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The Monsters Are Getting Stronger and Stronger

W-was it over so quickly? Everyone was still confused.

Just a moment ago, they had been worried about whether or not Ye Fan would be able to defeat the Vengeful Ghost. But very quickly, he had finished off the Vengeful Ghost, which was completely unable to resist.

“Was that a mental attack?” One of the students couldn’t believe it.

“Most likely. Otherwise, how could he have killed that Vengeful Ghost?”

“But isn’t this Cute Sparrow a physical attack type?”

“Not necessarily.”

“Brother Ye is simply my idol.”

The group of people all looked at Ye Fan with reverence. This was too awesome. This was a Battle Pet that had both physical and mental attacks. Ding Shengxin and Qin Feng also looked at Ye Fan in shock. They had never imagined that Ye Fan’s Battle Pet could actually perform mental attacks.

Just how powerful was this Battle Pet’s ability and talent? How had Ye Fan nurtured it? The two of them couldn’t understand.

In the arena, Ye Fan’s gaze moved away from the system interface. From these three battles, he had obtained 150 evolution points, just enough to replenish the energy he needed to cast Singing. He once again looked at the metal door.

At this moment, the fourth challenger slowly walked out.

It was a monster that wore black armor and held a sharp sword in his hand. His entire body was covered in black. His arm was also covered in black cage armor. It was an Armored Demon. This was a high-level Rank-3 monster.

When the figure of the armored monster was completely revealed, the entire venue immediately erupted into exclamations.

“High level Rank 3?!”

“Not good, it’s getting stronger and stronger.”

“What should we do now? Even Ye Fan can’t defeat a monster of this level.”

“Shut up. Don’t say such depressing things.”

The joy of killing the Vengeful Ghost was instantly extinguished. The high fighting spirit instantly disappeared, and the depressed atmosphere spread again.

Ding Shengxin frowned. “Ye Fan’s Hellfire might have a chance of winning here.”

Hellfire was also a pet of the third rank.

Its strength was slightly weaker than the armored monster, but if it worked with the Cute Sparrow, it might be able to defeat it. But now, Ding Shengxin could not help but sigh.

No wonder no one had ever cleared the arena. The current situation was obvious. Not to mention the first two monsters, the Vengeful Ghost and the armored monster were already stronger than their pets.

How powerful could a twenty-year-old person’s contracted pet be? How many could reach the third rank? To be able to reach the second rank within two years was already considered extremely talented. A Rank-3 Beast Tamer like Ye Fan was simply unseen.

But even if it was him, in front of the armored monster, his chances of winning could be said to be very small. This didn’t mean that Ye Fan’s strength was insufficient, but that his opponent was simply too powerful.

“Old Qin, I’m afraid we can’t get out of this place.”

Ding Shengxin could not be bothered to comfort the students. He looked at Qin Feng with a helpless smile.

As for Qin Feng, he had a pained expression on his face.

“It’s fate.”

“Speaking of which, it’s a good thing that we can enter the ruins. Many people haven’t entered before.” Ding Shengxin couldn’t help but laugh out loud. That made sense.

No one would have thought that they would encounter a rat tide here and even end up in the Lost Arena for no reason.

“A genius like Ye Fan doesn’t deserve this. Originally, I planned to properly nurture him. He would soon stand out in the school tournament. In the end…”

Ding Shengxin sighed. Qin Feng did not say anything.

Hearing this, Chen Xin clenched her fists and looked at Ye Fan with concern.

Ye Fan was still as calm as ever. It seemed that the current situation wasn’t the worst for him. If it was before, Ye Fan might really have no chance of winning against a high-level Rank-3 opponent. But now, it was another matter.

He still had a trump card called “Forced Evolution”.

In the previous battles, the Cute Sparrow’s growth had reached 27%. Just the Vengeful Ghost alone led to 16% growth.

Ye Fan immediately opened the system interface and spent 217 evolution points to raise the Cute Sparrow’s growth to 100%.

Without any hesitation, he spent 350 evolution points to forcefully advance it.

Instantly, the information on the Cute Sparrow changed.

Name: Cute Sparrow

Nature: Wind

Grade: Rank 3, High Level

Growth: 0%

Talents: Wings, Gale, Claw Power

Skills: Intermediate Wind Blade, Wind Phantom, Singing, Wind Shield

Evolution Path: The next step requires: 100% growth, 1 drop of Abyssal Blood, 20 low-grade Dark Crystals.

That was the high level of Rank 3!

In an instant, the Cute Sparrow’s aura changed drastically. Its aura became stronger and stronger. In the blink of an eye, it was on par with the armored demon. This scene stunned everyone. When they saw this scene, their faces were filled with disbelief.

It evolved so quickly?

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