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Inhuman Warlock
Chapter 954 954: Proposal

A middle-aged man placed back and forth inside the mansion, worried about what was going to happen. Occasionally, he even walked to the window and looked outside, noticing the Young Prince still standing there.

The situation had turned from bad to worse.

"I don't know why you're so calm in a situation like this. The Guards that you killed were strong, but the Royal Guards of the Palace are a thousand times stronger. They have been trained to handle situations like this, and they never make a mistake that these guards did."

"They always have protection around themselves whenever they fight, and their protection is just as strong as the Prince. I don't know how you killed the other guards so easily, but whatever long range attack you used, that won't work on the Royal Guards."

The middle-aged man stared at Lucifer, who was sitting on a chair, eating in a situation like this.

As soon as he entered the mansion, he asked for some food since he was feeling somewhat hungry. From no angle did he look like a person who was worried about his death, let alone more.

No one could understand why Lucifer was so carefree at a time like this. While they were feeling that they were in the clutches of death, Lucifer was simply eating as if nothing had happened.

"Are you listening to me or not?" The middle aged man asked, wondering if the young man was even listening to him or was he more interested in eating even at a time like this.

Lucifer didn't answer the question right away. Instead, he asked a question of his own.

"Have you thought about my proposal now?"

"Proposal?" The middle aged man asked, slightly confused. However, he soon remembered what Lucifer was talking about. It was about the proposal that was given to him in his room previously.

"You mean the proposal to leave this world?" The Snow Wolf Clan patriarch asked.

"Exactly. As you said before, you'll be dying if you stay here. Your family might die as well since I won't be able to protect them and fight at the same time. So, isn't it better to just leave?"

"This..." The man didn't take this proposal seriously before, but with the kind of threat outside, he couldn't believe but consider that proposal genuinely.

Now that they were the enemies of the Royals, they couldn't survive staying behind. Even if they hid in a different city, sooner or later they were going to be found. This world had no place for them anymore. Lucifer's proposal appeared like a very lucrative deal for now.

"Will you be coming with us too? And how will we go to your world?"

Yui didn't interfere in the conversation between the two men, but she could feel her heart beating faster. They were going to go to a new place? The world of humans? She was never summoned there, so she had no idea what that place was like, but she had all kinds of imaginations for what that place was going to be like.

Moreover, she was going to be in the same world as Lucifer. That meant she could see him whenever she wanted.

The last time when Lucifer left this world, he had invited someone else to come with him, but not her. She wasn't sure if she could've said no to being invited by him since she actually wanted to be with him. But now, was this her opportunity? She wondered.

She eagerly hoped that if the invitation was as she guessed, her father was going to agree.

"How will you get there? That's certainly an interesting question. The answer is as easy as it was in the past. We just need to open a reverse summoning formation."

"Didn't you say last time that it was impossible to do that from here and that you needed to wait for someone from the other side to summon someone and wait for that summoning to happen?" Hun asked, remembering all the problems that they faced last time.

First, they had to find a beast that was regularly Summoned, and then they had to wait, not knowing when the next summoning was going to happen. They were just lucky that it happened when they were there.

"The beast we used last time is already dead, so we can't bring him here. And even if we could, we don't have time to wait for a summoning that could take a week or a month. If only we knew someone who could summon from than would and do it right now. But that's impossible."

The plan appeared simple, but it was filled with flaws from top to bottom since they were missing the most important component to put the plan in motion.

"That's true for sure. We need to be in contact with someone from that World who could Summon and then use that formation to leave. I am sure I know just the person. I have a plan to achieve that as well. But for that, I'll be needing your help."

"My help?" The middle aged man asked, slightly surprised. What could he help in? He didn't even know half the things that Hun and Lucifer talked about, related to the problems in the plan.

"Yeah. Your help would be needed for sure. I need you to become my Summoned Beast," Lucifer declared.

To everyone in the Snow Wolf Clan, it was like Lucifer had dropped an explosive bomb. He wanted their Patriarch to be his summoned beast? Even if he agreed to that, just how was this going to help? They couldn't understand that.

Until now, many beasts were Summoned, but all of them were on the weaker side. If one was to consider the strongest summoned beast ever, it was the Hair of the Phoenix Clan, but she was just that... A Heir. If the middle aged man agreed, he was going to be the strongest beast that was ever summoned. But first, he needed to know why.

"How will that help?" he asked Lucifer. "What does that achieve?"

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Inhuman Warlock Chapter 954 954: Proposal