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Idle Mage: Humanity's Strongest Backer
Chapter 220 Descent Of Chaos

Labolas had an overview of the entire operation.

He gathered up an army of Hypogeans to Operate the Eclipse Drill, using that to break the pesky little barrier this planet had.

The Eclipse Drill was one of the sacred treasures of the Hypogean Race. It has seen a lot of activity since the day it was created. It also has destroyed many worlds since then.

'I still don't know why My Liege brought out this thing for such a petty thing like this.' Labolas thought to himself as he watched the humongous drill do its job.

'Well, my job has never been to think so I guess it's alright.' He snorted as another round of sacrifices was sent to fuel the Eclipse Drill.

Labolas, as one of the generals of the Demon Lord, was one of the most powerful demons to ever live. He also has the longest tenure, he had conquered many worlds under the banner of the Hypogean Race and he also is someone who does their job properly.

He didn't care even though the Eclipse Drill used living sacrifices as fuel. He didn't bat an eye since he knows that those who died will eventually be brought back anyway.

And to him, dying this way was more meaningful rather than dying of old age. So truly couldn't care less.

'But all things considered, this is taking so long...' He groaned audibly, causing the lesser demons around him to tremble in fear.

He wasn't expecting the puny efforts of this puny world to hold out this long. But he wasn't concerned too much. He had seen something like this before, at the end of the day, this world will fall too, it's just a matter of time.

Labolas peeled his gaze away from the Eclipse Drill and peered over the horizon. His pupils constricted to the point that they turned into a needle-like shape.

His vision warped and extended very far, reaching the opposite end of where their camp was. He then saw the repulsive scene of pure gold which made him feel a little bit irritated.

It took a while for his vision to adjust to that golden light and make sense of what he was witnessing.

'As expected...' he mused inwardly. 'These bastards calculated My Liege's decisions again and purposefully drew out this bastard to test my patience.'

A faint growl escaped from his throat, causing the lesser demons to feel even more terrified.

He watched as the Celestials did the exact same activity on their side; forcing their way in using their own sacred treasure. The one heading the operation was a familiar face to him.

And speaking of the goddamn pigeon, his rival sensed him and returned his gaze. It's the sheer audacity of this bastard that triggered him the most, shamelessly winking at him as if they were close or something.

'You damned bird...test me and I swear I will fold you in half.'

The name of this rival was St. Francis. One of the most annoying thing he had ever encountered.

He had lost count of how many times this guy was sent whenever he was on a mission. It's like they are purposefully clashing the two of them at any chance they get. 𝒾n𝒏𝚛𝗲αd. 𝒄om

Labolas didn't like St. Francis if that's not obvious yet at this point.

He doesn't understand. Out of all people in the Celestial Race, why did they pick this guy and thought that he could match him? What were they trying to say by making this guy his rival?

Either way though, Labolas hated St. Francis so much that even the tiniest thing he does was offensive to him.

If it weren't for the fact that this guy has some respectable abilities, be probably would've killed him for real by now.

Labolas withdrew his gaze from the Celestial Race, he couldn't endure looking at St. Francis' ugly mug for that long or he might actually lose it.

He closed his eyes and calmed himself down. He reigned in his temper and buried it under a calm visage. He decided that instead of doing things that aggravated him, he might as well focus on the operation.

Labolas looked at the Eclipse Drill, he could hear the sacrifices screaming in pure agony as they were ground up into a paste which was then used to fuel the drill.

He could also see the sparks flying as a result of the drill's attempts to punch a massive hole for them to enter and land.

This continued until his patience ran out. Rolling his eyes, Labolas stood up from his seat and walked out.

"Put the drill away, damn it..." he cursed the lesser demons as he walked out.

The lesser demons scrambled to fulfill his orders and told the others to put the Eclipse Drill away. By the time they relayed the order, Labolas was already waking on the spatial vacuum, standing not too far from the spot they were trying to drill out.

With arms crossed, his eyes glowed with a dark crimson hue. Pure demonic light pooled in his eye sockets before a crimson laser began searing the surface of the barrier.

He had met some resistance but he didn't mind. He lifted his foot and stomped hard at the spatial vacuum, creating a condensed force that rocked the barrier. pan(da-n0vel.c)om

This kept going until everybody heard something...


Ears perking up, Labolas took that as a sign that he was doing something right. He focused even more and strengthened his blows until a visible web of cracks was seen all over the planet.

The breakdown of the barrier was gentle yet inevitable. Everybody watched as it fell like snowflakes on the land beneath as if the sky had just fallen.

"Finally..." Labolas groaned, "It turns out that the Eclipse Drill was never needed. Hey, you lot. Get ready! We will descend shortly!"

Actually, he wasn't the cause of the barrier's breakdown. Not even close, really. It disappeared because its invincibility period was over.

But there's no need to tell them that. They don't have to know. Let them be proud of themselves for an achievement that was never theirs.

It didn't take long before the army was ready. Labolas of course only took a select few of the army and not everybody.

His task was to snuff out Humanity and bring back some Humans for his Liege to sample. Labolas thought to himself that he alone was enough to accomplish all of this, but just in case, he decided to come with a small group of lesser demons.

Once the lesser demons were ready, Labolas handed out the order for their descent.

Demons who were stationed at the Qlipoth had been waiting for this. Ever since they felt the gaze of Labolas peering down on them, they were already aware of what was about to happen.

That's why as soon as they saw the sky falling down, they knew that Labolas was coming.

It didn't take long for Labolas and his army to land at the Qlipoth, where they were warmly welcomed by the demon army that was stationed there.

As soon as they saw Labolas' hulking figure and felt the frightening density of his bloodline, everyone immediately knew that he was the sole commanding figure of this operation from now on.

"Mn?" Labolas' eyes narrowed.

Before anything could even happen, something occurred which shocked everybody.

They felt the heat from miles away, causing them to look at the sky. They were then greeted with not one, not two, but ten...

Ten Meteors, ablaze with white flames, flew down in their position. The Demons were horrified.

The same thing was happening at Laguna as well...

"Huh...that's new." Labolas commented softly.

Being greeted this way was a first for him. Nobody from the many worlds he conquered under the Hypogean Banner was this creative.

As everybody scrambled to take cover, Labolas pointedly ignored the meteors. Instead, he brought his army and left the Qlipoth right away.

His mission was to destroy humanity and bring back humans with him. Whatever happens to the Qlipoth was none of his concerns.

Labolas strode out of there with his army, each stride of his brought him hundreds of miles closer to Last Bastion. His mere presence was a natural disaster to this world since a Black Fog emerged out of nowhere and it got thicker and thicker with each stride he took.

Peering beyond the horizon, Labolas could see that a Golden Sandstorm was heading their way, and if he continues this way, they will eventually clash with it.

Well, Labolas wouldn't be him if he were to retreat because of this. The thought of clearing a path or retreating never even occurred to him so the inevitable happened.

The Black Fog and the Golden Sandstorm clashed, and the result was devastating for this world.

Huge chunks of land exploded into rubble. War cries erupted from the opposing sides and a fierce clash ensued when the Celestials and the Hypogeans met.

The most devastating clash was of course between the rivals;



And just like that, a destructive clash between black and gold continued, causing the world to tremble due to its sheer intensity.

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Idle Mage: Humanity's Strongest Backer Chapter 220 Descent Of Chaos