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Is this really a Game?!
Chapter 512 Killing The Second Demon, Reign Makes His Way Toward The Third

"Argh!" The demon grunted as he stared down at his chest, only to find a blood-soaked sword that had penetrated his heart. Lightning flickered around the sword as the demon turned his head around.

"Yo, Raigon." Reign said as he looked down at Raigon who had his eyes opened wide.


"I didn't plan on spoiling your heroic act, but honestly, even if you had done what you planned on doing, this bastard's soul would simply escape, so I'll take over if you don't mind of course."

"Hahahaha, no, I don't." Raigon said weakly as he smiled widely.

"Well, seems like that's it for you," Raigon said as he looked at the demon who growled nastily.

"You arrogant humans, just you wait, once I'm back, I'll destroy all of you, I'll sk-"

"Skin us, eat our flesh, blah, blah, blah, that's what the other demon said as well, but I hate to disappoint, your soul won't be escaping this place, not this time you bastard." Reign said before pulling his sword out and decapitating the demon.

He then quickly used his power to take the soul of the demon, and the soul of the king which was completely divided and untouched by the demon. The two quickly found themselves in cages inside Reign's consciousness.

Before they could fathom what had happened, the screams of the demoness that Reign had previously captured made them look over, only to see Aethion using some sort of small knife to cut the soul.

He was dividing the soul of the demoness and Lieara's remaining soul fragments, which took quite a lot of energy and patience as he needed to do it perfectly. If he was to cut off the piece a bit to the side, the demoness's soul fragment would be stuck to Lieara's, which could lead to the soul fragment getting corrupted.

"Hey, newcomers, just stay quiet over there, I'll get to you two after taking care of this one here," Aethion said in a leisure manner as he continued cutting away, not bothering to even look in the direction of the demon and the king.

"What, that, is that you, I'Ahlea?!" The demon asked in disbelief as he stared at the soul that was unable to move or talk. What Aethion was currently doing to her was so painful that no action was possible for her.

"Hey, what the hell do you think you are doing human?!"

"I will skin you alive, I will kill you and all those that-"

"Shut up you little bug, or I will make sure that you will feel such pain that you will never dare even raise your voice."

Aethion stared at the demon whose soul suddenly shook, the stare alone was enough to make the demon tremble in fear as he was able to sense the power of a higher being coming from Aethion.

"What the hell, where are we, how is someone like him here?"

"What do you mean, my lord?" The king asked the demon whose soul went silent, the demon no longer had the bravery to even speak.

"Just … be silent, do not speak, not anymore." The demon said as he stared at Aethion, "Not against this being."

The king simply nodded, well, the soul moved up and down as he tried to show that he understood before both of them stayed silent while the screams of the demoness reverberated through the area.

"When did you come back?" Raigon asked Reign as he took his hand in order to stand up.

"Just a while ago."

"And you came here first, I have to say, good timing."

"Well, no, I went to see Lieara first, well, to see what was left of her." Reign said with a sad smile as Raigon's eyes widened slightly.

"You, you weren't able to-"

"No, it was too late, I did salvage some fragments of her soul, perhaps in the future, there will be a chance for her."

"I see, and the body?"

"I put her next to that unconscious old man inside the tent, figured it was best to put her there before saving your ass." Reign said as Raigon smirked a bit before making his way over to the tent.

Reign helped him out and the two slowly made their way toward the tent as the soldiers all cheered.

The strongest fighter the enemy had was dead.

"Yo, will you be fine here, I'm gonna go and help out, clear out the enemy army and make my way over to the other battlefield as well."

"Yeah, go, I'll make sure that sir Eisenhorn and Lieara's bodies are safe."

"Also, that silver light, what the hell was that?"

"A glance was enough to make my heart skip a beat, I've never seen something like that."

"Ah, it's a bit of a long story, and is connected to sir Eisenhorn, I will tell you later."

"Sure." Reign nodded before disappearing from the spot.

He charged through the enemy army as his lightning shocked and killed tens every moment.

Even the allied forces were able to see and sense him.

Lico and the others were shocked, especially Lico who had once sparred against Reign. He was able to sense the incredible mana the young man possessed and knew that he would no longer be a match for him.

"Is that Reign?" The prince asked while Lico nodded before attacking the enemy in front of him.

All the higher-tiered combatants had fled the area and they were now on the run, scrambling to make their way back to their kingdoms in one piece. The soldiers were left there to die, to simply act as cannon fodder that would slow down the troops of Riplas and buy them enough time to run away.

Reign could catch up to them if he wished to, but he was more focused on reaching the second battlefield and helping out Lios. News of his appearance has not spread, and neither did the defeat of the king of Ios, which meant that Reign had a great opportunity to take down the other enemy king and take the soul of another demon.

The reason why he needed the soul?

It was simple, because of his challenge.

[ Challenge has been issued ]

[ Step 1 of the challenge, successfully capture the souls of 4 Tier III demons. ]

Reign had known from the moment he left the castle that there were at least 4 Tier III demons, but he didn't expect there to only be four.

That meant that if any of the demons were killed, his challenge would fail.

Had Raigon managed to blow himself up, the demon would have died and his soul would have returned god knows where.

Reign doubted that the soul would return to its home planet since the demoness was quite certain that she would be able to take revenge on Reign after dying, as did the demon that was possessing the king.

That meant that they probably had some way of keeping their souls here, whatever it was, it definitely had to do with the 'big brother' the demoness spoke of.

Whatever it was, Reign didn't really care. He would simply take their souls, which would make it impossible for them to come back.

Furthermore, Aethion would soon start getting information from the two demons he had captured, the first thing he was going to do was salvage what was left of Lieara's soul.

Reign was only present on the battlefield for about 2 minutes, which was the time it took him to run through the enemy army and deal massive damage to them.

His lightning had shocked thousands, and most had died from their injuries.

Reign's aura itself was powerful enough to make those that were near him faint, while the lightning was strong enough to stop the hearts of the soldiers after one shock.

He made his way over to Lios, hoping that he would get there on time.

The last thing he needed was for the enemy king to die or escape, which would further complicate things.

After running for about 10 minutes, Reign was able to pass a distance that would usually take an army half a day or more.

Upon reaching the battlefield and sensing the auras of two Tier III combatants, Reign didn't try to hide his aura like he did when he arrived to help out Raigon, but did the opposite.

His powerful aura swept through the battlefield and let everyone know that a powerhouse was approaching.

Both Lios and the king stopped their battle and stared into the distance, confused as to who was coming.

They both noticed that it was a Tier III combatant, but neither of them was familiar with the aura. It was only after a couple of seconds had passed that Lios's eyes widened as he realized who it was.

He proceeded to quickly attack the king, making all attempts to make sure the enemy wouldn't be able to escape.

Reign wasn't really worried about the king escaping, however, as he was certain that he could catch up to him and kill him.

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Is this really a Game?! Chapter 512 Killing The Second Demon, Reign Makes His Way Toward The Third