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Chapter 7

Wang Jie felt very touched today, her family’s Shu Shu has finally grown up, no longer causing a fuss!

She never thought that her artist would be so cool and noble today.

Du Yu Shu is very cool and noble, she no longer sits in front of the set and instead rests in her own lounge area, wanting to make up for her lost sleep. Wang Jie looks at Du Yu Shu’s dark circles and decisively let her rest as she went outside to play with her phone.

Unable to contain herself, Wang Jie sent Wei Meng a message on WeChat— “My family’s Shu Shu finally grew up! Glamorous and beautiful! ?? ?? ?? ”

Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An’s relationship aren’t great and they would always fight whenever they see each other. Because of this, Wang Jie and Wei Meng would always have to pull their artists away and apologize to one another. Over time, a friendship started to form.

Du Yu Shu has a strong supporter and is considered cold and mysterious by other people while Ye Jing An is aloof to others. Their two artists fought with great effort, but the agents know who should be offended and who shouldn’t. Although their artists have always exchanged blows at one another, they have not yet brought out a knife. So, in order to uphold a harmonious society, the two agents are polite to each other and gradually became familiar.

Because of their similar experience of facing their artist’ wrath and having converse every now and then, Wei Meng and Wang Jie slowly became friends and added each other on WeChat. Ever since they complained about their artists’ childish behaviors, their exchanges have not stopped!

Who made their artist’s mouth so poisonous?

So today, Wang Jie who is about to burst from joy, urgently sent a message to Wei Meng.

Wei Meng was taken aback.

Ye Jing An wasn’t in a very good mood today, Du Yu Shu’s strange attitude this morning made him frown. When he went inside the studio and found that Du Yu Shu went straight to her lounge room instead of sitting in front of the stage like she usually does, he was sure something is wrong with her. Something must have happened yesterday so that Du Yu Shu’s mood isn’t great.

Ye Jing An continued to frown, the person that he wants to find is not here, so naturally, he doesn’t sit in front of the stage as well. All the way to his lounge room, Ye Jing An wondered what happened in the end. Clearly yesterday, Du Yu Shu still have the same vigor to quarrel with him.

Ye Jing An frowned as he looks at his phone. Wei Meng, who had been talking to him, suddenly noticed that he wasn’t paying attention to him. Angry, Wei Meng wanted to shake his shoulder and roar at him, but seeing Ye Jing An’s slightly wrinkled brows, he decisively went away.

Out of sight out of mind.

Wei Meng doesn’t know why Ye Jing An is in a bad mood, he was still acting normal when he picked him up this morning and his mood seemed to be fine as well. Now, although he still has the same polite alienation, as his agent for many years, how can Wei Meng not understand his mood?

Wei Meng gloomily took out his phone and went onto WeChat. He was immediately bombarded with Wang Jie’s boast, making his heart tighten.

Behind him came a faint voice, “So my agent and Du Yu Shu’s agent had such a good relationship.”

Wei Meng’s hand trembled, almost dropping the phone in his hand.

“Jing....Jian An?....” Wei Meng subconsciously hid his phone behind his back.

“Hmm?” Ye Jing An softly smiled. That smile scared Wei Meng, whose heart started to thump loudly.

“Can you not...” Wei Meng looked at Ye Jing An pleadingly.

“Tonight’s formal gathering for the six members of 《Vertical and Horizontal Alliance》,” Ye Jing An smiled and leaned against the door, “will be at 8 o’clock at Yu Shu’s Private Blue Room on the third floor.”

Wei Meng subconsciously said, “How come I did not hear about it?”

Technically speaking, shouldn’t the agent first be given prior notice of the program group dinner.

“I was the one who planned it,” Ye Jing An slightly open the door, “It’s an opportunity for you to atone for your crimes, Mr. Agent.”

After he finished speaking, Ye Jing An directly went to his lounge room and locked the door.

Wei Meng, “.........QAQ!”

Having been threatened by his own agent once again, Mr. Wei Meng felt his heart tightened.

Yesterday afternoon, Ye Jing An asked for a leave and since he has a major role, the scenes for the supporting roles were filmed on that day instead. So, today, most of the scenes are with Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An so it would be impossible for Du Yu Shu not to see him.

And the first scene of the day is the one that they have NGed for seven to eight times already.

When Du Yu Shu came out of her lounge room, she saw the various crew members preparing, the peach blossoms were prepared. On the stage stood Ye Jing An, looking imposingly handsome. His peach blossom eyes carried a trace of a shallow smile, and at that moment, Du Yu Shu’s steps faltered.

Du Yu Shu closed her eyes. She is wearing a white dress, her long black hair is tied into a simple ponytail, looking fresh and natural, like a high school student. Some strands of hair are hanging by her eyes, adding on to the charm of a young lady.

Du Yu Shu, you’re an actress.

Du Yu Shu silently said some words of comfort and went onto the stage. She turned and give Ye Jing An a sweet smile as she looks up at him with her phoenix eyes, showing a trace of affection.

Ye Jing An was stunned. Director Zhang yelled, “Correct! Keep this state! Let’s try to shoot it!”

Ye Jing An expressionlessly said, “......oh.”

Besides me, does anyone see what is wrong with Du Yu Shu today?

Ye Jing An’s eyes flashed as he lightly chuckles, “Leading Actress Du, don’t disappoint Director Zhang ah.”

A smirk and a look of ridicule in the eyes.

—That is the expression that Du Yu Shu hates the most.

Usually, Du Yu Shu would snap back, but at this moment she just faintly smiles, “Naturally.”

Ye Jing An went back to his designated position and slight frowned.

What is wrong with Du Yu Shu today?


When Director Zhang’s voice was carried out, the pink petals started flying in the air. At that moment, the girl turned her head, revealing eyes that her full of smiles, showing the sincere feelings of a little girl.

Her dress flutters in the air. The girl’s face was slightly flushed and her eyes reveal some youthfulness. As if she was frightened, she lowered her head, exposing a fair neck and red ears.


Behind the mildly low voice was an indescribable tenderness. Under the pink sky, that pair of seductive peach blossom eyes was only on that person.

“Brother Xi Li.....”

The girl’s voice was seductively sweet, as she raises her lowered head, her fingers slightly curled. Skirt fluttering, cheeks reddish, and her side profile have a look of gentleness and elegance. Her head was not completely lifted up, it paused in the air as if in silent contemplation before it suddenly lifted.

Their eyes met–––

Gentle love, the girl’s shy affection, and the boy’s soft adoration.

Under the pink sky, like a magnet attracted to each other, the man and the woman subconsciously walk to one another.

Their hands gradually touched.

“Cut—!” The moment she heard Director Zhang’s joyous voice, Du Yu Shu threw away Ye Jing An’s hand. His hand was left hanging in the air as he looks at her thoughtfully.

“Prepare the next scene!”

Du Yu Shu let out a breath, she is finally done with this scene.

Ye Jing An, do you know? My most hated scene is this one.

Really annoying.

Du Yu Shu quickly steps down to change clothes. Today she had many scenes to film, add on to the fact that she didn’t sleep well last night, her body began to feel uncomfortable.

“Leading Actress Du,” Ye Jing An’s softly called out. Du Yu Shu didn’t seem to have heard him as she quickly walks down the set and was led away by her agent.

Ye Jing An felt irritated. August weather is really hot. Today, he once again wore a shirt and trousers. His forehead is covered in sweat, making him more irritable.

“Have you talked it over?” Ye Jing An asked Wei Meng.

Wei Meng, “....No.”

“Oh,” Ye Jing An chuckled and walked to his dressing room. He laughed, “There’s not enough time left to atone for one’s crime, Mr. Agent.”

Wei Meng, “.......”

Why is my artist so scary today QAQ!

So what exactly happened yesterday?

Ye Jing An unbuttoned a button and drank a mouthful of water, his face cold.

He really hoped that he gets a satisfactory answer today.

When he closed his eyes, those pair of phoenix eyes looks over at him affectionately as her side profile revealed some shy happiness, “.....Xi Li ge....”

If Brother Xi Li is switched with Ye Jing An, it would’ve sounded better.

Ye Jing An curved his lips, he thought, what he wants to hear, he definitely heard it.

Outside, Wei Meng sent Wang Jie a message, “I really envy you【 ?? 】【 ?? 】 【?? 】 ”

Wang Jie’s reply quickly came back, it’s a picture of a dog being petted. Wei Meng pouted, “Are you my friend? Can’t you help me?”

Wang Jie’s reply came even faster, “I don’t think that is a good idea.”

“So, our boat of friendship has turned over.”

Wei Meng, “......!!!”

I’m not talking about business!

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