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Nobody could follow their movements anymore except for a handful of people with most being Humans...

This is a two versus two now. Alice and Mary are against the combined forces of the Demon Emperor and the Miraculous Son.

They took the skies as their battlefield. This was a deliberate move that the women forced onto their enemies to minimize the casualties of their clash. And with how their enemies seem to stake it all against them, they followed this initiative without giving it much thought.

Alice took charge of the fight. She was in between both enemies with Mary putting up enough distance between them.

With her sword, she swung at her enemies with an equal amount of aggression. Judging from her expression, it is clear that she was enjoying this fight even more so now than before.

The enemies prioritized aggression more than anything. They were trying their best to at least hurt her in their exchanges. They don't defend or evade her attacks. In this current form of theirs, their regenerative aspects shot through the roof, allowing them to ignore most of the blows that landed on their bodies.

Alice hacked away at their limbs only to watch them grow back in mere seconds. Of course, she didn't mind that. If anything, she finds that quite enjoyable.

They were making her sweat, which was what she likes. It's hard to find a good match recently so this was a welcome change for her. Thus, she actively went after them, letting her wild side loose for once in a long while.

Mary, on the other hand, covered Alice's vulnerable side.

She kept her distance. Most of the time, she's just watching the battle rage on. And with her vision being able to accurately predict what's going to happen next, she knows when to interfere so that Alice wouldn't suffer that much.

But because the four of them are moving too fast, there wasn't a lot of people who could accurately tell what was going on. That's why most of them preferred to pay the fight above no mind and just focus on what they needed to do.


Explosions rang out in the skies. Alice brandished her sword to deflect several projectiles heading her way.

The many eyes on the Miraculous Son's body started shooting out bolts of golden light filled with corruption. It was so potent that even a single one could seriously devastate an entire civilization. 𝓲𝐧nπš›πžπ’‚d. 𝑐𝗼m

Thankfully, Alice dealt with them just fine. And after she deflected it above her, Mary started shooting just as many arrows carrying a purifying spell to neutralize them.

The shadowy form of the Demon Emperor silently appeared behind Alice, his right limb turned into a sharp blade arching to sever her head. But before it even hit her, Alice disappeared from her spot with a surprising burst of speed.

She reappeared facing him, her sword repelled the attack, sending a strong shockwave that rocked the Demon Emperor's entire existence. Then, connecting her move with the previous, she swung her sword down at him, bisecting him in equal parts.

Black blood spurted out of the wound, it threatened to fall on the people beneath them and spread out a nasty demonic corruption. Yet once again, Mary came through.

She shot a volley of arrows that purified the black blood before it even hits the ground. Making it disappear the moment it makes contact with the soil.

The Miraculous Son reappeared above Alice. On each hand, he held an obscenely long bolt of golden lightning. This was condensed from nothing but pure golden corruption. It contained so much power that the world was screaming in fear witnessing that much corruption.

Alice's expression turned somber but not despair. She instantly knew that she couldn't let any of those hit their world or her.

Stepping a foot forward, she tightened her grip on her sword. A brilliant golden flame flared on the sword's body. She then swung upward in a clean motion.

Her move was so precise and accurate that it sliced off Space cleanly. Then, the golden flame that erupted from her sword was all focused on the tip.

It's as if she sliced off the concentrated orb of flame, causing it to burst out explosively.

A pillar of golden flame mixed with violet-gold radiance shot out, drowning the Miraculous Son entirely with its glory.

This series of actions might sound time-consuming, but in reality, all of it happened within three seconds.

With Alice being distracted by the Miraculous Son above her, she became vulnerable to whatever the Demon Emperor was thinking of doing.

He appeared just a few levels below the Miraculous Son, low enough to not be included within Alice's immediate line of sight.

Then, he opened his mouth and condensed an orb of concentrated Demonic Corruption. With how much power he's gathering, the impact it has will certainly be enough to severely damage this planet.

The Demon Emperor's target was of course Alice, he took advantage of the Miraculous Son's distraction to land a, hopefully, fatal blow to her to defeat her.

But just like before, he had completely disregarded Mary's presence. Which was not only disrespectful toward her but also incredibly stupid.

As if Mary would just stand by and do nothing when that's happening...

So before he could even release that attack, Mary did the logical thing to do and blew his head up with a focused shot.

Again, with how impressive his regenerative aspects were, this wasn't enough to kill him. But it did stop his attack, which was the point all along.

The Miraculous Son also survived what's supposed to be a lethal attack from Alice thanks to his pseudo-immortality. And just like Mary did, Alice also manages to stop the Miraculous Son's attack from destroying this world.

Alice then made a split-second decision this time. She went ahead and took the initiative instead of just waiting for something to happen.

She brandished her sword and performed a cleave, which seemingly separated heaven from the earth.

The lethality carried by her attack greatly alarmed the enemies, causing them to scramble to evade it.

And they did...barely.

They still suffered from Alice's sword intent which stabbed the very core of their existence, the place which hurts them the most. But they're still alive and that's what counts. Sadly, it didn't end there.

With the ball now in her hands, Alice decided to keep it rolling...

She connected her previous attack into a vertical slash which parted the skies in half. Once again, both of her enemies scrambled to evade as she, yet again, connected that attack to the next one where she nullified spacetime itself with her Sword Art to stab their cores.

Mary also did her thing by severely limiting the areas that the two could use to escape, forcing them to be uncomfortable in dealing with Alice's rampage.

With the remaining consciousness that the two of them had, they could tell that even in their current forms, they are losing this battle.

It didn't make sense to them. They thought that in this form of theirs, where they are staking everything they have, they'd be unstoppable.

They haven't been in a situation like this before, clearly. The time when they went into this form was also the same time that the battle ended.

It was true that none had lived to tell the tale upon witnessing this. But that myth might just be busted today.

What really makes this difficult is the teamwork these two were displaying. Their strengths couldn't be doubted, that's for sure. But the fact that they could seemingly understand what the other needs to happen without even the slightest mum of communication was the thing that's making this impossible to compete against.

The Demon Emperor and the Miraculous Son were rivals, they hated each other's guts so much but they held sufficient respect for one another, allowing them to have some level of teamwork. But that didn't amount to anything when they were faced with these women.

One took charge while the other covered her back. One was strong and looked reckless while the other was just as strong but calm and collected.

It was clear that these women have plenty of experience working together. And that is something that they can't compete with.

Them possessing this kind of strength was already ridiculous on its own accord, but add this to the mix? Then it becomes completely absurd.

Just how in the world did they manage to achieve this? What kind of existence were Humanity truly? How can they achieve such things so quickly when it took them eons?

What does Humanity have that their race was lacking?

Thinking about this makes them even madder. They've already decided to end Humanity once and for all but now, they're even more inclined to do so.

It was at this moment that they knew that Humanity must not be given a chance to develop any more than this for the sake of their race.

They're no longer mere pests in their eyes, at this point, Humanity became a rival race as well.

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