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Chapter 13

“This is a really rare scene ah,” A low male voice came from behind. Du Yu Shu stiffened and listened to that voice that contained a smile, “Du Yu Shu is also a human.”

That man paused and increased his voice which contained a slight mockery, “You were crying?”

This sentence took a direct blow to Du Yu Shu’s self-esteem. She turned her head, revealing a cold anger in her eyes, “Why don’t you go get your eyes checked, Emperor Ye.”

Ye Jing An just faintly smiled at her and indifferently asked, “Then what is wrong with your eyes?”

Du Yu Shu froze and subconsciously touched her eyes. In a blink of an eye, Ye Jing An approached her, trapping her at the side of the narrow sink.

Standing so close together, Du Yu Shu felt uneasy.

Ye Jing An stood in front of her with his near perfect. She could clearly see the water running down his chin and could even feel his warm breath, making him even more alluring.

Du Yu Shu started to blush.

Ye Jing An’s slender finger gently stroked Du Yu Shu’s eyes and slightly became forceful. He lightly laughed, “Aren’t those tears?”

On his finger was a water droplet.

Du Yu Shu could feel her face heating up.

Ye Jing An smiled and looked at her, the look in his eyes very enticing. Being so close together, they can hear each other’s breathing.

In Ye Jing An’s eyes, he felt that a flicker of joy crossed her eyes.

The next second, it was replaced by coldness as she pushed Ye Jing An away.

A flash of dismay could be seen in Ye Jing An’s eyes.

“Emperor Ye,” The flush on her face had not disappeared, adding on to her charm. However, her voice still remained cold, “I remembered that you said one glass of wine can obliterate hate.”

The smile on Ye Jing An’s face deepened. He nodded and lightly laughed, “Naturally.”

The rapid beating of Du Yu Shu’s heart had slowed down and she stared at Ye Jing An with alertness.

Ye Jing An chuckled, his eyes containing ridicule, “I don’t have any merit but I do have some honor. Leading Actress Du doesn’t need to be so alert. Since our grudge have been obliterated, can’t you give me a little trust?”

Du Yu Shu relaxed a bit. Ye Jing An casually went in while Du Yu Shu went out. When the two of them passed by each other, Ye Jing An caught Du Yu Shu’s wrist.

As Du Yu Shu was about to snap back, Ye Jing An bent down and gently said in her ears, “Leading Actress Du, do you think out grudge could be obliterated with just a glass of wine?” 𝓲n𝑛𝓻ℯ𝗮d. 𝚌o𝒎

“A glass of wine,” Ye Jing An jeered, “isn’t it too cheap?”

After he finished speaking, Ye Jing An turned and walked away.

Du Yu Shu was stunned for a long time, even her ears turned red. She clutched her ears as she scolded her heart.

Just now, Ye Jing An’s breath hit her face and when he leaned in to talk to her, his tongue almost licked the tip of her ear.

Du Yu Shu’s face became redder as she splashed some cold water on her face. She cursed, “.......son of a bitch!”


When Du Yu Shu went back to her seat, her face was still slightly red. Wang Jie saw and asked, “What’s the matter? Drank too much wine? Feeling dizzy?”

Du Yu Shu paused before replying, “Dizzy. I don’t feel so well, I want to go back.”

Wang Jie was extremely worried. Du Yu Shu does not have a good alcohol tolerance and today, after seeing her drink a few glasses, Wang Jie urged her to stop but she didn’t listen, “Earlier I told you not to drink and now you feel uncomfortable? I’ll talk to the director and then I’ll send you back. Remember to have a good rest, you have a flight tomorrow.”

Wang Jie spoke a few words to the director and then escorted Du Yu Shu out. While she is supporting Du Yu Shu, she took out a bottle of painkillers from her pocket and said, “If the pain becomes serious, don’t hold it in and tell me.”

Du Yu Shu complied.

When Ye Jing An came back, he saw Du Yu Shu and Wang Jie disappear around a corner. His eyes dulled and he faintly smiled.

Du Yu Shu, your response just now, doesn’t that mean you are not entirely unhappy with me?

When Wang Jie sent Du Yu Shu home, she didn’t stop to remind her to rest well and even went up and made her some hangover soup before she was persuaded to leave by Du Yu Shu. Exhausted, Du Yu Shu lied on her bed and thought of Ye Jing An’s action earlier.

His deep eyes, his low voice, his bewitching expression and his sexy action.

Du Yu Shu felt her face turning red as she threw a pillow out of the bed. She sat up and took out her phone from under her pillow and went onto Weibo.

She subconsciously ignored Ye Jing An and went on the hot search and saw something that shocked her.


Du Yu Shu clicked on the forum and was bombarded with a flood of comments about her and Ye Jing An.

Weibo Commenter (v): Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An had always been in disagreements. However, this time, Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An are starring together in 《My Darling, Good Morning》as a pair of lovers as well as in Orange TV’s variety show, 《Vertical and Horizontal Alliance》. Just now, Ye Jing An followed Du Yu Shu so does that mean that both sides have reconciled and are in a #honeymoonperiod #whatdoyouthink?

Ye Jing An. Actually. Followed. Du Yu Shu?!

Du Yu Shu stared at the post with wide eyes, not believing what she had read.

She and Ye Jing An have been feuding for so many years and even though they have collaborated on many projects before, both sides have not followed each other.

She had always thought that Ye Jing An looks down on her and does not want to pay attention to her.

So now, what’s going on?

Du Yu Shu scrolled down and read the messages. There were some who are questioning it and some who are blessing it. Dazed, Du Yu Shu threw away her phone. She immediately took out her work phone and went onto Weibo.

At the new friends’ section, she could really see that person’s ––Ye Jing An.

Bewildered, Du Yu Shu looked at Weibo, should she follow back?

Does she want to?

Yes or no?

At the same time, another person is waiting anxiously.

She should have probably seen it by now right? Will she follow me back?

Did she see it? Why isn’t she following me back?

Will she follow me back?

Will she? Will she not?

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