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Idle Mage: Humanity's Strongest Backer
Chapter 228 Consultation

'... things have really changed since he returned.'

This is what Gaia thought to herself as she hovered above Fantasia, looking over it with a fond expression on her face.

From where she was, she could feel the blooming prosperity of this place. She could see people with smiles on their faces, she could tell they were comfortable since all their needs are being met and more, they were also safe from harm as well.

It hasn't even been that long since Ashton sat in his current position, yet he already made so many improvements for Humanity's sake.

His biggest achievement was probably the most recent one, where he, among his loyal followers, prevented a huge army of invaders from destroying their homes and killing them all.

Gaia wondered to herself; when was the last time that something like that happened?

As far as she could remember, all Humanity could ever do before this, was to endure the blatant humiliation being forced upon them. The invaders constantly forced their hands to sacrifice their most powerful warrior to become food for the invaders in exchange for their safety. ๐’Šn๐“ƒ๐—ฟe๐šŠ๐’…. Co๐š–

How many heroes had fallen because of that? Gaia couldn't remember anymore. All she knows is that there was a lot.

But all of that stopped when Ashton took the mantle of Humanity's leader. From the moment he returned home until this very day, he never compromised with the invaders.

His hatred of them was the strongest out of all of them. And he hasn't even lived that long. He hasn't experienced what those abominations could truly do. But even so, he understands. He knows that the status quo must change.

'I am healing, thanks to him...' she thought to herself.

Before Ashton's return, Gaia always suffered tremendous pain that gnawed on her flesh incessantly.

Due to her being the personification of this world's consciousness, its soul, whatever happens to it, happens to her as well. Such is the fate of a True Spirit.

She had gotten so used to it that she somewhat learned how to function despite the agonizing pain. It's all she knew from the moment she was born. She did try her best to get rid of it, but alone there was only so much she could do.

That all changed when Ashton started making moves though...

She could still remember when Ashton visited her for the first time, asking her to guard an artifact that could mask the Providence of Humanity from the invaders who were already here.

Gaia initially thought that it was too good to be true yet he proved them wrong.

When that artifact was deployed and took effect, Gaia felt as if she has regained some sense of peace. The sensation of being stared at all the time disappeared.

One could easily imagine how shocked she was...

Then, he began reforming Fantasia slowly but surely. He had gotten rid of the cult, he brought back her sister and the Dragon Vein. He started restoring Humanity's providence, he improved Fantasia's living conditions, and so on...

Then he started raising people to help him with his sworn duty. He cultivated nature, purified the land they carved for themselves, he brought all sorts of treasures to assist with his purpose and everything paid off.

For the first time since then, Humanity won something. They've successfully eliminated those who were trying to threaten their peace and safety.

Gaia has absolutely no idea where he's getting all this stuff from. And to be completely honest, she didn't feel the need to ask.

From the very moment she received visions that this man would be the catalyst that this world so badly needed, she decided to leave everything in his hands. Even more so when he started producing results.

Who cares where he's getting all this technology from? So long as he's using them to aid his purpose, it's fine. Everyone is entitled to their secrets, there's no need to pry.

Gaia's healing started hastening after the recent event. She had no idea what Ashton did but she could feel that the corruption gnawing at her was beginning to fade ever so slightly.

It was still there and she could still feel it, however, it was not as painful as before.

She found herself smiling at this without her knowledge. This might be the very first time that she felt this comfortable. Hell, she just woke up from a nap. She never slept or napped before because of these tiny things gnawing at her, but she just did now.

If that wasn't a miracle on its own...

Additionally, Gaia could also feel some semblance of strength returning to her body. This was mostly because nature was recovering.

Ashton not only purified Last Bastion and its immediate vicinity, but he also restore life in it through the Virtue of Life.

The place where Humanity and the Invaders had clashed recently has now turned into a sprawling jungle that has also started breeding life.

This is the source of Gaia's energy since she's the personification of this world.

And from what she can tell, Ashton was just starting. He still has more up on his sleeves and he's just waiting for the right moment to do so.

"...Gaia, if you can hear me, please come to the office. I have something to show you. Oh, bring Acacia as well."

It seems that this time was one of those moments she was thinking about. Ashton would never request her presence out of boredom as far as she knows.

Sending a brief message to Acacia, Gaia teleported to Ashton's office. She and Acacia showed up around the same time.

"What can we do for you?" Gaia asked once they arrived.

Ashton didn't speak. Instead, he snapped his fingers. Gaia and Acacia noticed that the space around them started warping and numerous formations activated the moment he did that. Ashton then said:

"Don't fret, this is just a precaution. I'm about to take out something sensitive and I want your opinions about it."

Gaia never felt threatened by Ashton's sudden actions but she still appreciated the clarification. Acacia seems to be thinking the same too.

Then, Ashton took out a clear jar that has some kind of broken shard of glass in it.

The jar itself was covered with layers upon layers of runic seals, firmly sealing it shut. The shard of glass seemed to be floating in the air while it was on the jar.

Gaia involuntarily gasped when she saw that shard of glass though. The reaction was instant so there's no way that she could've prevented herself from doing it.

"This is...a realm fragment?" Gaia leaned forward to have a closer look. Acacia was doing the same as well.

"Yes, it is indeed a Realm Fragment," Ashton confirmed. "More specifically, it's the El-Realm Fragment, the same one where the Fey Race lived."

"The Feys." Acacia murmured, "None of us were born back when they were still here so we don't know much about them."

"I was just an idea back in their heyday." Gaia added.

"...well, I wasn't expecting to hear any stories about them from you fortunately enough." Ashton stated, "I brought this out for a different reason."

"How did you even get your hands into this?" Acacia asked. Gaia smacked her arms slightly and glared at her.

Ashton saw that but he just chuckled and said: "I'm half Fey. Not just any Fey though. I am from their Imperial Bloodline. Last of my kind probably. This showed up to me when my bloodline awakened."

Now, that's one hell of a surprise, isn't it? Why did he only tell them this now?

A Fey in this current Era? And not just any Fey but one from the Imperial Bloodline? Hell! He's even rarer compared to True Spirits!

"That'" Gaia was flabbergasted so she was unable to prevent herself from asking.

Ashton shrugged and said: "It just happened. I was in distress when I was fighting for my life back when I was still out there and that might've been what triggered it."

"From that point onwards, I started having visions. I also started improving at an alarming rate. It wasn't until recently that I've completely awakened my bloodline, and then this appeared."

For some reason, Gaia felt skeptical about that story. She guessed that he might be hiding something more but honestly, that was none of her business so she didn't ask.

And fortunately, Acacia seems to have understood that as well...

"Well, what are your plans with it?" Gaia asked.

"I was planning to fuse it with the Grotto Heaven." He stated, "Do you think that it'd be safe to do that?"

"...I don't see any problems with that. After all, the Fey Race once walked this land. Their home was once a part of this world too so there shouldn't be any complications." Gaia replied.

"Yeah, if anything, you'd just be returning something that this world has been missing since the ancient past." Acacia added.

"Oh, that's good then." Ashton sighed in relief. "Because I also received the El-Tree Seed, you know, the tree that they've once worshipped. I really wanted to plant it but it needed the Fey Laws to workโ€”"

"I'm sorry. What now?" Both Gaia and Acacia asked in surprise.

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Idle Mage: Humanity's Strongest Backer Chapter 228 Consultation