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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle
Chapter 99 Getting A Certificate

With the explanation of "Number 47," everyone quickly figured out what had happened.

"That works?"

Everyone looked at number 47 and then at Lin Mo. They were all stunned.

This assassin had no professional bottom line. He was tricked into changing sides at the last minute?

Also, was Lin Mo's mouth made of gold? He actually resolved Yan Yimo's death with just his mouth!

"Although Lin Mo isn't very strong, he's really good at talking!"

Everyone exclaimed in their hearts.

Just this glib talk alone was probably unprecedented!

Soon, the people from the Martial Arts Department rushed to Haicheng Martial High School and immediately sealed the scene and issued a gag order to everyone. What happened here would not be leaked for a while.

Number 47, on the other hand, cooperated with the Martial Arts Department (MAD) with an extremely positive attitude. He even used the ultimate technique that Lin Mo had taught him to report a wave of assassin organizations' strongholds.

The Martial Arts Department of Haicheng City also placed great importance on the content of No. 47's report. In the next few days, they would probably join forces with the Martial Arts Department of all over Xia country to attack and gather the strongholds of these assassin organizations.

As for Principal Yan, he was being scolded by Chief Zhao Xu of the Martial Arts Department.

"What kind of principal are you? Yan Yimo has only been in your school for a few days, but an assassin has already sneaked in? Fortunately, nothing serious happened. Otherwise, killing you ten times wouldn't be enough to atone for your sins!"

Principal Yan's face was ashen and he did not dare to refute.

He knew that he was finished! Not only would he not be able to improve, but he would also lose his position as principal!

Principal Yan had been so proud and high-spirited a few days ago because Yan Yimo could bring him the "Top Scholar of Jiangnan Prefecture's Martial Arts College Entrance Examination". Now that such a dangerous thing had happened, it was definitely impossible for Yan Yimo to continue staying in Haicheng City to take the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination. It was very likely that he would be brought back to Shanghai today.

In other words… not only did Principal Yan not leave any results after painstakingly inviting Yan Yimo over, but he also offended him. He would probably be too ashamed to participate in the Yan Clan Meeting in the future.

Although Haicheng Martial Arts High School got an official martial artist "Jiang Xue" last night, which counted towards Principal Yan's KPI, such results could not make up for Principal Yan's big mistake!

Principal Yan was finished!

"Unless a genius like Yan Yimo appears in our school during the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination. Only then can I turn the tables and protect my position as principal!" Principal Yan smiled bitterly in his heart. "But is that possible?"

As far as he was concerned, it was impossible!

However, what Principal Yan did not know was that… in their Haicheng Martial Arts High School, there was indeed a genius as monstrous as Yan Yimo! To be precise, he's a genius even more monstrous than Yan Yimo!

Unfortunately, he had already personally expelled this genius!

… .

By the lake.

Lin Mo and Yan Yimo walked away from the crowd and stood quietly side by side.

"I owe you another favor! And it's for saving my life!" Yan Yimo's thoughts were complicated as she couldn't help but look at Lin Mo's mouth.

She really could not imagine what kind of mouth could fool an assassin into changing sides at the last minute.

"Lin Mo's conversation with the assassin must have been very thrilling, right?" Yan Yimo couldn't help but imagine.

It was easy to think too much when one began thinking, and when one thinks too much, it's easy to feel emotions!

At this moment, in Yan Yimo's heart, the image of Lin Mo, a lousy student, had already increased infinitely, becoming incomparably tall and mighty.

"It's just a matter of moving my lips!" Lin Mo waved his hand, indicating that it was not worth mentioning.

Although Lin Mo's mouth was indeed quite good at fooling others, it was mainly because No. 47's comprehension was high enough. Otherwise, even if Lin Mo racked his brains, he would not be able to make No. 47 change sides.

If that was the case, Lin Mo wouldn't just be talking. He would attack!

But as the saying goes, a gentleman uses his words and not his fists! As a gentleman, Lin Mo tried his best not to use his mouth to solve the problem.

"You really don't want to be admitted to a top school?" Yan Yimo brought up the past again, and this time, the conditions were even better. "No matter which top school you want to go to, I can bring you in! You can choose any in the entire Xia country!"

"No!" Lin Mo shook his head and suddenly said, "If you really want to help me do something, help me get an official martial artist certificate!"

Lin Mo felt that he still needed an "official martial artist certificate". Especially after the martial arts college entrance examination ended in a few days, he should be leaving Haicheng City. At that time, with such a certificate, it would be much more convenient for him to go out.

However, Lin Mo did not want to register himself. Last night, when Jiang Xue became an official martial artist, she was dragged to the Martial Arts Department (MAD) to register! That scene was really noisy with drums and firecrackers. There were reporters interviewing and live broadcast. It was like watching a monkey!

Lin Mo did not want to be treated like a monkey like Liu Zhonghao and Jiang Xue.

He wants an official martial artist certificate, but he doesn't want to be a monkey. What should I do? Well, since I have nothing to do, I'll think of a way to get a certificate for me!

"An official martial artist certificate?" Yan Yimo was stunned.

Of course, she did not know what Lin Mo was really thinking. She thought that Lin Mo just wanted to pass his time with an official martial artist certificate!

"You want me to help you… get a fake certificate?" Yan Yimo was speechless.

Instead of going to a top martial arts school, you want a fake certificate? What are you thinking?

However, Yan Yimo realized that she could actually "understand" Lin Mo's thoughts.

"Perhaps this is what it means for everyone to have their own ambitions?" Yan Yimo thought to herself. "Lin Mo knows that his martial arts talent is not high, so he doesn't want to ask for too much. He just wants to live a comfortable life… Actually, this is quite good!"

Thinking of this, Yan Yimo decided to respect Lin Mo's choice.

Helping someone get an official martial artist certificate might be very difficult for others, almost impossible. But for a genius like Yan Yimo, there was a way.

"Alright! I'll get someone to do it today!" Yan Yimo agreed. "I reckon the certificate will be delivered to you tomorrow!"

"Alright!" Lin Mo's eyes lit up.

"However… I still hope that you can go to a martial arts university!" Yan Yimo continued, "I'll still say the same thing. As long as you want to study, I'll reserve a guaranteed spot for a top martial arts school for you at any time!"

"No need, no need!" Seeing how enthusiastic Yan Yimo was, Lin Mo really wanted to tell her the truth.

But on second thought, he would hide it first. When the martial arts college entrance examination results were out, wouldn't it be even more exciting to see Yan Yimo's expression?

… .

An hour later, Yan Yimo's father rushed to Haicheng Martial Arts High School.

After such a dangerous incident, how could Mr. Yan be willing to let his daughter continue to stay in Haicheng City? He felt that it was dangerous to stay for another minute!

Therefore, Mr. Yan booked a helicopter in the Demon Capital and rushed over without stopping. He wanted to pick Yan Yimo up immediately.

However, before leaving, Yan Yimo's father specially spoke to Lin Mo in private.

"Lin Mo, right? We're all very grateful to you for saving Yimo's life, and we won't forget it! But… our Yimo has many outstanding suitors. I hope you can keep a good distance from her and not get too close!" Mr. Yan said and proudly threw Lin Mo a business card. "If you need anything, call me directly. Don't look for Yimo anymore!"

As soon as Yan Yimo's father left, Lin Mo threw the business card into the trash can.

"How ridiculous!" Lin Mo rolled his eyes.

'What good are women? Are they edible?'

Brother Mo was not interested at all!

… .

After another hour, Yan Yimo's cousin, Li Jiaxuan, drove to Haicheng Martial Arts High School.

However, Li Jiaxuan's information was lagging behind. He still did not know that Yan Yimo had been assassinated.

When he stood by the artificial lake in Haicheng Martial High School, he looked at the broken walls of the villa with a dumbfounded expression. "Damn? Why was the house torn down? Also, where's Yimo?"

It took him a while to figure out what had happened.

"What? Yimo has already returned to the Demon City? Then wouldn't I have made a wasted trip?" Li Jiaxuan was a little depressed. "But since I'm already here, I'll go see that Lin Mo and let him know the difference between us!"

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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle Chapter 99 Getting A Certificate