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117 Young

His appearance of not even 20 years old caused many people to whisper.

“What’s this kid thinking? How dare he come here alone?”

“This place is more than 100 kilometers away from the city. How did he come here alone?”

“I saw him with the Thunder Hunters just now. Xiao Lan is with them, right?”

“I knew it. He must have come with someone else. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to get here.”

“I have to say that children nowadays are getting bolder and bolder. They dare to come to such a dangerous ancient tomb alone with such little strength.”

Ye Fan acted as if he hadn’t heard anything and calmly stepped into the cave.

As he entered the cave, it became darker and darker. There were only a few fluorescent stones emitting a faint light along the entire passage. It looked dark and cold.

Ye Fan summoned the Inferno Fire, and the flames illuminated the passage.

Only then did Ye Fan see that this passageway was actually quite spacious.

He directly cast a Guardian Soul on himself and summoned the Golden Sparrow.

After so many days of training, the growth of pets had already increased to a certain extent.

The Inferno Fire had already reached 61%.

The Cursed Fox had reached 40%.

The Golden Sparrow’s growth was the fastest. It had already reached 88%.

It was only one-fifth away from full growth.

If everything went smoothly, the Golden Sparrow’s growth would be full after the trip.

As for the vampire, because its level was very high, its progress was very slow. So far, it only had 15% progress.

The Golden Sparrow’s growth was the highest. He would let the Golden Sparrow kill monsters first to increase its growth.

Ye Fan thought to himself.

He took out the map and checked it. Shen Miao was very meticulous and highlighted the places on the map that might produce Ten-thousand-year-old Bones.

There was also a detailed explanation at the end.

Ye Fan roughly calculated that it happened to be at the center of the area between the outer core and the entrance of the cave.

After calculating that the distance was not far, he walked deeper.

Not long after, some distant noise sounded from the cave.

The noise was not loud, but it sounded especially strange in the dark cave.

Then, five or six zombies with thick yellow bandages stiffly walked out of the darkness.

Ye Fan carefully looked at these zombies. They were actually high-level Rank-3 Magical Beasts. No wonder people outside said that this ancient tomb was extremely dangerous.

As expected, the rumors were true.

After smelling the aura of a living person, the zombies discovered Ye Fan’s location and dragged their stiff bodies over.

However, to everyone’s surprise, their seemingly stiff movements were very fast.

They quickly ran in front of Ye Fan. Ye Fan didn’t say anything, and the Golden Sparrow directly stood in front of Ye Fan.

The zombies mainly fought with physical attacks. In addition, they were undying creatures and had very strong vitality.

Therefore, they were relatively troublesome existences among Rank-3 Magical Beasts, but it was not a big problem for the Golden Sparrow.

Be it defense, vitality, or even strength, the Golden Sparrow was invincible among those of the same level.

Moreover, the zombies were one level lower than it.

Soon, these zombies were completely eliminated by the Golden Sparrow.

Ye Fan expressionlessly walked past their corpses. He couldn’t obtain any benefits from these zombies. They were a group of corpses that had no effect on him.

The deeper Ye Fan went, the more Magical Beasts appeared. The types gradually changed from White Bone Zombies to Purple Bone Zombies.

The Purple Bone Zombie were the evolved White Bone Zombies. They were peak Rank-3 magical beasts.

The Bronze Zombie was the evolved form of the Purple Bone Zombie, an intermediate Rank-4 magical beast.

As they walked deeper, the zombies’ levels increased, causing the Golden Sparrow to slow down.

But Ye Fan wasn’t worried at all. Instead, he became even more excited. In just a short while, the Golden Sparrow’s growth had increased by 10%. It was already 98%. So close.

Seeing this growth, Ye Fan was very happy. Ye Fan commanded the Golden Sparrow to kill the last Bronze Zombie not far away.

He opened the map and looked at it. He continued walking. Further ahead was where his target was.

Ye Fan raised his guard and carefully walked forward.

He saw a spacious stone room.

The stone room was empty. A few Firefly Stones were scattered against the stone wall. What entered his eyes was a huge bone without any flesh lying on the wall in the corner.

With the light emitted by the Inferno Fire, he could see that the bone was gray from top to bottom.

However, there was a very smooth and glittering bone in its heart.

When there was no light in the room, it was very eye-catching.

Could this be the Ten Thousand Year Bone?

Ye Fan was puzzled.

He walked over with the Golden Sparrow. Suddenly, the huge bone cut off, and the dust on its body immediately fell.


A noise that made one’s teeth ache suddenly sounded.

The huge bone actually sat up on the bed. A purple light instantly ignited in its empty eye sockets.

His violet and alluring pupils were tightly staring at Ye Fan. The aura of death filled the entire stone room.

This was an Undead Zombie!

A Boss of the Undead Zombies, Intermediate Rank 5!

Ye Fan looked at the Golden Sparrow in front of him, but he told it to retreat. With the Golden Sparrow’s current strength, it should be able to defeat this Boss, but it wouldn’t be easy.

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