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Chapter 28

When Du Yu Shu arrived at the director’s specified assembly area, it is already noon. The sun mercilessly roasted the earth. All the way down the road, these are no one to be seen, Du Yu Shu also doesn’t want to get off the car.

When she slightly opened the door, the hot summer air was a huge contrast to the car’s cold air. She simply has no desire to get off the car. Wang Jie silently stared at her. Du Yu Shu touched her nose and gathered up her courage to open the door and get out.

“So hot.....” Du Yu Shu couldn’t help but complain when she stepped out of the car. Wang Jie handed her a bottle of yogurt from her side and whispered, “Today is around 30 degrees, furthermore, it’s noon so the hot weather is not so strange at all. Hopefully, it would be better in the forest.”

“En....” Du Yu Shu poked the straw in the yogurt and followed Wang Jie and a few other people into the forest.

The director and the staff members have already prepared everything, making the scene look exactly the same as it had been yesterday. Du Yu Shu rubbed her forehead. The weather is too hot, she was only standing but she had already begun to sweat.

When Du Yu Shu arrived, Ye Jing An and Dong Hua Nian had already arrived and are talking, seeming very friendly and warm. Du Yu Shu walked over and greeted them and also joined the conversation.

Dong Hua Nian looked to have had a good rest but his facial features looked a bit melancholy. Du Yu Shu smiled and pretended that she didn’t see. She and Dong Hua Nian did not cross path anywhere. His appearance isn’t like the current popular flower boy look but has more of a tough image. During his earlier years in the entertainment industry, he didn’t have any good resources. Although some of his roles were popular for a period of time, he had remained tepid in the entertainment circle. Before this reality show, Du Yu Shu and Dong Hua Nian had little to no interactions, some things are best to be left unperturbed.

The staffs opened a few umbrellas to block out the sun making the weather a little less intolerable. Five minutes later, Meng Yun Rui, Yang Yu Bo, and Wang Xiao Chen arrived and apologized to Du Yu Shu and the others for their tardiness but they don’t seem to mind. After that, filming began.

Everyone stood in the same order they were in yesterday. The staff handed each person a clue while the director shouted, “Everyone had already prepared the fruit salad, next please send it to Princess Anjisi who lives in the city in the sky. When you give the fruit salad to Princess Anjisi, you will get a reward from the princess.”

“City in the sky.....” Meng Yun Rui repeated then cried, “You’re not going to make us climb trees right?”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Du Yu Shu rubbed her temples, “The director is human, why would he make us climb trees?”

“Puchi.....” Ye Jing An chuckled and carefully eyes Du Yu Shu, his lips curving up, “Then what does Goddess Du think the director will make us do?”

Du Yu Shu quickly glanced at Ye Jing An, “The director’s character is warm, He won’t make us do stuff like parachuting, rock climbing....”

When Du Yu Shu just finished speaking, Yang Yu Bo held her head and shouted, “.....Don’t say it anymore! So scary!”

Ye Jing An nodded and joked, “Yes ah, Goddess Du should speak less. Goddess Du is after all just a beautiful black crow.”

Meng Yun Rui and the others couldn’t help but laugh. Meng Yun Rui made some crow flying gestures as Wang Xiao Chen ignorantly asked, “ means crow’s beak (a harbinger of doom/jinx) right?”

Wang Xiao Chen’s words were a fatal blow which had everyone bent over with laughter. Du Yu Shu raises her brows and simply says, “Then I will say a few more words. In this round, Ye Jing An will not be able to get a single clue and will also become a black crow.”

“The kind that can’t fly.” Du Yu Shu adds.


After messing around, they were brought to the edge of the forest by the staff and saw that there was a chain at the top. Du Yu Shu was in a bad mood, “You’re not going to make us climb down right.....”

“Maybe they want you to walk on a tightrope instead,” Ye Jing An raised his eyebrow and faintly smiled.

Du Yu Shu smiled and walked to Ye Jing An’s side, his body showing no mirth, “Emperor Ye should just worry about himself.”

Du Yu Shu looked at him disdainfully, “With Ye Jing An’s heavy body, please don’t fall from below. I am afraid that you would be stuck to the ground and no one would be able to pull you out.”

“Goddess Du is joking,” Ye Jing An looked at Du Yu Shu’s waist for a few minutes and laughed, “After all, I have not been pestered by my agent to go to the gym to maintain my body, but somebody......”

Ye Jing An dragged on his words, “But that is not the same ah.”

Du Yu Shu, “......hehe, Emperor Ye, has anyone ever told you, you are very cute?”

Du Yu Shu fiercely wrinkles her nose.

“There is,” Ye Jing An lightly said, “Everyone thinks I’m cute.”

“So everyone feels the same way as me,” Du Yu Shu nodded her head and patted Meng Yun Rui on the shoulders and laughed, “Yun Rui, do you know what cute means?”

“Pitiful because of being unloved!” Men Yun Rui shouted.

Du Yu Shu couldn’t cover her laugh and patted Meng Yun Rui’s shoulder, leaving Ye Jing An to helplessly rub his nose.

This girl, can’t she be a little bit cute?

Ye Jing An helplessly rubbed his temple. Although it is very cute, can’t she be a little less competitive?

What’s wrong with letting him win once?

However, her smile when she wins is also very cute.

“The present from Princess Anjisi to everyone is located at the city in the sky. Everyone please use the high-altitude chain to get the present that Princess Anjisi prepared for you.”

Du Yu Shu indifferently asked, “Director, how high up is the chain?”

“It’s less than 10 meters.”

“How long is the chain?” Ye Jing An asked.

“Around 70 to 80 meters.”

“Director!” Yang Yu Bo angrily raised her hand and asked, “Is there still time for me to write a suicide note?”

The director coldy and mercilessly said, “Too late.”

“Come! Brothers and sisters! This is the last straw, we don’t need to be courteous with the director, stand up against him!” Meng Yun Rui raised his fist in the air as if he was leading a rebellion.

After all the fuss, they faced the nearly ten meters of chain. Although the chain is not that high off the ground, it is still their first time hanging from the chain. Looking at it, the speed of sliding down would not be slow. Not only that, they have to grab the envelopes that are all over the place. Just thinking about it.....

Makes them want to have a fight with the director!

Especially Yang Yu Bo and Du Yu Shu these two women.

Don’t know what the order is, but Yang Yu Bo is the first one up. From the top of the chain down, Yang Yu Bo had been endlessly crying, holding an envelope in her hand, pale-looking, her hair messy, making her overall appearance pitiful.

Du Yu Shu unconsciously clenched her hands which are tightly folded together and firmly stared at the pale Yang Yu Bo. When Yang Yu Bo came down, the first thing Du Yu Shu did was hand her a bottle of yogurt and helped her down.

Yang Yu Bo drank sip of yogurt, her eyes conveying her horror, “My legs right now have gone soft....”

“I feel like my legs have gone soft already.....” Du Yu Shu lined up at the back, not feeling so well.

The second person is Dong Hua Nian. Ye Jing An thoughtfully looked at him, this order, the next person is him right?

Really, he can’t console Du Yu Shu.

Dong Hua Nian’s performance was better than Yang Yu Bo’s. In his hand are three envelopes but his face was pale when he went up and down the chain. He wipes away his sweat and wryly smiles “I thought I have to make myself clear.”

The director shouted, “Ye Jing An.”

The third person is actually himself.

Ye Jing An suddenly walked up to Du Yu Shu’s side. Concealing his hand under his sleeve, Ye Jing An pulled Du Yu Shu’s sleeve and their eyes met. At that moment, Du Yu Shu seems to understand Ye Jing An’s meaning and calmly followed him forward, remaining half a step behind.

Ye Jing An softly and concisely said, “Pay attention to the number sequence.”

“You can do it.”

Just ten short words but it gave Du Yu Shu endless strength.

And then he walked forward as the staff helped him put on his equipment and chain.

Suddenly, Ye Jing An slid down but didn’t forget to look back at Du Yu Shu.

Appeasing and provocative.

Du Yu Shu silently stared at Ye Jing An. At this time, he doesn’t look good, his body is covered in a variety of equipment with the chain from it, leaving his arms and hand free to move around as he struggled to grab the envelopes.

Obviously his image was in disarray, but in her heart, he looks like a hero.

Pay attention to the number sequence?

Du Yu Shu looked up at the sky and heard a voice at her side, “Du Yu Shu.”

I am the fourth one, number four.

Du Yu Shu suddenly understood what Ye Jing An discovered.

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