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Chapter 20

Du Yu Shu really wants to post something now, the contents is #Why Did My Sworn Enemy Invite Me Out On A Date Ah# #Worried

What is Ye Jing An up to!

At this time, her phone rang. Du Yu Shu picked up her phone and look at the caller before receiving the call, “ge.”

“Little Treasure,” The male voice on the other side sounds a bit pampering. In Du Yan Su’s eyes, his little sister is his treasure.

“How are you? I hear that you and Ye Jing An aren’t meeting eye to eye. Now, you are working on the same project and are participating in a reality show together. Do you need your brother’s help?” the man chuckled and asked.

“Cough, cough!” Du Yu Shu, who was drinking water, choked and patted her chest, “Ge, where did you hear that from, you even read those gossip magazine? Don’t worry about it.”

“Did you choke? If you drink water, drink properly, don’t lie on the sofa while drinking water. How many times do I have to tell you?”

“Ok, ok, ok,” Du Yu Shu surrendered.

“You never listen to me.” The man frowned.

“Stop, stop, stop!” Du Yu Shu don’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Ge, don’t worry, I’m fine. I sleep well and eat well; yesterday, I even gained two pounds. Now, you tell me, have you eaten dinner yet?”

The phone was silent for a moment before the man said, “I’ll go eat.....”

“I knew it!” Du Yu Shu abruptly sat up on the sofa and said, “Don’t eat fast food or junk food! You must not drink black coffee ah.....”

“En, okay.” The man obediently replied, interrupting Du Yu Shu. He smiled and said, “I’ll go drink porridge, good night, Small Treasure.”

“Oh right, ge,” Du Yu Shu scratch her face with her finger, feeling somewhat embarrassed, “Have you ever been on a date before?”

“No,” Du Yan Su replied, suddenly having a bad premonition. He suddenly raised his voice, “You’re going on a date?!”

“It’s not me!” Startled by her brother’s suddenly raised voice, “Alright, I’m not going to talk to you anymore, you quickly go drink your porridge and then go to sleep. Good night....”

“No, you have to tell me clearly.....!” Du Yan Su hasn’t finished speaking when the call was disconnected with a “beep.” At once, his face turned black and exuded a cold air.

Assistant Xiao Wang, who sat in the corner, shivered. Boss is really too scary!

“Book me a plane ticket, I’m going back.” Du Yan Su coldly said. Xiao Wang immediately stood up and sprang away to get Du Yan Su his plane ticket.

The moment Xiao Wang stepped out of the room, he took a deep breath. When he saw that Li jie was about to go in, he instantly pulled her back and whispered, “Don’t go in, boss is very angry.”

“What happened?” Li jie curiously asked.

“Miss seems to be going on a date and asked the boss, who blew up on the spot,” Xiao Wang patted his chest and continued, “Scared me to death....”

“Do you need to pay medical expenses?” A low cello-like voice came from behind. Xiao Wang looked back and saw Du Yan Su faintly smile. His legs turned soft and immediately fell to the ground.

She even asked her brother about this matter. Du Yu Sh patted her cheeks, unable to think.

Is it really trying anyone or anything in a crisis?

Du Yu Shu restrained herself for a while, but when she couldn’t bear it anymore, she went online and searched for a post of dates. The more she read, the more she got worried and wanted to pull her hair out in frustration.

As for adding Ye Jing An on WeChat, Du Yu Shu who is stressed right now forgot about it.

During the last stage of editing, a few cameramen are sitting in the lounge room chatting. Xiao Wu, who remembered Wang Xiao Chen and Men Yun Rui’s gossipy manner earlier, couldn’t help but want to gossip as well. Ye Jing An’s chatty cameraman Xiao Su isn’t here so Xiao Wu couldn’t help but turn to Xiao Zhang, who was filming Du Yu Shu today, and ask, “What happened between Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing AN today? It like an ultimate fight to the death.”

Xiao Zhang pushed up his glasses and saw a few of his colleagues looking at him in excitement. Xiao Zhang looked at the tightly closed door and began to fill their interest, “Isn’t that right? This two, are really......”

“Sworn enemies!”

After finding the right adjective to describe them, Xiao Zhang excitedly said, “Although Goddess Du would usually look cold, she is actually very polite and gentle. When she accidentally bumped into someone, she would say sorry, not acting very arrogant at all. She is on a completely different level from those other actresses. Even that other female star in the reality show can’t be compared to Du Yu Shu in temperament and demeanor.”

“Hai, I got too carried away,” Xia Zhang rubbed his head and continued, “But this wonderful person ah, when she comes in contact with Ye Jing An, they are like fire and water; completely incompatible! Words like thorns, I never would have thought that Goddess Du would ever say those words! But she also looked very beautiful, like a queen; just too beautiful ah!”

Several of Xiao Zhang’s colleagues stared at him silently. Embarrassed, Xiao Zhang lowered his head and continued, “At that time, Ye Jing An asked her to guess whether he would help her or not and Goddess Du gave a definite no. However, we were recording a program ah, but Goddess Du didn’t give him any face at all; you can guess how poor their relationship is. But them, my goddess gave a win-win solution. Really worthy of being my goddess, very smart.”

Xiao Wu wanted to hit him, isn’t he just bragging about the goddess?!

“And then, when those two are working together, they continue to argue nonstop, not caring that they are being filmed. If you mess with me. I will mess with you; my goddess’s words were clever, she scolded him but didn’t spit out any dirty words. She even went on to say that Ye Jing An is not human, just too amazing!”

Xiao Wu, “......get to the point!”

“Isn’t the point that my goddess is smart, beautiful and charming?” Xiao Zhang stared at him with wide eyes, “The reason why Ye Jing An and my goddess don’t get along is because of him! He was not a gentleman at all, the goddess isn’t the one at wrong here, hmph.”

Xiao Wu, “......”

“So they really have been arguing the entire morning?” Someone asked.

“Really,” Xiao Zhang nodded for sure, “The goddess may be cold but would not speak rudely. However, when she is faced with Ye Jing An, her face would turn cold, her eyes showed disdain and her words become venomous. When the goddess accidentally bumped into Ye Jing An, she would disgustedly dust off the part of her clothes that touched him. Ye Jing An also hates the goddess, I firmly believe this is his problem.”

Xiao Zhang frowned, “He was not nice to the goddess whatsoever! He disregards the goddess in every way especially with that poisonous tongue of his; not the least bit like a gentleman at all! And later, when they encountered Dong Hua Nian and Yang Yu Bo, Ye Jing An abandoned the goddess with no hesitation. He even swore allegiance to Yang Yu Bo and didn’t even taken to account the goddess that was right next to him.”

“The relationship between those two are really hard to watch, as a spectator, I couldn’t even bear to watch,” Xiao Zhang sighed, “They didn’t even try to save some face; every chance they get, they would argue; the relationship is poor to that extent.”

Xiao Wu, “......this relationship, is really bad ah.....”

Xiao Zhang nodded and said, “I also think that the relationship is bad; I don’t know if the goddess would suffer in the future.”

“How did their relationship get so bad ah....” Xiao Zhang curiously said, “In the entertainment industry, shouldn’t you act like you are on good terms on the surface even if you are not? These two people even placed it up on the surface....”

The cameramen were silent for a moment and then began buzzing about what Xiao Zhang said. The power of a few grown men gossiping cannot be underestimated ah.

Du Yu Shu spent the last two hours in her room reading countless posts. At 5 o’clock, she finally went to change outfits.

Since she is going out with Ye Jing An, she must not lose to him!

Du Yu Shu thought, she must be beautiful and make Ye Jing An speechless to show that she is way better than him!

5:30. When Ye Jing An knocked on the door, Du Yu Shu had just finished getting ready.

Ye Jing An stared at the clean and fresh-looking Du Yu Shu and felt his heart skip a beat.

“Looks like you carefully picked your outfit ah,” Ye Jing An smiled, trying to cover up his gaffe, “Seems like Leading Actress Du cares about this date, have you been waiting a long time?”

“I just doing it for the sake of propriety,” Du Yu Shu said cool-headedly, “Or course, Emperor Ye who has yet evolved from apes won’t know what is called propriety.”

Ye Jing An laughed happily, surprising Du Yu Shu.

Ye Jing An smiled, “I knew that you aren’t willing but to actually put in the effort to dress up and go out with me, I am very happy.”

Du Yu Shu, “......”

Du Yu Shu bent his waist and did a gentlemanly bow. He stretched out his left hand and smiled, “Please let me take you out for a wonderful night, my queen.”

“En, certainly,” Du Yu Shu lifted up her head arrogantly. Although she doesn’t know why Ye Jing An is acting this way, she still softly replied.

But deep inside, she felt very nervous QAQ1

Her features look refined and exquisite, her makeup wonderfully applied. She wore a light blue dress contrasting with her white skin. On her chest is a brooch, simple yet striking. Her whole appearance made her look like a fresh beauty.

He took her hand and led her out the hotel. Like a gentleman, he opened the door and helped her into the black car.

Du Yu Shu felt even more nervous.

She felt like this is the tranquility before a storm......

Wang Jie was dumbstruck when she came back. Those two people who just entered the car is her family’s Yu Shu and......Ye Jing An?

My god! Did the sun not come out today?

Ye Jing An couldn’t possibly be plotting something evil against her Shu Shu right?!

Scared, Wang Jie took out her phone and furiously typed in a series of numbers. She yelled, “Wei Meng, tell me clearly! What is your artist up to with my Shu Shu?! If you don’t tell me clearly, I’ll see you in court!”

Wei Meng, “.......”

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