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Idle Mage: Humanity's Strongest Backer
Chapter 289 Bow Lady Vs. Miraculous Son

As Alice faced the Demon Emperor, a different match was happening on the opposite side of Humanity's Territory.

A golden comet streaked through the skies accompanied by several projectiles.

From a simple glance, it would seem that this golden comet was just flying around, not really having a clear destination in mind nor it was falling on the ground any time soon.

It was almost as if it was evading something...

The Celestials watched this happen with gobsmacked expressions. Just like the Hypogeans on the opposite side, they too felt like their whole life was a lie.

They stared fearfully at the woman who was standing in the air. She had long obsidian hair that poured like a waterfall behind her. Her eyes had a crystal clear gleam in them, making anybody who stares at her feel drawn to it.

In her hands, she held a long bow with ancient ornate patterns. There was a visible quill of arrows in her person but that doesn't mean that she lacked ammunition for her bow.

They had seen her draw her bow, producing an arrow along the process. They watched her release volley after volley, shooting at her chosen target which happened to be the Miraculous Son.

The projectiles that are accompanying that golden streak of light? Those were her shots trying to home in on the target. The golden streak of light was the Miraculous Son trying his best to avoid them.

Just like the Demon Emperor, the Miraculous Son abandoned his post and chose to go straight into Humanity's territory in search of the Trickster. He's just used a calmer approach compared to the Demon Emperor, that's all.

But of course, he was also met with resistance.

While Alice took care of the Demon Emperor, it was Mary stepped out and confronted the Miraculous Son.

The fact that it was her and not someone else, is already fortunate for the Miraculous Son since she's willing to be more civilized about this. But of course, the Celestial wouldn't care about something like that. If anything, knowing this might even be offensive to the Miraculous Son.

Mary went on her way to warn him. She told him to go no further and go back to where he came from. If he did not comply, then she would start attacking him.

As expected, the Miraculous Son didn't appreciate her tone and choice of words.

Just like the Demon Emperor, the Miraculous Son held no respect for Humanity. In his eyes, they're no more than naive lambs pretending to be wolves. They know nothing about true power, something that he didn't mind showcasing.

But that bravado was quickly snuffed by Mary, sadly.

It only took her a few shots to turn the Miraculous Son into a fleeing dog.

The Miraculous Son didn't like this either, but he had no choice. His instincts screamed at him to not get hit by her arrows because it will cause him immense pain that he had never felt before.

He didn't believe it at first but when he actually got shot and experienced it? The Miraculous Son almost swore to never get hit again.

What makes this difficult is the fact that Mary was quick on her aim and quicker with her draw.

She hasn't missed it so far. Her arrows are still chasing after him like they have eyes and they're persistent as fuck. Her other shots were blocked but that counted as a hit.

He would've liked to continue blocking them but he couldn't since her arrows seemingly had consciousness in them. After blocking a couple of shots, the other arrows automatically adjusted their trajectory to find another way to get to him.

Those shots were already fired before he even thought about blocking them, meaning that Mary's influence over them should've ended already, but for some reason, it appears that her shots had a will of their own, allowing them to make a decision.

Or it could be that Mary just predicted all of this already...

Either way doesn't make her any less scary.

The Celestials never knew that locals from a backward planet like this one could be this freaky. They have been through a lot of battlefields at this point but this was the first time that they were severely threatened by the locals.

Forget about that lady with the bow, even the foot soldiers of Humanity were kicking their ass.

They were outnumbered, sure, but that doesn't matter to them. If anything, it actually gives them more freedom to rampage because no matter where they aim, they would probably hit an enemy or two.

The abilities that Humanity showcased were unique to themselves. It wasn't something that Celestials nor Hypogeans could recognize or even hope to copy. The worst part is that their skills were created for the sole purpose of opposing them.

Their skills are incredibly effective against nullifying their immortality. Humans have killed a lot of them by now and they haven't shown signs of stopping anytime soon.

Neither the Celestials nor the Hypogeans could retreat from this. After all, they're the ones who chose to pick a fight with Humans, and now that they desecrated their territory, letting them go unpunished is of course, impossible.

While the weaker Celeastials fought for their lives, the Miraculous Son kept fleeing from the arrows.

As he flew, he gritted his teeth and felt humiliation burning his entire existence.

Nobody has reduced him to this state before. Many tried but they all failed. Hell, he had met strong opponents before but none managed to get a reaction like this from him.

He felt as if all of his dignity as the Miraculous Son disappeared. His status, nobility, his birthright, reputation, fame, etc. All of it was gone the moment he decided to flee from this woman's arrows.

If there was a way for him to regain some of his dignity, best believe that he would. Unfortunately, his opponent doesn't seem too concerned about this.

She's more concerned about actually ending him, instead of giving him a chance to fight back.

At this point, the Miraculous Son had forgotten about the Trickster. His mind was focused on this current fight...if you could even call it that.

He searched for a way to avoid the projectiles that are persistently homing in on him, but couldn't find any.

This made him think that he should just man up and receive the blows and prepare himself for the next volley. He was sick of running all over the place, it was exhausting him swiftly too while his opponent barely moved from the spot.

The Miraculous Son was so immersed in his thoughts that he had completely missed the time when Mary drew her bow once more.

This time, a crystal javelin appeared as her arrow. She closed one eye and aimed. She inhaled and calculated the trajectory of the shot as well including all the variables that might affect it.

Then, with an exhale, she released her shot.


The impact caused by her release caused her to skid back a couple of feet as if she just launched a rocket.

Her shot flew so fast that it seemingly tore through space itself. Arriving just in time as her calculations.

As a result, the Miraculous Son was caught completely off-guard by this. He wasn't able to defend himself at all, much less think about it.

He got hit by the shot, it pierced him right through his chest and nailed him away but it didn't end there.

The arrow she shot hit another target which was none other than the Demon Emperor himself.

Both of them got nailed right in the chest and crashed through several mountains before stopping. They were buried in the rubble, clearly in pain and suffering from a bruised pride.

It turns out that Mary included Alice's fight along with her calculations. She saw how things were going wild on the other side and the two were about to enter the zone where she and the Miraculous Son were fighting.

So, she thought that it'd be a nice idea to basically include the Demon Emperor in her shot as well. Alice wouldn't mind that, if anything, she'd say that Alice was already expecting to do that in the first place, so she went for it.

"He's holding back isn't he?" Alice asked her when she arrived.

"Yeah. I'm assuming that yours too?"

"Well, I'm trying to provoke him into going all out. But I don't know. It seems that he's being difficult about it. It's getting boring like this." Alice sighed as she said this.

Both of them could tell that their opponents are still hiding a large portion of their true power in this fight. As for why they have no clue of course.

Mary wasn't as concerned as Alice. If her opponent chose to die without going all out against her, then it's completely fine.

Alice on the other hand wanted a good fight. And since occasions like this rarely happens, she's looking forward to it of course. But so far, her opponent only continues to disappoint her.

It was then that both of them felt a rumble from a distance. It was followed by a large explosion that revealed both the Demon Emperor and the Miraculous Son looking royally pissed.

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Idle Mage: Humanity's Strongest Backer Chapter 289 Bow Lady Vs. Miraculous Son