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108 Champion

In order to let the participants’ pets rest enough, the finals would be held on the second day.

Ye Fan didn’t say much to the Rose Society before leaving the center of the field.

On the way home, he took the time to buy a large number of Fire Crystals from the nearby pet store.

After returning home, he summoned the Fire Seedling and carefully checked the status of the Inferno Fire.


A countdown appeared on his interface. This was the time needed to completely recover!

Ye Fan roughly calculated in his heart. Ever since the Inferno Fire self-destructed, it needed about seven hours to revive.

The cooldown time was much shorter than before.

Ye Fan thought about it. There were two main reasons for the change of cooldown. One was its level.

The higher the rank, the longer the resurrection. The other was the Beast Tamer’s soul power. The more soul power there was, the shorter the resurrection time. As for Ye Fan, after eating the fruit soul, his soul power was already five times that of before.

This was also the reason why the recovery time of the Inferno Fire was greatly reduced.

After coming back to his senses, he stuffed Fire Crystals into the Fire Seedling’s mouth one after another. As he fed it, he paid attention to the changes in time.

Every time the Fire Seedling ate a Fire Crystal, the recovery time on the interface decreased by an hour.

When he fed the tenth crystal, the Fire Seedling quickly expanded into the Inferno Fire. After it took shape, the Inferno Fire danced excitedly in the living room.

Ye Fan sighed in relief. It had finally been revived. Thinking about it this way, tomorrow’s competition wouldn’t be a problem.

However, he felt a little pained. 10 Fire Crystals were worth more than 40,000 credit points.

He had practically spent all the profits he had obtained from hunting outside the city. Although it didn’t need any evolution points, he couldn’t use credit points like this. Ye Fan felt his heart ache as he thought about this.

On the second day, the center of the field was filled with people.

It was even more lively than yesterday. After hearing about yesterday’s competition, many people ran over to see Ye Fan’s performance.

When Ye Fan stepped onto the arena, the cheers from all directions were deafening. The enthusiastic atmosphere lingered over the entire field.

Seeing this, Duan Qing wore a bitter expression. He was under a lot of pressure facing such an opponent. The competition would begin soon.

Duan Qing summoned his pet beasts and nervously looked at Ye Fan.

When he saw Ye Fan summon three pet beasts, including the Inferno Fire from yesterday, his eyes couldn’t hide his disappointment.

Although yesterday’s self-destruction technique was incomparably powerful, this pet had already lost its ability to fight. It would probably be very difficult for Ye Fan to use it a second time. If that was the case, he was confident that he could defeat Ye Fan.

However, the moment the Inferno Fire appeared, his hope was completely destroyed. The following development was the same. His strength was comparable to Wang Feng’s.

At his peak, Ye Fan didn’t need self-destruction to gain the upper hand.

Not long after, the battle ended with Ye Fan’s victory. Cheers came from all directions.

Since the establishment of West Eagle Academy, the only first-year champion was born.

“Beep. Mission Secure Championship completed. Reward: 1,000 evolution points.”

The notification in his mind caused surprise to flash across Ye Fan’s eyes. He had finally completed this mission.

He had spent so much effort and time. Fortunately, the reward was very considerable.

The evolution points that were about to be used up were abundant again.

He was instantly confident. Next, he had to improve the Golden Sparrow.

He had to let the Golden Sparrow evolve as soon as possible, he did not want to rely on the self-destruction of the Inferno Fire to salvage the situation every time he fought with others.

The price was too high, and it was unfair to the Inferno Fire.

The Inter-academy Tournament had ended, but there were still many things to do in the future. To Ye Fan, the most important thing was the reward for becoming the champion.

Before he could receive his reward and everyone’s congratulations, he arrived at the podium. As the champion, Ye Fan naturally became the focus of the crowd.

“You’re the most outstanding student I’ve seen since I founded the school.” When Song Zhao handed the trophy to Ye Fan, he smiled, his tone filled with unconcealed praise.

“I hope you can become a pillar of the federation.”

“Definitely!” Ye Fan firmly nodded.

With the system in hand, he could definitely stand at the top of this world.

Song Zhao nodded in relief. “100,000 credit points will be transferred to your card. As for the other prizes, you have two options.”

“The first is for you to choose a suitable egg on your own. As long as the pet’s rank doesn’t exceed the fourth rank and its potential is between the fourth to the ninth rank, the academy can buy it for you as a prize for winning the championship.”

As soon as he said this, the instructors who were listening seriously beside him revealed strange expressions. A pet with the upper limit of Rank 9 was very precious!

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