short-haired youth in the lead. His face darkened as he said to Su Wan’er and the others, “If you’re so confident, why don’t you fight us?”

“If your Rose Society loses, you’ll take out half of the society’s resources.”

Hearing this, the entire venue was in an uproar. Su Wan’er and the others’ faces darkened. “What if you lose?”

The short-haired man sneered. “We’ll also take out half of the society’s resources.”

Su Wan’er nodded without hesitation. “Alright!”

The short-haired youth smiled proudly, waved his hand, and turned to leave. The other burly men did not stay any longer and followed the short-haired man. Cao Zhengji’s anger did not diminish as he looked at Su Wan’er with hatred. The girl looked straight at him without any intention of retreating.

After they left, one of the three girls from the Rose Society, who wore a pair of glasses, revealed a helpless smile. “Wan’er, why did you agree? We could’ve ignored them.”

Su Wan’er pursed her lips and said, “These people are too arrogant. Moreover, they’re clearly here for this matter today. If we reject them, I’m afraid it’ll cause even more trouble.”

Previously, the members of Heart Society had been going against them. They were just jealous of the resources of the Rose Society. Heart Society wanted to find an opportunity to snatch the resources. After all, the resources of a society were the key to the future development of a society. They also determined the combat ability of a society. This was also why many societies valued them very much. They would fight over resources.

The Rose Society received the best resources in the academy. Moreover, among all the societies, their society had the least number of members. This way, every individual would be given more resources, making many people envious. Among the opponents, the “Heart Society” was the loudest. The other girl with a cold personality also had a helpless expression.

“There will be a total of five people in this society competition. Including those from the fourth grade, there will be you, me, Chen Xin, and Qiu Ya, a total of four people. What do you think?”

Su Wan’er smiled awkwardly. “Then let’s take one more.”

“Heart Society’s strength is not inferior to our Rose Society. It’s impossible for us to recruit new people. We need enough strength.”

The girl sighed softly. “Don’t even think about the students from the other grades. They all have their own societies.”

“Chen Xin is a first-year student. There are also some talented students, but no one knows if they will agree. Even if they do, they don’t have the strength to participate in the society competition.” These words made Su Wan’er completely speechless. Was there no other way?

Su Wan’er’s heart tightened. If they lost the society competition because of her, she would blame herself. Just as she was conflicted, Su Wan’er saw a familiar face.

When she saw Ye Fan, her eyes immediately lit up. “I’ve thought of a good idea!”

“Go ahead.”

Su Wan’er smiled mysteriously. “I’ve already found a candidate.”

“Who?” The iceberg girl couldn’t believe it.

“Him!” Su Wan’er waved her hand and pointed at Ye Fan.

Looking in the direction she was pointing, they froze. “What nonsense are you talking about? Isn’t he just a boy?”

“He’s indeed a boy.” Su Wan’er teased.

“But boys can do it too. After all, we don’t have any other suitable candidates. Just treat it as an exception of the society.”

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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution Chapter 41 - 41 Guys Can Also Be Recruited