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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution
Chapter 199 - 199 Where Did You Get It?

199 Where Did You Get It?

He curled his lips and recalled all his pets.

Bai Lu was stunned by his actions. “What are you doing? You’ve taken back all your pets. Are you going to use Soul Techniques to resist it?”

She was shocked. Although she knew that Ye Fan’s Soul Technique was very good, no matter how powerful he was, he could not face this peak Rank-8 puppet alone.

Ye Fan did not reply, he stood there quietly.

Bai Lu frowned slightly, wanting to say something but hesitated. Just as it was about to speak, it felt a powerful pressure descend on the spot. The source of this pressure was Ye Fan.

The entire arena was engulfed by Ye Fan’s pressure. Bai Lu was also stunned. It quickly looked at Ye Fan.

Ye Fan was suddenly submerged by a light, turning into a ball of light that expanded at a speed visible to the naked eye, becoming more and more three-dimensional, before turning into the size of a hill.

In the blink of an eye, the light extinguished and turned into a huge dragon. Its body was robust, and it was covered in white-gold scales as it spread its wings. This was a high-level purebred dragon.

He directly turned into a dragon!!

Bai Lu was stunned as she looked at Ye Fan with a dumbfounded expression. Ordinary Beast Tamers might not be able to tell, but she was the guardian of the Seven Luminaries Tower and was knowledgeable. Even some clan leaders could not compare to her, so she could definitely recognize that this was Dragon Transformation.

After reacting, Bai Lu’s face was filled with surprise.

“Ye Fan, where did you get Dragon Transformation?”

“I’ve entered such a ruin before. It’s called the Dragon Bone.”

Ye Fan told her the truth without hiding anything. Although he had become a dragon king, his voice was still his original voice.

“Dragon Bone… is it the ruin built with the bones of the Firmament Dragon King after its death?!”

Bai Lu directly deduced the history of the ruins that Ye Fan mentioned, a trace of surprise flashing in its eyes.

“So you have a Dragon King pet. You obtained the inheritance from the Dragon Bone?”

When she said this, she couldn’t help but look at Ye Fan in surprise. If an ordinary Beast Tamer wanted to obtain the inheritance from the ruins, it would be much harder than climbing mountains of swords or going through seas of fire.

But not only did Ye Fan obtain this Dragon Bone inheritance, even the Seven Luminaries inheritances were about to fall into his hands. His luck was too good.

Even if she did not understand this Dragon Bone, no ruin from ancient times was weak. Bai Lu could imagine how precious this Dragon Bone inheritance was.

“This means that the third round is not a problem for him.” She sighed silently before looking at Ye Fan.

The Iron Hammer Puppet had mechanical attributes, so the dragon might did not affect it much, but it could also feel the threat of this creature in front of it, so it rushed towards Ye Fan.

Ye Fan did not dodge at all, he directly attacked with his claws. At the same time, lightning and wind wrapped around his claws, fighting against the other party.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang. The air wave was mixed with countless energy that spread out.

After Dragon Transformation, the strength of the Dragon King depended on Ye Fan’s rank. Ye Fan was now Rank-7, but after transforming, he was at the peak of Rank-8.

With the enhancement of the dragon-type creature’s ability, in terms of combat strength, he was even stronger than the Iron Hammer Puppet.

In the battle of power, Ye Fan only shook slightly, but the Iron Hammer Puppet was forced back a few steps by the powerful energy wave.

Bai Lu watched the battle from the side, and her blood was boiling. She had guarded the Seven Luminaries Tower for a long time and had seen many challengers with ordinary aptitudes, but she had never seen anyone as mysterious as Ye Fan.

Even without this transformation, Ye Fan’s original strength was already shocking. Every pet he contracted was especially outstanding and had powerful energy.

She had long seen Ye Fan’s Soul Technique. A young Beast Tamer could possess such a powerful Soul Technique and now had the ability to transform into a Dragon King. In terms of strength, he was getting stronger and stronger. Therefore, the peak Rank-8 Iron Hammer Puppet was not Ye Fan’s match.

“Dragon Transformation seems to consume the caster’s soul power. How long can he last?” Bai Lu was a little curious.

If a normal Beast Tamer transformed into a Dragon King, even a Rank 7 to 8 Beast Tamer would only be able to last for about a minute.

However, Ye Fan was completely different from ordinary Beast Tamers. His own strength was so mysterious that even Bai Lu could not see through him. Therefore, she did not treat Ye Fan as an ordinary Beast Tamer.

“He can probably last for a few minutes!!” Bai Lu thought to herself.

Soon, three minutes passed, but Ye Fan was not affected at all. He was still fighting the Iron Hammer Puppet and showed no signs of decay. Instead, the puppet had many wounds.

Although the mechanical creatures would not feel any pain, it could be seen that the puppet was already on the verge of failure. Even so, it was still trying its best to defend. It should be completely defeated before long.

“The amount of Soul Power is too much. Three minutes have passed. Even Rank-9 Beast Tamers don’t have such abundant Soul Power!” Bai Lu was shocked.

Time passed slowly. The expression on her face was colorful. At first, she was shocked, and then she slowly exclaimed. Now, she found it hard to believe.

“Another three minutes passed, how much soul power does Ye Fan have?”

She did not know how to describe the shock in her heart, because the Soul Power Ye Fan displayed had completely exceeded her imagination.

In her memory, even a Beast Tamer at the king level didn’t have such Soul Power.

“Is this guy still human? How does he usually cultivate?” Bai Lu was already very puzzled.

Ye Fan, who was fighting with all his might, did not know what Bai Lu was thinking. His attention was all on the other party.

This was because after transforming, it would consume 100 Soul Power per second. However, now that he had advanced to Rank-7 and had consumed the Soul Fruit twice, his Soul Power had far exceeded the others and reached a total of 40,000.

Even if Dragon Transformation was a skill that consumed a lot of Soul Power, it could last for about six minutes. Now, it was already about five minutes. There was not much time left.

However, Ye Fan was not in a hurry, because pure dragon pets were already powerful and invincible among their peers, especially dragons with pure royal bloodlines like him.

With Dragon King’s powerful combat strength, Ye Fan had been suppressing his enemy from beginning to end. Now, the other party could no longer hold on.

“Even so, it’s not easy to completely defeat this monster in the remaining short time.”

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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution Chapter 199 - 199 Where Did You Get It?