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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution
Chapter 100 - 100 Encountering the Potential Champion

100 Encountering the Potential Champion

They had never imagined that Ye Fan would be able to defeat an elite fourth-year student like Xue Shan so easily. This simply shocked them too much.

They had originally been somewhat interested in Ye Fan. Now that he was so outstanding, they were even more delighted.

Xu Menghan and Su Wan’er also looked at Ye Fan with shock.

They did not expect this junior to really advance to the top 16.


The first first-year student to advance to the top 16. With this achievement alone, Ye Fan was incomparable in the West Eagle Academy!

He was the new dazzling star of West Eagle Academy.

At the start of the Inter-academy Tournament, they had never imagined that Ye Fan would be able to reach this stage. This simply made everyone sigh in admiration.

Forty minutes later, Shen Miao’s competition ended.

After the competition, she came to the Rose Society. The moment she saw Ye Fan, her smile bloomed.

“If we bump into each other in the next competition, you have to show mercy.” Xu Menghan and the others were stunned for a moment when they heard this. In the end, they also laughed.

There were not many people in the top 16. It was possible for Ye Fan to really fight her.

At that time, it would really be teammates hitting one another. They thought that she was joking, but they did not know that this senior’s words were sincere.

Others might not know, but Shen Miao had a feeling that Ye Fan’s true strength might be far greater than what he had shown.

Not to mention anything else, just based on the fact that Ye Fan had only used two pets, this didn’t match his Rank-4 Beast Tamer level at all.

Ye Fan’s extremely mysterious Cute Sparrow hadn’t been summoned.

If she really fought Ye Fan, she might not be able to win.

“I haven’t been here for a few months. I didn’t expect such a powerful new student to appear.”

In the waiting area, Zhou Cheng’s face flashed with emotion as he flipped through the list of the top 16.

“That’s right. Right now, everyone is discussing this new student called Ye Fan. He’s probably even more famous than you.”

The people around them could not help but tease.

Zhou Cheng smiled, and his other companion smiled.

“Because he’s a first-year student, he received more attention. However, no one thinks that he can win the championship.”

“That’s for sure. Only you know that? Who doesn’t?”

Everyone laughed and scolded each other. They stopped talking. The guy who spoke at first regained his seriousness.

“Although Ye Fan is very shocking, he’s not our focus. Wang Feng and Duan Qing are the opponents you need to pay attention to.”

In the fourth grade, Wang Feng and Duan Qing were the top three students of the same rank as Zhou Cheng. They were also the three people who were publicly recognized as the most likely to win the championship.

Wang Feng and Duan Qing had already advanced to Rank 4 half a year ago.

“After this period of training, they’ve probably grown a lot. Don’t let your guard down.”

At the mention of serious matters, Zhou Cheng’s expression became much more serious.

“I will definitely defeat them. Don’t worry,” he said very firmly.

For the fourth-year students, this year’s Inter-academy Tournament was the last. No matter what, he had to get first place and achieve his goal of becoming the top student of the academy.

No matter who blocked him, he would defeat them without hesitation.

The same conversation happened in the other two lounges, but the people involved were Wang Feng and Duan Qing.

These were the three most outstanding students in the fourth year. At the same time, they were also the three strongest students in the West Eagle Academy. They had all tried their best to become the academy’s top student.

The fourth round of the competition ended at ten in the afternoon. Not long after, the list of the top 16 matches was out.

Everyone in the Rose Society heaved a sigh of relief, as Ye Fan didn’t have to fight Shen Miao.

However, they then took a deep breath because Shen Miao was facing Zhou Cheng, the senior rumored to be the strongest in the academy.

As for Ye Fan, he wasn’t any luckier. His opponent was Wang Feng, one of the most popular candidates for the champion this year.

After the name list was released, the atmosphere in the Rose Society was especially depressed.

“I’m the one competing. Why are you all frowning?” Ye Fan looked at the frowning Chen Xin and Xiao Qiuya and couldn’t help but laugh and tease them.

Xiao Qiuya said unhappily, “Your opponent is Wang Feng. Aren’t you worried?”

“Worrying is useless.” Ye Fan shrugged as if he didn’t care at all.

He had even killed a Rank 6 Black Dragon. It was very difficult for a mere fourth-year student to upset him.

Xiao Qiuya asked Shen Miao, “Senior, how strong is Wang Feng?”

Shen Miao thought for a moment and slowly replied, “It’s hard to say. Ever since I advanced to the fourth grade, I’ve almost never seen him. I don’t know anything about him.”

“But no matter what, Wang Feng is definitely much stronger than Xue Shan. We can’t rule out the possibility that his pet is at the peak of the fourth rank.”

When Chen Xin and Xiao Qiuya heard this, they looked at each other with even more worry.

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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution Chapter 100 - 100 Encountering the Potential Champion