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Obtaining a New Battle Pet

Ding Shengxin thought for a moment before instructing everyone to keep this exploration a secret. This was to prevent the news of Ye Fan obtaining the treasures from spreading, which might get him killed. When the students heard their teacher’s words, they all agreed.

However, no one was sure if this matter would be known. Ding Shengxin could only try his best.

After the dust settled, everyone hurried back to An City. On the way back, they encountered the reinforcement troops. The two teachers stayed to explain the situation to the troops and let the students go back first.

At this time, in Ye Fan’s manor, Ye Fan immediately summoned the system interface, planning to use that pearl right now.

Then, his Hellfire’s potential instantly increased.

“Overlord’s Path: Strengthen attack. The next stage is

Soul of Raging Flames

. At the very most, it can evolve to King rank.” Seeing this, Ye Fan relaxed.

“In other words, both my pets have great potential.”

For ordinary Beast Tamers, the King rank was out of reach. However, Ye Fan already had an evolution system. Sooner or later, he would raise his Hellfire and Cute Sparrow to the King rank, which was just around the corner.

Ye Fan opened the Cute Sparrow’s stats window.

Talents to be unlocked

Golden Wings

: Upgraded version of


. The body is more agile. Increases defense. Requires 200 evolution points to unlock.

Skills to be unlocked

Vitality Peck

: After hitting the enemy, it can peck away their vitality for healing or recovery. Requires 200 evolution points to unlock.

“A very useful technique.” Ye Fan’s eyes flashed.

Golden Wings


Vitality Peck

were very helpful for the Cute Sparrow’s long-term combat and survival. Especially

Golden Wings

. Just


had allowed the Cute Sparrow to increase its speed and defense.

Then wouldn’t the upgraded version,

Golden Wings

, be even more powerful? Just thinking about it made him excited.

Ye Fan didn’t hesitate and directly unlocked

Golden Wings

. He pondered for a moment before unlocking

Vitality Peck

. As a result, it now had a total of ten innate talents and abilities.

Five talents and five skills. It had already surpassed pets of the same level.

“It may be a high-level Rank-3 pet, but it can even fight against lower-level Rank-4 monsters.” Ye Fan’s mouth curled into a proud smile.

This way, the Cute Sparrow might even be able to kill enemies two levels higher. Just thinking about it made one’s blood boil.

Calming himself down, Ye Fan turned his gaze to his Hellfire. In just a day, it had undergone evolution, self-destructing to death, reviving, and self-destructing again.

It could be said that there were many twists and turns. It was really difficult for Hellfire.

Hellfire was still in the process of resurrection. There were still more than 200 hours before it could be resurrected.

“In the next few days, I’ll increase the growth of the Cute Sparrow. At the same time, I’ll gather the main advancement materials for the Cute Sparrow and Hellfire.”

The Cute Sparrow mainly lacked the abyssal blood as the material. As for Hellfire, it lacked the Golden Flame Stone. Ye Fan had never heard of these things.

According to the information on the Internet, these two items were both Rank-4 rare materials. Although they were not precious, they were rarely seen on the market. He did not know how long it would take to obtain them.

“Looks like I’ll have to find them myself.” Ye Fan quickly made up his mind. His gaze fell on the final item. “Sealing Egg.”

The Sealing Egg he got from the Lost Arena was different from the one in the pet store. It was transparent and glowed faintly.

Ye Fan looked ahead. Rows of small characters appeared in front of him.

Name: Hunter Fox

Nature: Illusion

Grade: Peak, Rank 3

Growth: 0%

Talents: Charm, High-Level Charm Immunity, Intermediate Sleep Immunity, Intermediate Intimidation Immunity

Abilities: Fox Leaf Wedge, Fox Fire, Eye of Illusion, Leap

Evolution Paths

(1) Demon Beast Path: The path of evolution to increase demon power. The third level is

Three-tailed Hunting Fox

, which can be upgraded to the peak of Rank 9.

(2) Bloodline Path: Currently, a Hunter Fox. The next stage is Cursed Fox. It can be upgraded to King Rank.

“Illusion nature!?” Ye Fan was dumbfounded. This was an extremely rare attribute.

He continued to scroll down. A series of talents and abilities dazzled him. There were a total of nine.

Although they were not as good as the Cute Sparrow’s, the Hunter Fox had not been upgraded by the system. Battle pets with nine innate abilities were all very outstanding. This could be seen from the two evolution paths. One was at the peak of the ninth rank, and the other was at the king rank.

This scene was truly too dazzling. “This is the preciousness of an ancient relic.” Ye Fan sucked in a breath of cold air. Without a doubt, he would walk a path that would allow the pet to become a King.

Ye Fan did a search on the Internet. Such a pet was extremely rare. Currently, among all the battle pet warriors, very few had such a pet. It had to be known that the Hunter Fox evolved by having more tails. In other words, the other bloodline path was the hidden evolution path of Hunter Foxes.

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