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Idle Mage: Humanity's Strongest Backer
Chapter 290 Malevolence And First Miracle

The Demon Emperor coughed up black blood. His facial expression twisted in pain.

His chest got pierced with something that he did not see coming. He wasn't even able to sense it, much less defend against it.

What's worse is that the Miraculous Son got impaled by him. He could literally smell and feel the putrid holiness he was exuding and it was making him sick.

Thus, even though it pained him so much, he forcibly dislodged himself from the crystal arrow that pierced his chest.

It left a gaping hole in there. He's pretty sure that the arrow destroyed his heart. But thanks to his regenerative ability as well as his false immortality, he survived this blow even without a heart.

The Miraculous Son is also at the same...

Coughing out more blood, the Demon Emperor heard white noise. He felt nauseous for a bit and his vision blurred.

The healing process was taking a lot out of him, but what really stung was the humiliation he felt.

He could still clearly remember it, after all, it hasn't been long since it happened.

The Demon Emperor couldn't even harm the hem of that woman's clothing. She was untouchable and extremely fierce. She did the bare minimum and it was enough to threaten him so much.

It's not like he wasn't trying. He is. But that woman was just on another level entirely.

And judging from the looks of it, whoever the Miraculous Son was fighting was also kicking his ass.

He could laugh at the sheer absurdity of this situation but he couldn't. He was so used to being the domineering one that he had completely disregarded the idea that he'd be in this position one day.

Life can truly be ironic at times. But now is not the time to get distracted. If he didn't do something about this, he'd most likely die here.

He took out something from a pouch he was keeping. The item looked like a crystal ball that was packed with nothing but pure Demonic Corruption. The Demon Emperor swallowed and hesitated for a bit. That's when he heard the Miraculous Son say;

"Wow, you're that desperate huh?"

The way he glared at the owner of that voice was purely instinctual. Normally, he'd lash out at him, provoke him, or purposefully pick a fight with him, but he chose not to do so at this time.

"I don't plan on dying here." He merely replied as he continued to stare at the pill in his hands.

"...same." the Miraculous Son replied as he gritted his teeth to slowly pull out the crystal arrow lodged in his chest.

The Demon Emperor saw golden blood spill out of the Miraculous Son. He also saw his face going pale from blood loss but despite this, he looked relatively fine.

"Fucking pests..." he heard him say, "How in the world did they get so fierce? Oh, whatever...I just want them all dead."

The Miraculous Son just waited until the wound on his chest disappeared before being brought out something that caused the Demon Emperor to smile wryly.

It was a hammer and nails. They looked so ordinary that nobody would've guessed what they were for. But the Demon Emperor sure as hell knew.

Before doing anything, the Miraculous Son turned to him and said:

"Let's have a temporary truce. We'll kill them all first and after that, it's fair game. How about it?"

The Demon Emperor wasn't in a hurry to agree. He searched the Miraculous Son's face for any kind of deceit or lies, but all he saw was seriousness. He then sighed and said:

"Fine. You have a deal. Normally I'd force you to sign an oath for this, but I'm afraid that we don't have that much time on our hands. At least give me a heads up when you'll be attacking us after we end these locals."

"Deal. You get ready then."

The Miraculous Son put distance between the two of them to take care of something.

"Oh, our beloved Miraculous Grace. Please watch over your son for I shall now initiate this Holy Mission..."

The Demon Emperor heard the Miraculous Son's prayers and fought the urge to roll his eyes. As for what happened afterward, however, that's something more serious.

The hammer and nails that were in his hands suddenly floated. They bathed in holy light as they flew toward him.

A mysterious force appeared that seemingly paralyzed the Miraculous Son. His body then started levitating.

His arms were being lifted and his legs were crossed. Behind him, an image of a crucifix appeared. The hammer and the nails then arrived to crucify him in that stake.

As the process went on, the Miraculous Son's expression turned twisted from pain. As his limbs were nailed to the crucifix, the Miraculous Son started changing.

The Demon Emperor peeled his gaze away from him. Although he felt incredibly uncomfortable with this sight and aura. He chose to ignore it and focus on himself.

The Miraculous Son was going all out now. And he'd be a chump if he didn't follow suit. Therefore, he stopped hesitating a directly swallowed the pill he took out earlier.

He then proceeded to lay flat on the ground. In mere seconds, the pill settled on his stomach and began taking effect.

An uncomfortable sensation began. His stomach churned and then burned. A dark mass wriggled on his core before spreading out to the rest of his body.

The Demon Emperor looked as if he was being asphyxiated, he wanted to scream but had no voice.

Demonic Corruption spewed out of his body, dying the rest of what little space they have here with it. His body was swallowed by darkness, not even a morsel of him could be seen.

This process took some time but not that long. Eventually, both of their transformations ended.

The Demon Emperor turned into a pure shadow. He breathes and oozes out pure evil. He had no mouth, no features, nor a voice. The only thing he had was a pair of dilated white eyes. He took on a bipedal form but he could morph into any shape that he wants in this form.

His thought process was still intact in this form, only his rationality had taken a hit. In this form, what he seeks was pure destruction.

The First Malevolence — this is the title that's been given to the Demon Emperor in his birth. One could even say that this Shadow Form of his was his true nature.

On the other hand, there's the Miraculous Son.

He was still nailed to a crucifix, but his form had completely changed. He no longer looked like a tanned man wearing pure white robes.

Similar to the Demon Emperor, he too took on bipedal form. Eyes with golden pupils appeared all over his body, at the center of each pupil, a tribal marking could be seen.

He had lost the hair and also the majority of his facial features in favor of more eyes. He's also now wearing a crown of thorns which appeared there pretty much out of nowhere.

Just like the Demon Emperor, the Miraculous Son was still conscious for the most part, only he was more mission-oriented.

Once his transformation ended, the crucifix disappeared and he regained some mobility. The hammer and the nails also disappeared, but the holes in his hands and feet remained even after their disappearance.

The Miraculous Son exuded such a Holy Light that it makes one automatically feel the need to worship him. Everything that he does in this form can be taken as him interpreting the desires of the Miraculous Grace.

That wouldn't be far from the truth, after all, he's the first Miracle that had walked their race. It is also for this very reason that he was known as the Miraculous Son.

As the aura of these two skyrocketed, they faced each other whilst in the depths of this rubble.

They had to physically stop themselves from fighting. They have to remind themselves that they're agreed upon a truce. It was difficult to do that of course, since they're mortal enemies, but they managed to do so.

After measuring each other with a long gaze, the Miraculous Son looked up and lifted his hand.

He then released a compressed ball of divine light which blew away the rubble that trapped them down there.

The force he used was strong enough to wipe out a city or two. It was excessive but neither of them cared.

As the rubble cleared away, they were once again visible to everybody.

The Celestials and Hypogeans who were having a difficult time trying to survive the fatal approach of the humans were given a chance to catch their breaths and feel hope returning to them.

With their leaders being in that form, Humanity's done for.

At least...that's what they thought. After all, nobody had ever survived to tell the tale once they witnessed this. They could feel the overwhelming strength radiating from them.

" this it? Are you both finally coming at us with everything that you got?" The crimson-haired beauty asked. From her voice, it's clear that she was excited.

The Demon Emperor and the Miraculous Son didn't bother replying, instead, they simultaneously attacked.

And just like that, another round of clashes began...

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Idle Mage: Humanity's Strongest Backer Chapter 290 Malevolence And First Miracle