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Completion, Reward

A wave of scorching heat assaulted their faces. Ding Shengxin and the others had no time to stop it. They stared blankly at the blazing flames in the arena. Their lips were dry, and it took them a long time to recover.

Ever since the clash, they had instinctively thought that the Hellfire was gone because it died in the rat tide. As everyone knew, it took a certain amount of time for a pet to be resurrected. Depending on the level of the pet, the time needed for resurrection was also different. It was absolutely impossible for a pet to be resurrected in such a short period of time. No one had expected the Hellfire to appear under such circumstances and self-destruct immediately.

At this moment, the entire arena was covered in flames and thick fog. In the arena, a huge black shadow lay motionless. Many people swallowed. They had seen with their own eyes how terrifying the Hellfire explosion was. This move was enough to instantly kill thousands of ferocious creatures. Such an attack would seriously injure even fifth or sixth-rank monsters, let alone a fourth-rank one.

Moreover, the moment the Hellfire exploded, the three-headed monster had already pounced on the Hellfire. It could be said that the Hellfire was the core of the explosion. All the attack was forcefully withstood by the three-headed monster. In that case, the outcome of the three-headed monster was self-evident.

It was true. As the fog and the fire faded, the charred bodies of the three-headed monster gradually appeared. It was dead. After confirming that it was really dead, the tense atmosphere was instantly dispersed.

“Done, done!”

“Does Brother Ye’s victory have anything to do with you?”

“How magical. I almost wondered if he would succeed.”

“It can’t be fake. Brother Ye is so awesome.”

“I like Ye Fan!”

Chen Xin was excited, but when she heard the last part, the smile on her face froze. She turned to look at the girl.

Ding Shengxin and Qin Feng were also overjoyed. The situation had reversed, and Ye Fan’s final move had shocked everyone. The two of them felt as if they were riding a roller coaster, especially exhausted.

Fortunately, they had passed the test and could now walk out of this ruin.

“Completed the last challenge. Reward: 300 evolution points.”

Three seconds after the Hellfire exploded, Ye Fan knew he had won. When the flames disappeared, the three-headed monster appeared in front of everyone.

A cold and oppressive voice sounded again.

“Human, you have passed the challenge. You will receive generous rewards!”

Ye Fan raised his head and saw a white light flying out and condensing into two spheres in his hand.

“Rewards?” Ye Fan carefully examined them and discovered that one of them was a Sealing Egg.

But he didn’t recognize the other one. Just as he was puzzled, his vision suddenly blurred. Ye Fan immediately felt a sense of danger. He should be able to leave.

Sure enough…

In the next moment, his vision suddenly shook. When his vision became clear again, everything around him had changed from the huge arena to a bare field. Tens of meters away, there were densely packed Violent Rats.

“We’re finally out.”

“That’s great.”

“Speaking of which, how did we find the ruins?”

“It must be the fog.”

“Forget it, I don’t plan to go to the ruins again anyway.”

As soon as he said this, everyone agreed. No one was willing to enter that place again.

If it weren’t for Ye Fan, they would have long turned into statues, unable to leave forever. When this matter was mentioned, everyone turned to look at Ye Fan, wanting to thank him. But his gaze fell on Ding Shengxin.

“Teacher, what’s this about?” Ye Fan took out the strange sphere and asked Qin Feng and Ding Shengxin.

Ding Shengxin looked at it, thought for a moment, and said slowly, “If I’m not wrong, this is a Level Advancing Pearl.”

“Level Advancing Pearl? Is it more powerful?”

“Yes, it is.” Ding Shengxin’s voice was filled with excitement.

“This pearl can help your pet’s potential break through to the limit of the king level. It’s a very precious thing.”

Ye Fan was slightly startled. He had never thought that this small ball would be so miraculous. He immediately thought of Hellfire. Hellfire’s potential could reach the peak of the ninth rank. This pearl could instantly allow the potential of Hellfire to soar to the King rank. This was the most suitable. As for the Cute Sparrow, its potential had already reached the King rank, so it did not need this pearl.

“This is an extremely rare treasure. You should use it as soon as possible to avoid attracting others’ attention,” Ding Shengxin reminded him again.

Although Ding Shengxin was somewhat envious of Ye Fan, he didn’t have any thoughts.

This was something Ye Fan had risked his life to obtain. Furthermore, Ye Fan had saved his life. If he wanted to obtain anything from Ye Fan, he would be ashamed of being called a teacher.

“Thank you, Teacher.”

Ye Fan planned to use this pearl on the Hellfire.

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