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Chapter 11

The VHA production team promptly forwarded the message. The other four members also forwarded the message, only Ye Jing An and Du Yu Shu did not make a move.

The fans of Ye Jing An and Du Yu Shu are equally stunned. Both their male god and goddess often quarrel. This time, while the two of them are working together on 《My Darling, Good Morning》, there were many reports of the two of them getting tangled in a catfight on set. Now, there is a reality show that invited both Ye Jing An and Du Yu Shu at the same time!

This is simply a break in the production team’s rhythm ah!

Fans have gone on to Weibo to express their thoughts. For Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An’s future, they lit a candle, along the way they try to get the attention of the director of the reality show.

Fan 1: How is this a reality show ah? This is simply a battlefield! Dear production team, you are just providing a platform for the god and goddess to fight. The god and goddess will tear apart the whole production team in minutes!

Fan 2: I only pray that the production team does not put the god and goddess in the same group....if that is the case, we will only see the god and goddess have a bitch fight during that segment of the show _(:3」∠)_ But after saying so, I still feel very nervous o(*////////*)q

Du Yu Shu was looking over the comments on her Weibo. Right now, there weren’t many comments, most of them are goodwill. After those, there are some messages that can’t help but be asked. Just as Du Yu Shu was going to closed the window, she happened to see that Song Chen looking over at her, “You’re really going to participate in the reality show?”

“Actually, I already regretted it.” Du Yu Shu answered, evading the point.

“It’s alright.” Song Chen patted her shoulder, “What is there to be afraid of! You’ll tear down the production in minutes. Baby, you don’t need to be afraid!”


Song Chen really did scram. She had not finished shooting her scenes today and because of the many NGs this morning, she appeared to be very gloomy. Song Chen is a frontline actress and her acting is adequate so the director does not want to tick her off. Also, that little flower has a major gold master backing her so it would not be wise to offend her. In the end, the director gave the both of them half a day off to get back in the swing of things, but the discerning look could be seen at a glance.

Right now, Song Chen is returning to the set. She has always been very dedicated to her work.

Song Chen bid Du Yu Shu farewell as she sat in her car. After a moment, she said to her assistant, “That reality show《Vertical and Horizontal Alliance》was recently looking for me for a guest appearance right? Tell them I agreed.”

No matter how much she thinks about it, she still feels worried. Song Chen sighed, she thinks she feels more like a mother now.

At this time, Ye Jing An was going on his Weibo which he hasn’t been on in several days. The most recent post he saw was a tag by the production team. The following were messages asking him about 《Vertical and Horizontal Alliance》. Ye Jing An put up a post on his Weibo, but Du Yu Shu had not replied to the production team’s @.

Out of everyone in the crew, only Ye Jing An and Du Yu Shu don’t follow each other, so every time he wants to look at Du Yu Shu’s Weibo, he has to search for it.

Why didn’t he follow her?

Ye Jing An frowned and forwarded the production team’s post.

Ye Jing An(v): PleaseEnlightenMe//OrangeTV(v): The production team of Vertical and Horizontal Alliance with Ye Jing An, Du Yu Shu, Wang Xiao Chen, Meng Yun Rui, Yang Yu Bo, and Dong Huan Nian will meet everyone on the September release of 《Vertical and Horizontal Alliance》![Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

After doing so, he went back to Du Yu Shu’s home page. Deep in thought, Ye Jing An presses the follow button.

He then quickly logged off of Weibo, like a little kid secretly eating candy. Afraid that someone will find out, feeling shy, happy and frightened.

Ye Jing An pursed his lips.

He once again logged onto Weibo and felt a rush of excitement on the comments which he hadn’t felt in many years.

Ye Jing An secretly reprimanded his own instigation.

Putting aside those meaningless comments, Ye Jing An scrolled down to look at the other comments.

Fan 1: So generally speaking, what reality show is so marvelous that it invited these two people? Everyone knows that these two don’t get along [Pick nose]!

Fan 2: That person above, do not be so agitated ah. Maybe it is like the legend says and these two people with animosity with spark into love~()/~

Fan 3: ......But I feel like these to will only kill.....

So, no one has found out that he followed Du Yu Shu right?

Ye Jing An felt some indescribable feeling in his heart and looked at the time. Unknowingly, an hour had passed. He quickly logged off of Weibo and tidied himself up. Then, he went out of his lounge room looking elegant and calm.

Today, his and Du Yu Shu’s scene just began. 𝑖𝗻𝗻𝑟e𝒶𝗱. 𝒄𝑜𝑚

Today, they are shooting the last few scenes of the film. There is also a scene where they had to film in Z City before it can be finalized.

In the last act, there is a simple kiss.

On the stage, Du Yu Shu is wearing a simple white dress, her straight black hair is hanging loose, exuding a soft light. Ye Jing An rubbed his eyes as he struggled to get up. He leaned against the back of the bed and squinted, “.....Little Yi?”

“I’m here.” Du Yu Shu softly smiled, her eyes deep like the waves revealing a treacherous charm. She opened the curtain, the beam of light struck Ye Jing An’s face. He subconsciously raised his hand to shield his eyes. His voice was a little dull but there was an unspeakable sexiness about it. His Adam’s apple slightly moved, his eyes were a misty looking enticing.

Du Yu Shu paused and lightly walked to Ye Jing An’s bedside. She was meticulously dressed and coupled with her unparalleled exquisite facial features, she looked the more enchanting. There was a look of slyness billowing in her eyes, even her smile looked strange. She touched Ye Jing An’s face and slightly bent her waist and say in a low and tempting voice, “My darling, good morning.”

Ye Jing An’s eyes widened as he stood there, stunned. Du Yu Shu’s expression looked soft and warm.

She gently kissed Ye Jing An’s cheek, her eyes revealed some tenderness but the smile on her lips looked to be a little strange.

Ye Jing An stiffened as he stared blankly at her as if he didn’t believe what just happened.


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