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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution
Chapter 114 - 114 True, It’s True

114 True, It’s True

He Mianmian glanced at the refined man in the front seat with golden glasses.

The man looked very refined, and his voice was kind and gentle.

“No matter what, the reputation of the champion can’t be faked. The West Eagle Academy won’t joke about their reputation. That young man must be very strong.”

He Mianmian and Ma Lu nodded in agreement.

Suddenly, Ma Lu thought of something and asked, “If that’s the case, we can interact more with Ye Fan. If such a monster enters our society, it will bring us a lot of benefits.”

When Wen Qu heard this, he nodded and seemed to be thinking. “We can rope him in, but there must be many organizations that have already roped in a genius like him. He might not like our Thunder Hunter Team.”

“Okay.” He Mianmian and Ma Lu nodded in agreement.

At this moment, the atmosphere in the car Ye Fan was in was solemn. No one said anything.

It was as if they were reminiscing about something.

As for Cheng Shenglei, who had previously berated Lin Zixuan, he sat in the driver’s seat with a subtle expression. From time to time, he would glance at Ye Fan through the rear-view mirror.

He never expected that the person brought by Shen Miao was actually the extremely monstrous genius.

That was the genius who had won the first place in the academy as a first-year student!

Seeing Ye Fan’s young face, he couldn’t help but wonder.

Was such a young person really that Rank-4 Beast Tamer?

The person who could instantly kill a Rank-5 Beast Tamer?

It was simply unbelievable.

Everyone’s thoughts raced. The atmosphere in the car was more solemn.

Lin Zixuan smiled and said, “We’ll be arriving in a few minutes. We might encounter magical beasts then.”

“The further away from the center of the city, the more magical beasts there are, and the more dangerous it is.”

“The current distance is 50 kilometers from the city. We’ll soon enter a zone called Banmag.”

“There are thousands of magical beasts in this area. Their levels are not high. They are generally only Rank 2 to 3.”

“But there are too many of them. Everyone who passes this route has a headache.”

As he explained, the convoy gradually drove to this area called Banmag.

From a few hundred meters away, Ye Fan could see densely packed shadows in the distance.

When they got closer, he saw that they were Iron Beetles in heavy armor.

Their figures were like mantises, but their heads were like enlarged ants’, looking ferocious and terrifying.

Iron Beetle, an intermediate Rank-2 magical beast.

The car gradually entered Banmag.

The cars’ engines caught the attention of these magical beasts.

They bared their fangs and brandished their claws in the direction of the car, attacking with great tacit understanding.

The Beast Tamers sitting at the outermost area skillfully summoned their pets. Soon, beams of light flashed.

More than ten pets jumped out enthusiastically.

The lowest level of these pets was at the third rank. In a moment, the Iron Beetles that approached were instantly killed.

These magical beasts kept wandering around the convoy.

The magical beasts attracted by the sound of the cars were eliminated one after another.

Cheng Shenglei, who was driving, felt an itch in his heart when he saw this situation. He wanted to show off his skills.

He could not help but say to Lin Zixuan, “Why don’t you drive? I’ll deal with these magical beasts.”

“Just drive. Let Xiao Li and the others deal with magical beasts of this level. Let them practice.”

“That’s hard to say. What if we encounter a large-scale beast tide later…”

“Let me do it. If I do it, we can drive faster.”

When Lin Zixuan heard his words, he looked a little displeased. “Stop jinxing things…”

Suddenly, before he could finish speaking, his voice was suddenly stuck.

His eyes widened as he looked into the distance.

Not far ahead, the entire road was blocked. A large wave of magical beasts was less than a few hundred meters away.

Seeing his terrified expression, Ye Fan followed his gaze.

At some point, a large black tide had appeared in front of them. Half of them were not Iron Beetles.

They attacked in their direction.

“You jinx, don’t you know how to speak?” The other hunters beside him couldn’t help but curse.

Clearly, they had heard what Cheng Shenglei had just said.

He scratched his head uncomfortably. He hadn’t expected this either.

Just like that, the beast tide really came.

“What are you panicking for?”

Wen Qu’s calm and gentle voice came from ahead.

“It’s just some larger beasts. Everyone, prepare to fight!”


As soon as he said this, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

“Sigh, so it’s just some beasts. I was scared to death. I thought we had encountered a beast tide!”

“I knew it. Our luck isn’t that bad. How can we meet a beast tide just like that?”

“Hahahahaha, I saw your face turn pale just now.”

“My skin was born to be fair. It’s not my fault!”

Noises followed.

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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution Chapter 114 - 114 True, It’s True