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619 The 639th, the path of karma

“Oh? It’s quite lively.”Meng Jingtian opened his eyes and looked down at the grand scene below his feet as he muttered.

His voice wasn’t loud, but there weren’t many weaklings present. All of them heard it.

Everyone was speechless. It was quite lively?

This was clearly incomparably grand and lively, alright?

“It’s that chair!”On the stage, the youth wearing a bright yellow dragon robe glared and said angrily.

The sect master of the Heavenly Fire Sect, who was sitting high up in the main seat, could not help but move, his expression displeased.

He raised his hand and waved his sleeve, and a powerful and fierce strength came straight at Meng Jingtian.

Meng Jingtian did not move. That fierce strength had just approached him when it was dissolved and absorbed.

Meng Jingtian ignored the dense crowd below, who were like ants, and his gaze fell on a table next to the seat of the sect master of the Heavenly Fire Sect.

There was a sword rack on the table, and on the Sword Rack, a long sword that was as white as milk and without any sharpness was placed on the sword rack.

That was the daughter of the sect master of the deviant fire sect, the dowry for this marriage invitation.

It was also... Meng Jingtian’s Karma Sword.

After the sect master of the deviant fire sect made his move, the dragon-robed youth in the arena immediately left the arena and attacked Meng Jingtian.

He could forsake his wife, but he had to regain his face.

Unfortunately, Meng Jingtian ignored him and directly threw out the stupa slaughterer’s blade.

The Karma sword was suddenly pulled away from the stupa slaughterer’s blade and flew into the air.

In an instant, the sky darkened, and everyone covered their faces.

There were only two colors left in front of their eyes. One was black, and the other was white. The two yin-yang fish swam in the air and merged together.

Finally, the blade and the sword merged into one, turning into a black and white bracelet that flew toward Meng Jingtian.

As for the dragon-robed youth who was charging towards Meng Jingtian, he was sent flying by the powerful aura of the bracelet.

Meng Jingtian raised his hand and caught the bracelet. He rubbed it lightly, and a myriad of emotions welled up in his heart.

He had not recovered all his memories, and he knew very little about this weapon. However, these emotions came from his heart, as if it was instinctive.

Regardless of whether the memories were still there or not, the same person was the same person.

“Let’s Go!”Meng Jingtian put the bracelet on his left hand and said to the Azure Dragon Chair.

He came here for the karmic sword. Now that he had the sword in his hand, he obviously had to leave. He still had a lot of things to do.

Before Kui found him, he had to improve his strength as much as possible.

Just as Meng Jingtian and the Azure Dragon Chair were about to leave, the people from the pantheon of gods came.

A huge hole suddenly appeared in the sky. In the hole, countless spiritual energies that were a hundred times denser than the Mahayana realm gushed out. The sky flowers scattered, the heavenly music played, and auspicious clouds gathered.

All kinds of strange phenomena indicated that the pantheon of gods had descended.

The cultivators from the Mahayana realm were very familiar with these strange phenomena. Their expressions became solemn and became respectful.

A trace of surprise flashed across Meng Jingtian’s eyes, but then he became a little amused.

Just coming from that top-tier world to the Mahayana world wouldn’t cause such an exaggerated phenomenon. These abnormal phenomena were deliberately created by the pantheon of gods.

It would cost a lot of treasures to do this!

However, it was worth it for them.

Nothing was more important than maintaining the dignity of the pantheon of gods.

Meng Jingtian didn’t care about the dignity of the pantheon of gods. It just so happened that he lacked treasures to restore his strength!

Immediately, he raised his hand and attracted the dense spiritual energy over, directly transforming it and absorbing it.

As the dense spiritual energy was absorbed, all kinds of strange phenomena disappeared in a hurry, making the cultivators of the Skyfire world somewhat surprised.

They wouldn’t understand, and they wouldn’t believe that the spiritual energy that caused these strange phenomena had been absorbed by Meng Jingtian!

Because the strange phenomena disappeared, the two “Gods”of the pantheon of gods also appeared in a hurry.

They looked at Meng Jingtian with a somewhat serious gaze. As expected, they were creatures from the “Micro-apocalyptic world.”They were short-sighted and lawless. They only wanted to “Defy the heavens”and were not subject to any discipline.

Meng Jingtian looked at the two unfamiliar “Gods”from the Pantheon Temple in front of him and raised his hand to rub the weapons he had just obtained.

Since they were here, it was definitely impossible to let them go back.

“Why did you only send two lackeys?”Meng jingtian looked at the two “Gods”and smiled.

He didn’t know how much the Pantheon Temple knew, and he didn’t know if Avenue had already discovered him and was trying to find out.

The two “Gods”were furious at being called lackeys, but they were also puzzled. What did Meng Jingtian Mean?

Did he mistake them for lackeys of some faction, or... did he know that they were from the Pantheon temple and only treated them as lackeys?

How could that be possible? A person from the microscopic world couldn’t even know about the existence of a top-tier world, let alone the pantheon of gods.

“Do you know who we are?”The two gods looked down at Meng Jingtian and said in a lofty manner.

“Of course I do. Aren’t we just minions of the Pantheon of Gods?”Meng Jingtian smiled and replied calmly.

If they were important members of the pantheon of gods, he would definitely know them!

Kui, he knew them very well.

No matter what he owned, he also wanted to own it.


Since they were his former subordinates, he would definitely not kill them. Instead, he wanted to “Own”them.

Hearing Meng Jingtian mention the Pantheon of gods, the two “Gods”who had been sent to contact Meng Jingtian immediately lost their composure. They asked in surprise, “How do you know the Pantheon of gods? Who Are You?”

“It seems like you don’t know anything. Enough, go to reincarnation!”Seeing the reactions of the two “Gods”, Meng Jingtian smiled and pulled at the black and white bracelet on his left wrist with his right hand, the bracelet once again turned into a black and white knife and sword.

Meng Jingtian directly threw out the karma sword that he had just obtained.

The white long sword flashed in front of Meng jingtian, drawing a fifth of an arc upward trajectory before suddenly disappearing. In the next moment, it landed on the chest of one of the “Gods”.

Bright red blood seeped out of the ‘God”s chest, causing the cultivators below to stare blankly.

The sect master of the heavenly fire sect muttered with a dazed expression, “So the divine sword can be used in this way...”

The other ‘God’wanted to escape, but before he could do so, the Karma Sword that was on the God’s chest had already pierced through his chest.

The Karma Sword had unknowingly fallen into Meng Jingtian’s hands, and a string of blood dripped from the blade.

Meng Jingtian sat on the Azure Dragon Chair without moving. These two “Gods”with an average attribute of 20 million turned into two godly bodies that sank to the ground.

Meng Jingtian’s individual attributes were only around 12 million, which was not even comparable to these two “Gods.”.


But if he wanted to kill them, it was that simple.

This was the complete strength of the yin-yang bracelets.

The Sword of Karma was the cause, and the “God”that died was the effect.

The trajectory of the sword of karma was not the arc that the long sword drew in the air, but the length between the cause and effect.

Meng Jingtian put the sword together and turned it into a bracelet, putting it on his left hand.

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