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In Naruto: Reborn With Talent
Chapter 392 - Ch392. The First Figth 2

Rei watched as roaring flames suddenly engulfed the whole arena, flames that someone with Yakumo"s chakra reserves would be never able to use.

It frankly reminded him a bit about Madara"s Great Fire Annihilation. Sure, the flames were a lot weaker, had a lot less chakra in them, but the volume... their volume was astonishing.

His mind started going a mile a minute, thinking about how this ability could be used to its best potential.

"Holy shit." He dryly stated after a while, the flames still going wild in the arena, stunning the audience into horrified silence. "The Kurama girl is basically using the first principle of the Creation of All Things. She is instinctively turning spiritual energy and giving it a form."

Yin created a form and Yang gave life to said form. That was the Creation of All Things in a nutshell. It was obviously much more complicated than that but this was simply ridiculous. Nobody knew what exactly made the Kurama clan"s bloodline so special.

Now, Rei discovered the truth and even he was flabbergasted.

"No wonder their genjutsu is rumored to be unbreakable." Konan wryly smiled.

Most ninjas never even started Yin and Yang manipulation. Even those "skilled" by the standards of the Elemental Nations in these two things, barely scratched the surface. Beating something one did not even start to understand was... improbable.

"It would most likely take a Mangekyo Sharingan to break out of it if one has no idea about Yin manipulation." Konan continued. Yakumo definitely gained her attention.

The things she could accomplish if she gained an understanding of how her ability worked...

Hearing Konan, Rei chuckled, calmly looking into the arena with an amused glint in his eyes as he spotted something interesting. "That or..." He trailed off and Konan"s eyes slightly widened as the arena exploded in a blue vortex of spinning tornado-like chakra.

The chakra whirled around in a massive imitation of the Hyuuga Kaiten technique, except, it was not concentrated in a small area around the user who instead, a massive whirlwind was sent outwards without much control.

The reason why Rei was amused was that he noticed a certain thing in the technique.

Gravity Manipulation.

The thirteen years old Hinata Hyuuga did not have enough chakra to create a vortex spanning the entire arena so the reason why this was happening should naturally be something else than her ability.

And when Rei looked closer, he could see a hint of blue in Hinata"s Byakugan while some subconscious Gravity Manipulation was imbued in the technique.

"Really interesting. I wonder if this is the result of Tsunade"s special training regime she was giving the girl through Anko." Rei mumbled to himself with amusement lacing his voice.

The one person with the most knowledge in "evolving" bloodlines was Tsunade and considering who was the teacher of Hinata"s teacher, the culprit for this situation was obvious.

"I really envy her." Konan suddenly spoke as she watched the heavy chakra-powered winds whirl in the arena, causing the audience to hold tightly to their seats because of how windy it was all around.

Rei looked at Konan who gave him a small awkward smile. "I just thought about what we were doing at her age. Thirteen and already creating a spectacle like this? The girl is gonna be famous."

"You of all people are going to complain about the power of a bloodline?" Rei dryly deadpanned.

"Hush you." Konan giggled, "Just because my bloodline is strong doesn"t mean I can"t envy others."

Rei rolled his eyes at her and redirected his attention back to the match since the whirlwind of winds and chakra was finally calming down.

The arena was devastated. The tree inside was uprooted and the ground sported shallow gashes.

In the middle of this devastation was Hinata, standing and supporting her body with her hands on her knees as she panted from exertion. Her body sported slight burns all over as did her clothes and the girl was obviously wincing from the pain.

Yakumo certainly intended to cook her and that made Hinata feel no remorse for what she had done.

It was clear that this was her last move in this fight though. If Yakumo managed to get out of it, the fight was a certain loss for Hinata. She was not fit to continue. Neither mentally nor physically. Just standing took a lot of effort.

Fortunately for Hinata, Yakumo was knocked out at the edge of the arena, sporting several cuts and nasty bruises all over her body. From her state, it wouldn"t be surprising if she had numerous broken bones.

She was on the other edge of the arena than where she stood when Hinata"s Jutsu began. During Hinata"s technique, the whirlwind was throwing Yakumo"s body around like a rag doll, slamming her into the ground before picking her up into the air again and she had no way of getting out of it as the spinning force took hold of her.

Yakumo was clearly out for the count, not only for this match but also for her ninja duties. She was due for at least a month in hospital.

Seeing the fight was over, Hayate appeared in the arena again, alongside medic ninjas who promptly took both Yakumo and Hinata with them on the stretchers.

"Er... the winner of the first round is Hinata Hyuuga." Hayate announced, his tone still a bit dazed from the spectacle he just saw from a genin.

Only then did the crowd realize the match was already over. Hinata"s technique literally took their breath away and dazed them into their seats. Both ninjas and civilians were astonished by what they just witnessed.

Civilians were easy to impress. Contrary to popular belief, ninjas did not go around showing off their moves. Civilians were really ignorant of what power ninjas really wielded. They had a rough idea but... honestly, that didn"t mean much.

Seeing firsthand the entire arena being devastated by one technique from "genin"... naturally, they were speechless.

Even Daimyos, who had the best idea about ninjas" prowess, couldn"t help but feel shaken by the spectacle.

Ninjas, on the other hand, couldn"t believe a thirteen years old girl managed to produce such a technique when most jonins would struggle with chakra requirements of that. In their minds, Konoha gained a new prodigy.

And while pride bloomed in the minds of the Konoha ninjas as they inwardly celebrated the birth of new genius, the Tsuchikage, and Raikage in the Kage box had sour expressions.

Especially the Raikage who realized who the Hyuuga girl was.

The situation would have quietly passed with no conflict whatsoever, at most, the two leaders would have silently started to plot and scheme how to get rid of or kidnap Hinata but...

"So... what do you think about my Hyuuga girl, Raikage?" Tsunade smugly asked as she appeared next to Shikaku"s seat, leaning on it with her shoulder while looking straight at Raikage with a shit-eating grin, aiming the obvious insult at him because he ordered Hinata"s kidnapping all those years ago.

She was basically saying, "This could have been yours, too bad you are incompetent.", with her expression.

Needless to say, Raikage didn"t take that well and his short fuse was lit.

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In Naruto: Reborn With Talent Chapter 392 - Ch392. The First Figth 2