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Too Unbelievable

This voice sounded from all directions almost at the same time, as if the person who spoke was walking beside them.

“Here, you can choose your own fate. To obtain more power, or just to live.”

“Warriors, please do your best. Let us witness this moment of wonder.” Just as he finished speaking, the metal door in front of the arena slowly opened.

A three-meter-tall, ferocious-looking demon slowly walked up from inside. This monster’s body was extremely strange. Its arms were thick, and there was an additional arm on its body.

A monster with three arms.

Intermediate Rank-2 monster.

Ye Fan immediately recognized it. At the same time, an exclamation came from the spectator stands. The students were all dumbfounded.

If he had to challenge an intermediate Rank-2 monster right from the start, then how powerful would the next monster be? With this in mind, a thin layer of sweat appeared on the foreheads of the students who had planned to go on stage.

Fortunately, they hadn’t entered the arena. Aside from a freak like Ye Fan, no one could pass such a difficult challenge. While the students were still in shock, a huge battle had already begun in the arena.

Ao! The three-armed monster let out a furious roar before ruthlessly attacking Ye Fan.

At this moment, the Cute Sparrow had already stood in front of him. Facing the aggressive monster, the Cute Sparrow was not afraid at all. Instead, it directly used its skill, Wind Blade, to block it.

“Ah!” A student screamed.

The three-armed demon was famous for its strength.

On the other hand, the Cute Sparrow was thin and didn’t seem to be good at strength. If it collided with the three-armed giant head-on, the Cute Sparrow would be in a terrible state. The safer way was to attack from the side.

The three-armed monster was huge and slow. If this continued, it would definitely lose its strength. Many people had such thoughts.

Under everyone’s worried gazes, the three-armed monster got closer and closer to the Cute Sparrow. The Cute Sparrow used the intermediate Wind Blade skill. The Cute Sparrow’s claws instantly became incomparably sharp. Then, it began to attack the side of the three-armed monster.

Although the three-armed monster was strong, its movements were very slow. Before the three-armed monster could react, the sharp claws had already pierced into its chest.

The three-armed monster roared again. It was infuriated. Just as the three-armed monster raised its hand to attack the Cute Sparrow again…


Then, the three-armed demon fell to the ground with a bang. After squirming on the ground, it stopped breathing.

One move! Dead silence filled the arena. Everyone looked at the Cute Sparrow and Ye Fan, dumbfounded.

Although they had already expected that the three-armed monster wouldn’t be Ye Fan’s match, they hadn’t expected it to end up like this. The Cute Sparrow was even stronger than the three-armed monster. If they hadn’t seen it, they would never have believed it.


“This is the first time I’ve seen a pet stronger than the three-armed monster.”

“Even so, the Cute Sparrow’s strength should be inferior to the three-armed beast’s.”

“Is Brother Ye’s pet a strength-type pet?”

“It should be.” Surprised voices rang out and could be heard at the arena’s center, but Ye Fan didn’t pay any attention to these discussions.

As soon as the three-armed monster died, the mission notification popped up.

“You have passed the first round of the Lost Arena. Reward: 50 evolution points.”

On the other side, that dignified voice sounded again.

“The first challenge is over. The challenge will continue.” With that, the metal door opened again.

This time, it was a monster covered in blood. This monster had no skin, only flesh and blood exposed to the air. It had a pair of sharp teeth and looked very terrifying. It was a Blood Ape, a peak Rank-2 monster.

“Eh, this is only Rank 2?”

“This is only the second challenge.”

“Brother Ye will be fine.”

“I hope so.” As they spoke, the two sides were already locked in battle.

Unlike the three-armed monster, the Blood Ape was an extremely fast monster. Its figure flickered like an illusion. For an enemy of the same level, it would definitely be troublesome to deal with this Blood Ape. However, even though the Cute Sparrow’s level was the same as the Blood Ape, its combat strength was already comparable to the third rank. In this war, the Cute Sparrow had always maintained an absolute advantage. If this continued, the final winner would definitely be the Cute Sparrow.

Ye Fan didn’t want to delay any longer and directly attacked.

A light blue Soul Chain formed in midair like a spiritual python and instantly wrapped around the Blood Ape’s body. Suddenly, the Blood Ape was frozen. In this moment of hesitation, the Cute Sparrow’s sharp claws suddenly attacked. After a series of attacks, the Blood Ape collapsed like the three-armed monster and became a corpse.

“Soul Chain!” Two surprised voices sounded from the stands. Ding Shengxin and Qin Feng were both shocked.

They had never expected that besides Soul Protection, Ye Fan still had another soul art. From the looks of it, it was quite powerful. The two of them looked at each other, their eyes filled with shock.

Could it be that Ye Fan could easily master Soul Power? This was too unbelievable.

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