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I Have a Special Skill for Pulling Monsters (II)

Seeing the hesitation, Meng Jingtian feigned displeasure. “Does Boss Ma think of this god as only a minor god? Are you unwilling to assist?”

“No! Great God is taking this too seriously!” Ma Fangxing hastily waved his hands. “This lowly one will follow Great God and assist you with fishing up your item!”

“Then let’s go!” Meng Jingtian calmly nodded, and then he turned around and began to walk out of the camp with Ma Fangxing.

Upon going past the gate, he saw that Cai Minghou and the others had received his message and left the camp. Meng Jingtian checked the game map for their location and then began to lead Ma Fangxing over.

On a small road to Dawn Moon Lake, the group members impatiently waited, squabbling as they did.

“Even if he managed to safely enter the camp, how could he pull the boss all the way here?”

“That’s right? How can that be? And he has to get past all those mobs in the camp.”

“It’s fine if he can’t do it, but can he not make trouble and waste our time? This mission is impossible to complete!”

Cai Minghou had been trying to calm them down at first, but he was fed up now. Swinging his hand, he brusquely declared, “You can leave if you want! At most, I’ll just have to find someone else. All of you know how valuable purple equipment is so early in the game. How could this mission be easy?

“I’m sure there’s someone else willing to waste a day with me for the sake of a piece of purple equipment!”

Hearing this, those group members who had been growing extremely impatient and talking about giving up stopped talking, and they didn’t leave the group either.

While they had grumbled a lot, they all knew that Cai Minghou was right. If they didn’t want this mission, there would be plenty of people to take their place.

Moreover, since they had seen Meng Jingtian safely enter the camp, it was not completely impossible for them to complete the mission.

“Just keep your mouths shut! Meng Jingtian is at the top of the level rankings, and it’s not like he could have gotten that level by dying or waiting around. If he’s not afraid, why should we be?” Mo Hongyi said, her arms folded. She rolled her eyes, sick of this argument.

“Look there!” Cheng Xiaojin suddenly howled, giving everyone a fright.

“Big Bro Meng really did pull out the boss!”

“Hold on; why is that boss following him, not fighting him?” a group member asked in confusion, his face stiff.

“Why are you worried about that? Get ready to attack!” Cheng Xiaojin roared and then charged at Ma Fangxing.

Ma Fangxing saw this, pulled out his saber, and slashed at Cheng Xiaojin.

“Great God, you…” Ma Fangxing saw that these players had been waiting for him, and he angrily glared at Meng Jingtian in realization.

Meng Jingtian was unperturbed, showing not the slightest shame. On the contrary, exuding majesty, he righteously bellowed, “Ma Fangxing, you led bandits in thievery, brigandry, and many other kinds of wicked deeds. Do you know your wrongs!? Today, this god will root out evil for the heavens!”

“Brother Tian, when did you start suffering from middle-schooler syndrome?” Cai Minghou teased, the corner of his mouth twitching.

“You don’t get it! I’m debuffing the boss!” Meng Jingtian replied.

Little did he know that his words would become reality.

A system notification rang out: “Ding! Ma Fangxing’s Friendliness – 20, Awe + 20!”

“Ding! Divine Might activated! Ma Fangxing is intimidated by the god’s righteous aura! Attack – 5%!”

“That worked?” Meng Jingtian was speechless, but he soon joined the beatdown on the boss.

Under the concerted attack of the group, Ma Fangxing’s HP slowly decreased. With Meng Jingtian’s Divine Recovery around, the group had a large leeway for error. Although Cheng Xiaojin’s HP bar was frequently at a worrying level after eating several of the boss’s skills, a single Divine Recovery from Meng Jingtian was enough to heal him back up.

If not for the fact that Meng Jingtian’s DPS was even more frightening than his healing, Cheng Xiaojin might have called him a divine healer and requested him to be his personal healer!

As for if the other group members accidentally ate a skill, they could just die! All they needed to do was return to the battle after they respawned.

Anyway, it was only Cheng Xiaojin who could tank. The other group members existed only to reduce the time it took to kill the boss, adding extra heals or DPS. He could go with or without them.

Mo Hongyi’s nearly full HP bar quickly dropped by two-thirds, causing her to call out in alarm, “Shit! Xiaojin, aggro properly! Why is the boss hitting me?!”

“Your DPS is too high! All I have is this one starting skill that can taunt! Do you think it doesn’t have a cooldown?” Cheng Xiaojin helplessly said.

Meng Jingtian sent out a Divine Recovery to heal Mo Hongyi back up and then fired off a Divine Punishment at Ma Fangxing.


The corner of Mo Hongyi’s mouth twitched. “Hold on! Isn’t this guy’s DPS way higher? Why is the boss not hitting him?”

“Haha! Lady, don’t try and compare yourself to my Brother Tian! See that weapon in his hand? A divine weapon!” Due to his low level, Cai Minghou could only hide on the sidelines. As he was rather bored, he decided to strike up a conversation.

“An idler like you should shut your mouth!” Mo Hongyi rolled her eyes, adding, “And also, don’t call me ‘Lady’!”

“Aren’t you the Sanguine Lady? I’m just shortening it, shortening!” Cai Minghou naughtily smiled.

Meng Jingtian glanced at Mo Hongyi and said, “Done chatting? Why not fight? Relax; you won’t die!”

He then coldly smiled at Cai Minghou and threatened, “Sit your ass down and be quiet. If you keep chattering, I’ll have to conclude that you don’t want to do this mission anymore!”

“Eeeeh? Brother Tian, are you jealous? You can’t be interested in this girl, right? The people from Ode to Beauty… you don’t want to jump into the same hole twice, do you?” Cai Minghou warned, a hint of shock in his eyes.

“Mm?” Meng Jingtian turned and coldly glared at Cai Minghou.

“Shutting my mouth! Shutting my mouth now!” Cai Minghou took fright, knowing that Meng Jingtian was pissed off, and immediately covered his mouth.

Mo Hongyi’s eyes flashed. ‘Jump into the same hole twice’? What did that mean?

Who was this person? Was he someone who had once had a relationship with Ode to Beauty?

“Dodge the skill!” The boss, who only had 10% HP left, swung his saber in a circle. A blood-red saber qi swept out, and Meng Jingtian was forced to push aside Mo Hongyi, who had been standing around with a dazed look on her face. “The boss has already used this skill three times. What are you just standing around for?” he unhappily remarked.

Mo Hongyi came back to her senses. She knew that her lack of focus had caused her to make a low-level mistake and instinctively apologized, “Sorry!”

“What are you apologizing to me for? It’s not like I was the one who would have died to that skill,” Meng Jingtian pouted.

The boss only had 10% HP left. He didn’t want Mo Hongyi to waste time by dying and running back!

In any case, this girl was second in DPS, and they could get this over with faster if she didn’t die.

Mo Hongyi’s mouth twitched, and she couldn’t help but inwardly grumble. Was there something wrong with Cai Minghou’s eyes, that he thought this guy was interested in her?

Could this guy be any colder?


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