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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution
Chapter 201 - 201 You Chose Me

201 You Chose Me

Saying so, she looked at Ye Fan again, a smile appearing on her face.

“Fortunately, you appeared. When you challenged the first level, I felt that you should be the person I was waiting for. It seems that my intuition is very accurate.”

Ye Fan’s brows raised: “You chose me?”

He had seen the true strength of Bai Lu. Even with just the projection of a clone, she could instantly kill a Rank-8. It was enough to see how powerful her main body was. It should not be lower than Rank-9.

However, that was why it was difficult for him. If the other party was only at Rank-7, he could still contract her. However, he had no choice when it came to Rank-9. The contract had already exceeded the range. Besides, the position of the pet had already been given to the Seven Luminaries Beast.

As if it could tell what Ye Fan was thinking, Bai Lu smiled.

“I can be your pet, but your current rank isn’t high enough. But it doesn’t matter. I have other ways. Give me your hand!”

Bai Lu’s battle strength could easily do anything to him. There was no need for it to use any methods, so Ye Fan did not suspect anything.

Bai Lu also stretched out its hand and placed it on the back of Ye Fan’s hand. Ye Fan suddenly felt a scorching heat, but it quickly disappeared.

When she retracted her hand, Ye Fan realized that there was a golden pattern on the back of his hand, which was the pattern of an antler.

“I can hide inside the Summoning Rune and leave the Seven Luminaries Tower with you.”

Ye Fan looked at the pattern carefully. “Is this thing the same as a pet space?”

Bai Lu nodded. “You can summon me at any time!”

“I usually stay inside. If you need me, you can summon me at any time.”

Hearing this, Ye Fan’s eyes lit up, but Bai Lu continued. “Don’t be happy too early, there is a price to pay for my help.”

Ye Fan was stunned. “What?”

“This rune will consume your Soul Power. Even if you have more Soul Power than Beast Tamers of the same level, you won’t be able to last long outside.”

Only then did Ye Fan heave a sigh of relief. It was fine if he only needed to consume Soul Power, Dragon Transformation also consumed Soul Power, it was the same.

Moreover, Bai Lu’s combat power was astonishing. Even if it was only a minute, it could turn the situation around and end the battle.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan suddenly became curious: “What level are you at?”

Bai Lu said, “Rank-9, peak.”

Although he knew that she was very strong, Ye Fan was still secretly shocked when he heard that she was at the peak of Rank-9.

This was because there were only a handful of Rank-9s in Chaohai City. In the entire alliance, Rank-9s were definitely the top existences. Moreover, Bai Lu’s combat strength was probably not only Rank-9. Previously, her clone could kill so many Rank-8s.

Now that it was the main body, her battle strength was definitely far from this, and might even be close to the king level. Thinking of this, Ye Fan felt excited.

If this incomparably powerful White Deer could become his pet, it would definitely increase his strength greatly.

His expression was captured by Bai Lu, and it also guessed Ye Fan’s thoughts.

“Do you want to contract me? You have to work harder!”

“Mm.” Ye Fan smiled.

He knew very well that Bai Lu also wanted to contract with him. When the time came, it could come out at will and move freely. Looking at its happy expression, it was probably bored in the tower and wanted to see the things outside.

“It’s about time to leave!” After saying that, Bai Lu slowly disappeared.

Ye Fan suddenly felt an inexplicable movement in his body. It was probably the runes on his hand. The color of the runes slowly became lighter before disappearing.

Then, he looked around.

“Where are we going again…”

Just as he thought this, he felt the scene in front of him flash. When he could see again, he was back in his villa. Seeing that he was in his own house, Ye Fan felt at ease.

“I’m out.”

He raised his head and looked at the clock on the wall. Less than two hours had passed. He summoned the system and sized up the pets that had not evolved.

After the battle in the Seven Luminaries Tower, the growth of the fox and the Duke was already full. The necessary materials had been prepared and they could evolve now.

The first to evolve was the fox. As Ye Fan thought of this, the data panel suddenly updated.

Name: Fox Priest

Attribute: Illusion

Rank: Rank-7, High Level

Everything else was the same as before, but it had increased by a major realm. He nodded in satisfaction and looked at the additional talent and skills.

Unlocked talents: Soul. Can master inheritance, condense it with the divine power and spiritual power contained in the bloodline, and transform it into his own combat path. 500 evolution points.

Ye Fan chose to unlock it, his eyes curved. This was the first time he saw such an interesting talent.

“You can condense a weapon that belongs to you…”

He thought for a while and summoned the fox.

After evolving, the witch’s dress that the fox was originally wearing became more and more gorgeous. There were many exquisite patterns on it, making it look luxurious. Moreover, a gorgeous hat appeared on its head.

“Isn’t it beautiful? My new clothes!”

The fox circled in front of Ye Fan to show her new appearance. It was obvious that she was very satisfied with her appearance after evolution.

“Mm, beautiful. Which weapon do you want to choose?” Ye Fan went straight to the point.

“The topic changed too quickly. Master, can you not be so perfunctory?”

The fox was not satisfied, but it still answered Ye Fan’s question.

“Of course I choose the Spirit Mirror!”

“Why did you choose this?” Ye Fan asked.

“The Vajra Staff doesn’t look like it’s used by girls. I don’t like it. I’m not used to using charms either. The Purification Bow is slightly better than the previous two, but I don’t like it either.”

The Fox chose her weapon one by one. In the end, she only had the Spirit Mirror, so this was her reason. It was equivalent to saying that she had no choice.

Ye Fan did not know whether to laugh or cry, but this was a weapon that the fox would use in the future, so she had to be satisfied herself. Ye Fan also felt that it was quite good.

After choosing the weapon, a new skill appeared.

Brilliant Mirror: Can open a barrier within a ten-meter radius and isolate all attacks. Unlocked with 500 points.

Absolute Space: Mobilizes space and passes through a target within two meters, restricting the other party. Unlocked with 500 points.

This was out of Ye Fan’s expectations, because neither of the skills were offensive. One was targeted at defense, and the other was targeted at restriction.

Not to mention the former, the latter involved spatial skills. Ye Fan was a little surprised because time and space were above all elements. Skills related to these two were usually very powerful, he could imagine that the effect of this binding would not be bad.

“The Spirit Mirror seems to be good at control.”

He thought for a moment and felt that it was not bad, because he already had many pets with strong attack power and few support types. So far, there was only the Flower Sprite.

However, the Flower Sprite’s skills increased efficiency and weakened the other party. It did not have any defensive or control skills, so the fox could make up for it. Without hesitation, he unlocked these two skills.

“Next is the Duke!”

Ye Fan got the fox to study the new skill and turned his gaze to the Duke of Hellfire.

With a thought, the data panel was updated.

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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution Chapter 201 - 201 You Chose Me