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102 Undying?


The Six-Shelled Beast trembled uncontrollably and stood rooted to the ground.

Before it could recover, the cold feather swords shot out again. Blood splattered, and it was instantly shot into a sieve.

The people in the audience were stunned. In an instant, the feather swords shot out in all directions, and the Six-Shelled Beast died.

Such a battle made everyone feel like they could not catch their breath all. Their vision was blurry!

At this moment, the Human-Faced Ghost had unknowingly circled behind the Golden Sparrow. The Golden Sparrow did not dodge, and its cold sword accurately slashed at the Golden Sparrow’s back.

However, the result was the same as before. Other than a crisp sound, it did not cause any damage to the Golden Sparrow.

It was clearly the first time the Human-Faced Ghost had seen the situation. It was stunned.

Not far away, Wang Feng stood on the spot in disbelief. He could not believe that the high-level Rank-4 Six-Shelled Beast had been instantly killed.

Originally, he had thought that among Ye Fan’s three pet beasts, the weakest was the Cute Sparrow. He hadn’t expected its true strength to be so powerful!

For a moment, his heart sank. The Human-Faced Ghost was not comparable to the Rank-4 or 5 Golden Sparrow at all. It could not resist it in a short period of time. It was about to be shot to death by the Golden Sparrow’s feather swords.

Seeing this, Wang Feng finally reacted.

His expression changed. He gritted his teeth and made up his mind.

In an instant, the Human-Faced Ghost, which was originally unable to withstand the Golden Sparrow’s fierce attacks, suddenly roared angrily, and its entire body glowed with a dazzling red light.

A terrifying aura instantly spread out, and its speed suddenly increased.

The Golden Sparrow, which had always been in a daze, finally moved at this moment and suddenly dodged. However, the Human-Faced Ghost suddenly moved extremely quickly and hit its feathers with its scimitar.

The scimitar broke through the thick defense. The scimitar suddenly became abnormally sharp and easily broke through the Golden Sparrow’s defense, directly shattering its entire right arm.

Following that, another slash cut off its legs. The Golden Sparrow, who had lost its legs, fell to the ground. After slashing twice, the human-faced beast seemed to have its life force instantly drained.

Its flesh quickly withered and it instantly turned into a mummy. It lay on the ground, no longer breathing.

A sacrificial skill!

This was a bit interesting! Ye Fan sighed.

Clearly, this was similar to the Inferno Fire’s Self-Destruction skill. However, its power was much weaker. On the other side, Wang Feng heaved a sigh of relief. It was worth sacrificing the Human-faced Beast to make the Cute Sparrow lose its combat strength. Otherwise, if the battle continued, the Human-Faced Ghost would definitely follow in the footsteps of the Six-Shelled Beast.

It was unknown what breed the Cute Sparrow was, but its combat strength was simply terrifying.

Next, it was up to the Metal Armored Worm and the West Eagle Beast. He hoped that they could deal with the two pets.

Wang Feng thought to this point and saw a scene that he would never forget.

Not far away, the Golden Sparrow grabbed the severed legs that fell to the ground and pressed them on itself with a crack. Then, it stood up again.

Simple cracking sounds rose one after another. The broken right arm grew back.

After that, it directly returned to its uninjured state. Shocked, Wang Feng’s eyes were about to pop out.

What the hell was going on? The commotion in the surrounding audience instantly quietened down.

Everyone opened their mouths and looked at the scene in front of them in disbelief. After a while, everyone came back to their senses and burst into commotion.

“What’s going on?”

“Why can they be reconnected when they’re already cut off?”

“What skill is this?”

“This Cute Sparrow is simply immortal!”

“That’s right. Not only is its defense terrifying, but it can also reconnect its limbs. How can we defeat it?”

The discussions from all directions entered Wang Feng’s ears. He was about to cry.

That’s right. How could he fight? Even a Rank-5 pet was not so abnormal, okay?

This terrifying attack and defense, coupled with a talent that might be rebirth, was simply invincible! Even though he had experienced many battles and faced many powerful enemies, Wang Feng felt that he had never been more miserable.

At this moment, the Golden Sparrow, which had recovered to its peak state, had already walked towards the Metal Armored Worm and the West Eagle Beast.

The Cute Sparrow waved its hand, and stone Cute Sparrows appeared out of thin air, charging forward majestically.

Now that Wang Feng was already numb, he did not know what to say.

Golden Sparrow, Cursed Fox, Inferno Fire, and ten Peak Rank 3 Cute Sparrows.

Against such a powerful lineup, they probably would even be able to defeat two fifth-rank pets, let alone the Metal Armored Worm and the West Eagle Beast, who were only at the peak of the fourth rank.

In less than two minutes, they fell under the siege. As Wang Feng’s pets wailed, the battle ended. The outcome was obvious.

“I lost.”

Wang Feng sighed with a lonely expression.

There was nothing to say. Ye Fan had completely relied on his powerful strength to defeat him. When he looked up at Ye Fan again, he found that even if Ye Fan won and would be qualified for the next round, ye Fan didn’t have any excitement on his face. Clearly, his initial indifference as if victory was certain was within his expectations.

Could it be that he didn’t use his full strength? This thought suddenly appeared in Wang Feng’s mind.

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