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Idle Mage: Humanity's Strongest Backer
Chapter 271 Wrath’s Madness

Wrath, Envy, Sloth, Greed, and Pride.

These are the five Sin Demons who arrived upon the orders of the Demon Emperor.

Previously, it was their comrade - Lust, who was originally stationed in this world. He was supposed to be the one who will put this place under their control but to their surprise, he met his fall here.

Nobody truly expected that this world will put up a fight against them. This backward planet was so small and puny that it's hard to believe that it was possible, yet here they were, called reinforcements to bring the same backward planet under their heel.

When they arrived here under the orders of the Demon Emperor, they didn't expect the command line to be in a mess.

There was no semblance of authority when they got here. Almost all of their soldiers who were trapped here started minding their own business, acting like someone that they were not.

Such incompetence was unforgivable, hence they were sentenced to eternal damnation right away.

It took the five of them a good while before they restored order to the Qliphoth, and now their army is united again.

Recently, they had begun whittling down Humans. They kept sending hordes upon hordes of their army to their home, and from what their spies told them, Humanity was barely keeping itself safe.

To break Humanity's spirit bit by bit, was their goal. Pushing them into a corner until they couldn't endure anymore and crumble from the inside, just like what they did too they did to them.

It's almost poetic, actually. If only all of this was real...

The downside of this plan was that it was going to be boring for the Sin Demons.

Since they decided to chip away at Humanity's spirit, this meant that they wouldn't experience much action for a solid while. This agreement was also shared with the Celestial Apostles so this applies to them as well.

They will inevitably feel bored.

Yes, indeed, they all arrived here exhausted. After all, they were fighting each other before they were ordered to come here. The truce worked out for them since it's clear that they were all exhausted to the core and it also worked in the grand scheme that they have for humans.

But now, they've had enough rest. They rested so much that they began feeling antsy.

The boredom was unbearable, and they staved it off by doing something unique based on their personality.

Envy managed to get a hold of Humanity's entertainment things. They call it 'Movies' or something. He was watching a play that portrayed different scenarios and whether he'd admit it or not, he was hooked on it. Hell, he has even repeated his favorites about 10 times by now.

As for how he's able to make this work, well that's his business. Everyone knew well than to pry on Envy's things.

Sloth was a close company of Envy, however, she's just there to exist. She's still hibernating. She's probably the one who's least affected by boredom since all she does is sleep anyways.

Greed developed an interest in this world's nature. He began collecting samples of uncorrupted soil, roots, plants, flowers, and even animals. Nobody truly knows why he was suddenly interested in them but again, just like with Envy's business, the rest knew better than to pry.

As a result, Greed mostly spends his time locked up in his lab, busy studying these things to stave off the boredom.

Pride went into non-stop bragging. He became the life of the party. Every single day, he drinks and parties with those he liked hanging out with.

During the parties, Pride will brag about his adventures nonstop, sometimes even making up scenarios for theatrics. When he doesn't feel like talking, he'd start fucking. Sometimes even both at the same time.

A multi-tasking King indeed.

And then...there's Wrath.

If Sloth's the least unaffected by the boredom, then Wrath was the one who suffered the most from it.

He was antsy. The urge to break something and wreak havoc everywhere burned fiercely in his heart, but due to this pathetic agreement, he had to quell his instincts.

It was so difficult for him to sit still and do nothing. He was well rested, he's good to go so why can't he go? Why can't he start a fight? Why can't he fight? That doesn't make sense to him.

His whole identity is for the sake of creating chaos. He is the Sin of Wrath, a weapon of Mass Destruction. Inactivity to him was akin to a sentence of slow death.

It's quite literally killing him.

The Demon God knows just how much Wrath wanted to let himself wild. To release all of this pent-up stress and anger to relieve himself. Yet, because of orders, he couldn't. And it's really stressing him out.

He tried his best to get his mind off it. He did try ways how to distract himself from unleashing everything all at once. But sadly, it's only making things worse for him.

Wrath was so close to the point of spontaneously combusting. And if he didn't do anything about it, things will surely turn bad in an instant.

After tapping his foot for the nth time today. Wrath decided that he has had enough.

He stood up and marched toward's Greed's lab.

Wrath was so agitated that he quite literally tore the door open to his comrade's Lab just to see him. What greeted him, was the confused and, quite frankly, displeased Greed.

Unfortunately, Wrath's so consumed with his thoughts and instincts that he completely missed that.

"Send me out." He said, looking at Greed with his eyes burning fiercely.


A flat-out rejection from Greed really pushed Wrath to the edge of madness right then and there.

"Why not!?" Wrath's tone demanded answers. "Haven't we waited long enough? We've rested well enough already! Just let me out, I promise I won't eradicate them all! I just need to be out!"

"You come into my lab almost breaking it down and still haven't apologized for it. Now you're using that tone to me? Wrath, it seems that you're forgetting something here." Greed's eyes narrowed into slits.

His words carried enough venom in them that could intimidate anyone but right now, Wrath was just not having it.

He couldn't articulate it properly but in truth, this is a cry for help. Wrath isn't doing this because he was being petulant. He needed to go out since he was quite literally dying from boredom.

"Greed, let me out. I need to be out there. I need to fight like crazy." Wrath said, gritting his teeth out.

"I said no, Wrath. Stay put where you are. And if you dare to take even a single step out of this place, the Demon Emperor will hear about this."

"To hell with you!!!"

That was the last straw. Wrath was unable to hold it anymore. His Sin, amplified by the frustration he felt, exploded out and ruined every single thing in Greed's Lab.

Wrath panted after his sudden outburst, then it was followed by a rush of adrenaline. His Sin howled in delight when he finally broke something. He couldn't help but smile since he truly needed that.

Greed, on the other hand, felt incredibly vexed. And it didn't help that he saw Wrath looking happy with what he just did. Years' worth of research, gone just because of a bufoon that couldn't keep it in his pants.

How can Greed not feel annoyed?

Raising a hard, a pitch-black orb appeared on Greed's hand. Before Wrath could even sense it, the orb already exploded in his chest, sending him flying away.

Wrath could feel himself crashing into several walls but his mind wasn't focused on that. Instead, he reached out of the deepest recesses of his mind where he could hear his thoughts...

'This feels good, doesn't it?'

'The pain, the exhilaration, the rush, the adrenaline. Isn't this what you wanted?'

'Your heart is pumping in excitement, do you know why that is? It's because you're finally fighting again. Isn't that exciting?'

Wrath felt the final crash and quite honestly, he was pained. He clutched his chest, looking down to see that it was smoking a little because of what Greed did to him.

He looked at his surroundings and discovered that somehow, he ended up crashing where Pride and his men were partying til the sun drops. Pride was checking up on him but he couldn't hear what he was saying.

All he could hear was his heart pounding in his chest and that alluring voice, tempting him again...

'Oh look! Isn't this you're good ol' friend Pride? He's a nice guy, unlike Greed. Maybe he can help you out with your problem.'

'Cause you know...he's here. Why look for humans? They're fragile as fuck! It's not fun to fight them because they will break easily.'

'Pride on the other hand...well, why don't you figure that out yourself? Plus aren't you always disappointed when they say Pride's stronger than you? This is your chance to prove them wrong. What are you waiting for?'

"Hey, Pride!"

"Huh? Yeah, what's up Wrath?"

"Fight me!!!!"


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Idle Mage: Humanity's Strongest Backer Chapter 271 Wrath’s Madness