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Idle Mage: Humanity's Strongest Backer
Chapter 286 Broken Hypnosis


This feeling was something very rare for a person like him to experience.

It's become such a bizarre thing that it made him ask; when was the last time that he felt it?

The Miraculous Son couldn't recall anymore. It's been so long that having this feeling feels like a new thing for him.

He wondered why, of course.

In his current state, things like emotional surges held far more meaning since he usually doesn't get them that often. Why did he suddenly feel uneasy? Did he do something to provoke that kind of reaction?

The Miraculous Son started recalling his activities as of late. And to his confusion, he couldn't recall anything too important that he might've ignored.

He just went on about his day, just like how he does it usually.

If anything, his every day was very mundane. And today started in the same way as well. So really, what could've caused this reaction?

The Miraculous Son started walking around the fleet.

He doesn't really have any goal upon doing so. There are just some things that are weighing down on his mind and he had no answers for them, so he took a walk to clear his mind off a little bit.

It was noticeable how tense everybody was around him. He could tell from a single glance, he also noticed how stiff their movements are, especially when he was looking at them.

To this, he could only sigh. Sometimes, his status was a bit restrictive. He wasn't even doing anything yet he was being avoided like he carries some kind of illness.

He hates it, but there's nothing he could do about it.

The Miraculous Son continued on his way around, trying to not stay in one place for too long. He then found himself leaving the fleet, walking barefooted in the vacuum of space.

He looked around him and admired the boundless velvety blanket of space dotted with stars. He sighed and felt small for a split second.

How long has it been since they started all of this? How many worlds have they conquered so far? How many have they lost from the Hypogeans?

They've come far, that's for sure. But along that also comes the question; when will it end?

Is this something that their race would do for as long as they exist? Is this the true purpose of their creation?

Well, for others that might be fine, but for him, that's a bit undesirable.

Still, even with his status, the things he could do was very minimal. The one that has the biggest say in their development will always be the Heavenly Father.

'There it is again...' he murmured inwardly.

The Miraculous Son felt that unease again. This time, it's a lot stronger than before.

A deep frown could be seen on his face. He didn't like that at all and he still couldn't identify where it is coming from.

It was then that his gaze unconsciously landed on the small yet rather peaceful world beneath his feet.

Like a man possessed, the Miraculous Son heard loud church bells echoing in his eyes.

No, he still didn't understand why but he was convinced that it has something to do with this planet.

'Just, what in world is it?' He gritted his teeth as he glared fiercely at the backward planet.

He scanned it using his senses but its protective barrier deflected his senses. He was unable to see anything past the clouds.

Something within him burns, causing him to feel incredibly impatient. It's as if he was forgetting about something extremely important.

But how can that be? He hasn't done anything different lately, in fact, every day was mundane and boring to him so why would he suddenly think that way? hit him.

The Miraculous Son's thoughts froze once he realized the issue.

Right, he had totally forgotten about something. There's no doubting that by now.

What made him confident about this was the fact that he was sent to this location.

Out of all the worlds that they have colonized so far, this backward planet isn't that much. There were other important things that he could be doing right now instead of being here, yet he's here.

The Heavenly Father wouldn't send him here for nothing.

So what in the world did he forget? He now knows that it must be extremely important, yet he just can't seem to remember any of it.

This lead him to search for his own memories. He will comb every single thing in there until he remembers what it was that he's forgetting.

And that's precisely what he did. It didn't matter if he was in the middle of nowhere and very vulnerable. What he was doing was more important than his safety.

Yet, even after going to such lengths...he found nothing.

He couldn't recall what it is that he was forgetting and it frustrated him to no end.

His mood had completely shifted at this point. In this state, the Miraculous Son becomes quite scary.

He felt the urge to vent out. And his way of doing that was to gather as many followers as possible and take them to his room. The reaction felt instinctive at this point as if he had done it numerous times already.

The urge to remember was slowly being replaced with the urge to fuck, and he was not even aware of it.

Or at least, that's what should've, however, was bound to be different.

Wake up!


His mind was rocked by an intense impact that he didn't even sense coming. It quite literally came out of nowhere and rumbled his brain.

The Miraculous Son staggered a bit before coughing out blood, but this was the least of his worries.

A wave of, frankly, unfamiliar memories came rushing in like an unstoppable tsunami.

He recalled memories of himself visiting the small planet beneath him to personally see it with his eyes. He judged its worth and even met someone very interesting there.

Along with that, he also remembered being tricked by an adorable prankster, who he quite frankly took an interest too.

He then remembered calling for the Apostles here and sending them to a mission, and that's when things started getting blurry for him.

The Miraculous Son gave them a rather questionable mission. He told them to perform the cleansing of this world, a holy mission, but one without any time limit.

He remembered telling them to take their time, which was rather unusual for him since he was a busy person.

And judging from the looks of it, the Apostles had taken his word and followed it to the dot. He had yet to hear anything from them ever since sending them there.

It's either they're faithfully doing the task he has given them or they're dead.

What made him even angrier was the fact that he had practically thrown himself into a fit of debauchery from that point onwards.

He spent his days here like he was in the middle of a vacation. At this point, he had slept with pretty much everybody that was in the fleet with him, and that angered him so much since he's never been that kind of person.

Ultimately, this led to him discovering that he had been under hypnosis ever since he visited that world. That's why things got severely absurd.

If it weren't for the Heavenly Father's assistance, he would've probably remained hypnotized by whoever it was that did it to him.m

But, beneath his anger, the Miraculous Son couldn't help but applaud whoever it was who did it.

There was nothing for him to say, he lost this round, and quite handily too. He became a puppet without him knowing. He did questionable things that nearly jeopardized this mission here.

But that ends here.

The Miraculous Son won't fall for it anymore. He was completely guarded against this point onwards. The trickster, whoever it was, will never be able to put him under control starting from now. That, he vowed.

More importantly, the Miraculous Son remembered his purpose here. And he already judged that, although this backward planet wasn't all that impressive, its locals aren't so bad.

Maybe, there is worth it to subjugate them completely. Convert them to loyal followers of their faith and have them fight their battles.

With that in mind, the Miraculous Son went back to the fleet and quickly released a string of orders to get them moving.

Too much time has passed. Playtime's over. Now, these pests called Humans will experience the real might of the Celestials.

Around the same time that the Miraculous Son broke free from the hypnosis, Ashton could be seen arranging documents in his office.

When the hypnosis was broken, Ashton felt it happen. He froze all of a sudden before taking a deep breath.

He slowly stood up from his seat to look out of the window. His eyes held a strange look in them as he got immersed in his thoughts.

After that, he let out a sigh and told himself;

' least it lasted for a couple of years. I wasn't expecting it to last forever anyways.'

'Let's do this. There's no need to fret. Our preparations are enough.'

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Idle Mage: Humanity's Strongest Backer Chapter 286 Broken Hypnosis