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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle
Chapter 233 Hunting (1)

Looking at Gao Haoran's reply, Lin Mo couldn't help but laugh.

"There's no need to change. Just team up with me!" Lin Mo said calmly.

If it weren't for the sake of leading Gao Haoran to higher points, Lin Mo wouldn't even be bothered to "double-play". If he directly played solo, he might be able to progress faster in each round.

However, since he was here to participate in the chicken dinner competition, it would be a little unreasonable not to show off with his good brother while showing off.

Therefore, Lin Mo came to fly Gao Haoran again.

However, Gao Haoran was clearly still under some pressure. "Big Boss Black Earth, if you play duo with me, I won't be able to help you at all. Moreover, it's already not bad if you don't drag me down."

"It's fine! It's still the same as before. Just play as you please!" Lin Mo comforted him. "Don't feel any pressure!"

"But…" Gao Haoran couldn't help but remind him," From today onwards, there will be no lack of sixth-rank geniuses among the opponents you're matched with! If you bring a burden like me, it's equivalent to fighting at least two people each time! If you fall into a chaotic battle, you might even face one against three, one against four, or even more! "

Lin Mo could tell that Gao Haoran was worried and knew that he was really considering his chances of winning. He couldn't help but laugh in his heart.

How could Lin Mo not know what Gao Haoran was saying?

Of course I know!

But why did Lin Mo insist on dragging Gao Haoran to "duo chicken dinner"? It was naturally because… Lin Mo had absolute confidence in his strength!

Although only a few days had passed since Lin Mo's combat technique broke through from the peak of rank 5 to the early-stage of rank 6, in the past few days, Lin Mo had been leveling up in the gravity room with the "5-point idle index" almost every day!

In addition, because of the incident of Zuoteng Yijian "exchange battle", the atmosphere in the entire Jiangnan Martial Arts University was very strong! In other words… the "combat technique involution index" around Lin Mo was very high everyday!

Under the influence of such dual factors, Lin Mo's combat technique that had improved in the past few days was even comparable to what would have taken months without a gravity room!

After his combat technique stepped into the sixth rank… Although it was definitely much more difficult to improve compared to the fifth rank, in Lin Mo's opinion, there was a limit to the difficulty!

At the very least, it was much easier to advance from the early-stage of the sixth rank to the mid-stage of the sixth rank than to break through to the early-stage of the sixth rank! i𝐧𝓃𝒓𝒆𝑎𝙙. 𝘤𝘰𝚖

Therefore, Lin Mo's combat technique had long silently broken through to the mid-stage of the sixth rank!

And today, after sending Feng Zhiwei flying with a punch early in the morning, where did Lin Mo go? Where else could it be? Of course he went "back" to the gravity room to sleep!

He had drunk with Gao Haoran all night last night, and this morning, he had another "big battle". How could he not have a good sleep?

In the end, with this sleep, Lin Mo advanced from the mid-stage of the sixth rank to the late-stage of the sixth rank!

Lin Mo slept until the evening. When he woke up and walked out of the gravity room, he couldn't help but think of the famous words of a martial arts big shot surnamed Ma.

That was what Big Boss Ma said. "Cultivation? Isn't that as easy as eating and drinking?"

Many netizens felt that Boss Ma was pretending! Back then, Lin Mo actually thought so too! However… that Boss Ma was a martial arts grandmaster and had a high status in the martial arts world. How could those ordinary netizens dare to refute Boss Ma's point of view?

But today, Lin Mo finally realized that Big Boss Ma was right!

Martial arts cultivation was indeed as easy as eating and drinking!

He had clearly done nothing but sleep, but his combat technique had broken through to the late-stage of rank 6!

"Boss Ma is right!" Lin Mo thought to himself.

If that Big Boss Ma knew what Lin Mo was thinking at this moment, he would probably cry until he fainted in the toilet. Back then, he was just showing off online to get high! In the end, after that high, his martial arts cultivation fell into a bottleneck. Now that four to five years had passed, his cultivation had not improved at all!

Back to business.

In short, Lin Mo was… especially confident now!

He was full of confidence as he prepared to continue beating up the entire chicken dinner competition!

Therefore, Lin Mo was really not worried about Gao Haoran at all.

Seeing that Gao Haoran was still a little shy, Lin Mo asked, "Do you think there will be no lack of sixth-rank geniuses in the chicken dinner competition? Will that be the early-stage or mid-stage of the sixth rank?"

"Most of them are at the early-stage of rank 6!" Gao Haoran thought for a moment and replied, "There should be mid-stage rank 6 too, but they're definitely rare. It's very difficult to match them!"

"What about the late-stage of the sixth rank?" Lin Mo asked again.

"I don't think so!" Gao Haoran replied. "Most martial arts doctoral students have just entered the sixth rank' when they graduate! And when they graduate, they're usually already 27 or 28 years old… There are still some people who break through to the mid-stage of the sixth rank before the age of 30! But it's almost impossible to break through to the late-stage of the sixth rank! In any case, I've never heard of anyone in Xia country who has already reached the late-stage of the sixth rank before the age of 30!"

"What about the peak of the sixth rank?" Lin Mo asked again.

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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle Chapter 233 Hunting (1)