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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution
Chapter 198 - 198 Not Summoning

198 Not Summoning

As time passed, the number of soldiers did not decrease. Instead, they increased.

“If I’m only at Rank-6 now, I’m afraid it’ll be difficult for me to pass this stage.”

Ye Fan thought to himself. If he was at Rank-6, it would not be easy for him to win this round.

It was obvious that if he wanted to win this round, he had to capture the leader first. He had to kill this cloaked puppet first. He was the key to the five doors.

As long as he died, these five doors would close and these soldiers would disappear. Ye Fan planned to do this.

However, when he saw that there were more and more Death Soldiers, he suddenly had a new idea. He opened the system interface. Generally speaking, killing these summoned creatures could not increase one’s growth. These summoned things were a portion of the summoner’s power. If he wanted to obtain EXP, he had to kill the main body.

However, when he saw the experience bar, he was surprised to discover that even if he killed these Death Soldiers, he could still increase his growth. Although the experience was less than killing monsters of the same level, the difference was not too great.

“Could it be that these Death Soldiers are not summoned?” Ye Fan suddenly had this thought.

“If these summoned creatures are normal, then these numbers are too unreal. Even Rank 9s can’t summon countless Rank-6 creatures.”

From the beginning until now, the number of soldiers who had come out of the door was close to 500. Moreover, with the current trend, it was probably not even the upper limit.

This number was not reasonable. Thinking of this, Ye Fan immediately had other plans.

Before entering the Seven Luminaries Tower, he was especially worried about where to farm monsters and level up faster. This was giving him water when he was really thirsty!

Wasn’t it a good opportunity to kill monsters now? It was not easy to find places with many Rank-6 creatures. With this in mind, Ye Fan immediately summoned his pets and only let the fox and the Duke fight.

It was better to let the three pets that had yet to evolve to Rank-7 share the EXP.

As for Rose… Ye Fan glanced at the petite Flower Sprite sitting on his shoulder and gave up.

The Flower Sprite’s skills did not have much effect on these Death Soldiers. He could only think of a way to use evolution points to increase her growth after the mission here was completed.

While Ye Fan was thinking, Fox and the Duke were already killing in all directions. The two of them did not hold back at all. They fought with all their might against these Death Soldiers.

Spiritual energy surged at the scene. There were flames everywhere, and the area within a hundred meters was already filled with potholes.

Ye Fan saw that the progress bar on the interface was slowly increasing, and a smile appeared on his face.

As time passed, the Death Soldiers continued to fall. Soon, new Death Soldiers joined the battle. Bai Lu was confused and did not know what Ye Fan wanted to do.

“With your experience, you should be able to tell very quickly what to do to clear this stage, but you’re not doing it. What exactly do you want?”

Ye Fan laughed. “I want to see how many soldiers this puppet’s summoning technique can summon.”

“Do whatever you want, but I have to remind you that the puppet summons far more Death Soldiers than you think.”

“You only sent two pets. I’m afraid you won’t be able to kill them all even if they die of exhaustion.”

Ye Fan had a calm expression as he smiled: “Thank you for your reminder.”

Although the fox and the duke were only one level higher than the Death Soldiers, their combat strength was overwhelming. Moreover, both sides were of the same level, and the experience points after killing them were what Ye Fan needed.

Although the Death Soldiers were special and gave less EXP, it was better to accumulate more.

After about 20 minutes, the Duke’s growth had already reached 100%, and the Fox’s growth was only 3% short. At this moment, the number of Death Soldiers gradually decreased.

Seeing this, Bai Lu sighed in its heart. Although it knew that Ye Fan was powerful, his current performance had completely exceeded its expectations.

“These five gates can summon at least a thousand Death Soldiers. He only sent two pets and killed most of them. This Ye Fan’s talent is really extraordinary.”

Bai Lu’s eyes lit up as it stared at Ye Fan, as if it was looking at a treasure.

“This round should be fine.”

As soon as she finished speaking, a certain door on the stage suddenly trembled violently. In an instant, it shrank to the size of a light particle and disappeared. Immediately after, the second door of light, the third door, and the rest all disappeared.

There were less than 50 Death Soldiers on the field, and the growth of the fox had already reached 100%.

“So far, only Rose is left.”

Ye Fan sighed. Now that he had achieved his goal, he wanted to end the battle quickly. He immediately ordered the other pets to join the battle, instantly tearing all the enemies apart.

After all the summoned soldiers were killed, the Summoner was cut in half by Anissa.

“How impressive! You actually cleared the level in such a direct manner.”

Bai Lu looked at Ye Fan with a smile, very satisfied with his performance.

“There’s only one last stage left. After passing it, you can obtain the inheritance of the Seven Luminaries Tower.”

The iron railing on the platform was opened again. This time, the figure that appeared was incomparably huge. The heavy sound of metal on the ground could be heard. Ye Fan narrowed his eyes as he looked at the monster walking over.

This was an extremely huge humanoid monster that was about four or five stories tall. Its entire body was covered in screws, and the heavy metal atmosphere infected the surroundings, forming a sense of oppression that made one’s heart feel stuffy.

“The Iron Hammer Puppet is at the peak of Rank 8. You have to be careful.”

Bai Lu’s warning sounded, Ye Fan smiled. The difficulty of each round had increased greatly!

Although he had killed nearly a thousand Rank-6 creatures in the second round, those were all summoned one after another. Moreover, he had a way to take a shortcut.

He thought about it. Normally, a Rank-7 Beast Tamer would have an 80% chance of passing it. However, what was going on in the third round? Wasn’t it too exaggerated to directly jump to the peak of Rank 8? Even an ordinary Rank 8 Beast Tamer might lose.

“Didn’t you say that I can challenge those once I reach Rank-6? From the looks of it, if you don’t have Rank 8 combat strength, you will definitely fail.” Ye Fan said loudly.

“White Deer, did you do something to increase the difficulty of clearing the level?”

Bai Lu smiled. “The higher the difficulty, the more generous the rewards.”

It was clear that Ye Fan’s guess was right.

Ye Fan was not happy, but he had nothing to say. After all, it was not like he could not pass. Looking at Bai Lu, he turned back to look at this Iron Hammer Puppet. Ye Fan suddenly had a new idea.

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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution Chapter 198 - 198 Not Summoning