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Inhuman Warlock
Chapter 956 956: Something More

"That wasn't nice," Lucifer commented, shaking his head. "I still wanted to eat more."

He was also slightly glad that he had finished everything in time. If he was just a moment late, everyone who was with him inside the mansion might've been dead since he couldn't help all of them teleport.

Raising his head, he looked at the sky where a couple of Royal Guards were standing.

The sound of the explosion was so loud that it alerted everyone in the vicinity. Even the ones who weren't interested in seeing the commotion initially came out of their houses, hearing that explosion. One of them was Amelia.

A beautiful red haired girl came out of her house as her silver eyes tried to look for the source of the explosion.

Just like the Snow Wolf Clan, her own clan also came from another City, migrating here after their own city was taken over by the Baltics.

Despite coming together, their clans weren't very fond of each other, at least nowadays, mostly because the Phoenix Clan didn't even try to resist the occupation of their City unlike the rest of them. Even the Golden Rhino Clan tried their best, but the Phoenix Clan was like a coward, not doing anything.

That was also what created such bad feelings in the other Clans for them. The other clans didn't keep much contact with them in the city, keeping it limited. The Phoenix Clan was left on its own.

The Golden Rhino Clan heir Dion also arrived there, only to be shocked as he realized that it was the mansion which was given to the Snow Wolf Clan!

"They are killed? Why?" He couldn't believe what just happened. Even though he heard some clan went against the Royal Family, he never expected that clan to be the Snow Wolf Clan, he knew how cautious and respectful the Snow Wolf Clan was. Why would they do such a stupid thing? It didn't make sense at all.

He couldn't help but look toward the prince who was behind it all, wondering if there was more to this situation than what caught the eye. It was clearly a scheme since there was no way it was true. But why would someone scheme against the Show Wolf Clan?

"Do they not like the outer families coming to this city? Is that supposed to be a subtle threat that we should leave while we have a chance or stay prepared to be destroyed like the Snow Wolf Clan?" He clenched his fist. "This City is ruthless."

Amelia also arrived, only just realizing that the clan in conflict with the Royal Family was the Snow Wolf Clan.

Unlike before, Amelia looked much healthier as there was no poison in her body. Since Lucifer's mother had returned, after summoning Amelia to their world, she had finally healed all the poison of her.

Amelia dropped to her knees, watching the crater where an estate used to be before. One of the High Beast Clan was wiped so easily... One which was even more powerful than hers. Even she could feel that something didn't add up.

Even though Amelia was in the crowd, Lucifer didn't notice her. His entire focus stayed on the Royal Guards in the sky, who were possessing more strength than what he faced recently. It was clear that the Snow Wolf Clan didn't exaggerate when they said that the Royal Guards were way stronger than the guards he had faced so far.

These guards were stronger for sure. Unfortunately, they weren't anywhere close to Malin or any other top scorer of the Star Alliance exam. This world was strong by its own standard, but by the standard of the Star Alliance, it was weaker.

"I wonder why the Star Alliance wants to destroy them though. They rejected the proposal? Even if they did, all the Star Alliance had to do was show off its strength and make the Royal Beasts realize just how futile their resistance was."

"If they didn't try it, then why not? Why were they so impulsive to destroy this World? That's the question. And if they did convey how strong they were, then why would the Royal Family not surrender? It doesn't matter which side it is, but one side's actions don't make sense."

Lucifer knew that the entire story of the destruction of this world wasn't as he heard. But he didn't care either. There was rarely anyone he cared for in this world. And even if he tried to save them, it wasn't as if they were going to live for even a week.

That's why, he decided to use their eventual death to win this exam and get the promotion that he needed. If he didn't get a promotion, he was going to be like a sitting duck. He had killed Mander, a grandson of a Two Star General in the Star Alliance. For protection, he needed to show his worth.

Winning this exam was important to him in more ways than one.

He glanced in the distant horizon, in the direction of the domains of others.

"Those two would've had thousands scored already. I am in my tens... I should start catching up as well."

Lucifer patted his clothes, removing whatever bit of dust they had accumulated before jumping down.

"What did you do?!" The Prince scolded the Royal Guards. "Why did you kill them all so soon? I wanted them to fall up my feet! I wanted them to bed for forgiveness, especially the man who dared to attack the Royal Family! How dare you give them such an easy death!"

Huang was the most unhappy one in this place since he wanted to give Lucifer a painful death... As painful as it could be. By killing him in such a way, he believed the Royal Guards had robbed him of his happiness.

If anything, he would've preferred to torture them for a few days before having a public execution of them to make an example of them as to what happens when someone goes against the Royal Family.

The Royal Guards looked down at the Prince but they didn't respond. They had no reason to listen to the Prince as they worked right under the King. Only the King and their Captain had a right to order them and the Captain was the one who told them to make it quicker and destroy the enemy swiftly to make sure no more lives were lost in this battle.

They followed their commands and after that point, they didn't care for anything. They turned around to leave now that they had finished their work.

"Hey I'm talking to you! Answer me!" The young prince yelled.

Finally, the Royal Guards stopped as they turned around, making the Prince smug, believing that they stopped because of his command.

Unfortunately, the real reason was different. The Royal Guards felt danger... A sense of danger that they only felt when they stood before their Emperor when he was angry. It was like a vicious snake was looking at them, waiting to strike.

The Royal Guards looked around the crowd, finally finding a person. It was a young man with beautiful long hair. The man didn't have much of an expression on his face and if one was to judge based on looks, he didn't look very strong either. However his aura, that was an entirely different thing.

If one was to judge based on his aura alone, then he was no less than their Emperor!

Wherever Lucifer walked past, bodies kept dropping on the ground, lifeless. He wasn't even touching or attacking the people around him physically but they still kept dropping as their bodies turned to dust without even so much as a scratch.

"That man... He is dangerous. Is he one of the people we hear about? The strange group that took over one of the cities?" A Royal Guard grimly asked. "Are they finally attacking us?"

"His description doesn't match what we received from the witness about the Members of that group, but it's possible. If he's here, then his friends should be here as well. The city is under attack!"

"Either that or he came all alone," Another Royal Guard chimed in. "It's possible he came here to test out strength or create a commotion before their main forces attack us. What I don't understand is how he managed to get inside the city without us finding out. The border should've been secure!"

"We don't have time to think about how he entered. The more time we waste here, the more lives are lost. We need to kill him and we need to do it without getting close to him. Whatever ability he has, it is killing the people around him without giving them a chance to resist. Maintain your distance!" The Captain of the Royal Guards reminded the others. "I'll protect the Prince."

He flew down, holding the Prince by his collar but just as he was another to fly up, he realized that someone held his wrist as well... Lucifer had appeared right next to him.

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Inhuman Warlock Chapter 956 956: Something More