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Hellfire’s Self-Destruction

The evolution of pets was not that easy. It was rare that a pet would evolve in an instant on the battlefield.

But what no one had expected was that Ye Fan’s Battle Pet would actually evolve at such a critical moment. In that instant, everyone was stupefied.

Immediately after, an indescribable joy surged into their hearts.

“Good job, you’ll definitely defeat that armored demon!”

“I didn’t think that Ye Fan would actually complete its evolution at such a critical moment. What a coincidence.”

“No matter what, he’s still Brother Ye. He’s really a genius.”

“Don’t be too smug. They’re both high-level Rank-3. It’s hard to say who will win.”

“Are you stupid? Brother Ye’s Cute Sparrow is definitely the strongest among those of the same level.”


The group of students were wild with joy. Chen Xin also looked at Ye Fan with worship.

Ding Shengxin and Qin Feng were both surprised and overjoyed, their hearts in turmoil. It had to be known that when Ye Fan had first entered the academy, that Cute Sparrow had been a low-level Rank-2. But in less than two weeks, that Cute Sparrow had already become a high-level Rank-3. To evolve to such a level in such a short period of time was truly too shocking.

“What kind of pet is this?” They both wondered.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they didn’t dare to investigate other people’s Battle Pets, they would have long asked Ye Fan. On the other side, the evolved Cute Sparrow’s aura was somewhat different.

As expected, after awakening many talents and abilities, the Cute Sparrow no longer had to fear the armored monster. The Cute Sparrow released the intermediate skill, Wind Blade, while the armored monster held the blade. The battle was about to start.

Ye Fan planned to wait and see first. He wanted to know just how much the Cute Sparrow had improved. The Cute Sparrow relied on its own strength to dodge one attack after another. The battle between the two lasted for eight minutes. Through the Cute Sparrow’s observation, it discovered the armor demon’s weakness and killed it with the wind blade.

The armored monster could not withstand such an attack at all and suddenly fell to the ground.

“Fourth challenge successful. Obtained 200 evolution points.”

Ye Fan raised his eyebrows as his gaze fell on the metal door. Everyone on the viewing platform was staring at the door. Although Ye Fan had defeated the armored monster, no one felt relaxed. Instead, they involuntarily held back their auras and nervously looked towards the door.

Everyone knew very well that this was the most important battle. This victory of this battle would allow them to leave that unknown and dangerous place.

Just like before, in the fifth challenge, the other party’s strength was two levels higher.

In other words, the probability of meeting a Rank-4 monster was very high. Thinking of this, everyone’s hearts tightened, and their eyes could not help but flicker.

Even Ye Fan might not be able to defeat a Rank-4 monster.

The only thing he could do now was pray that the monster to come wasn’t a powerful one. If it was only at the third rank, that would be a good thing. However, the truth was not always what he wanted. A six-meter-tall behemoth crawled through the door. Its three huge heads collided and a loud rumbling sound came from its mouths. For a moment, the entire arena was filled with a pungent smell. It was the smell of sulfur.

“My God…” Ding Shengxin said in a deep voice.

His face was pale and his forehead was covered in sweat. Qin Feng was the same.

No wonder they were so excited. The monster on the battlefield was stronger than they had imagined. A three-headed monster. This was a high-level Rank-4 monster. It was not a simple Rank-4 monster. It far exceeded ordinary Rank-3 monsters.

Even Ding Shengxin and Qin Feng did not have the confidence to win.

As for Ye Fan, this was simply an invincible existence. Everyone’s hearts shook, and their faces immediately turned deathly pale. After experiencing the previous tests, they had already lost interest in continuing to fight. They had placed all their hopes on Ye Fan. If Ye Fan lost, then the result could be imagined. They would become statues, unable to leave.

At the thought of this, everyone trembled and their hearts were filled with despair.

“A Rank-4 monster?” Ye Fan frowned slightly. “You really want me dead, right?”

Although he said this, Ye Fan’s expression didn’t show the slightest bit of panic. He was still as calm as ever.

He opened the system interface. There were still more than 230 hours before Hellfire could be revived.

Ye Fan didn’t hesitate to use 230 evolution points to speed up the resurrection of the Hellfire.

A moment later.

Hellfire didn’t say another word, directly charging into the arena like a bullet towards the three-headed monster. At this time, Ye Fan brought the Cute Sparrow to a safe distance. Ye Fan had just stabilized himself.

Then an angry roar erupted from the arena. In the next instant, blinding light exploded. With an earth-shattering explosion, raging flames erupted, enveloping the arena.


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